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Does It Take Money or Influence to Get Featured on Famous Blogs?

Some folks believe I landed on Forbes only because I paid someone to feature me. Nope. Some folks feel I got lucky to get featured on Entrepreneur. Nope. Some people believe I got featured on Fox News because I made some miraculous connections with a contributor to the site. Nope. Other folks feel I landed a contributor gig on Positively Positive because I am a gifted writer. Nope. Not really. I can write a wee bit but much more thought, planning, and mindfulness contributed to landing a writing gig for a 1 million member community besides other site authors like Mark Cuban and Seth Godin.

Look at the featured image for this post. I have been featured on all of these famous sites, or, at a famous university, in the case of prestigious NYU.

Do you know why I landed spots on famous blogs? I built up influence. I influenced a bunch of folks through my blog. How did I build up influence? I helped a ton of people for free every single day for many years of my life to increase my skills and exposure. Skilled bloggers with massive exposure appear to be in 10,000,000 spots so contributors from Forbes on the lookout for influential bloggers observed me in 10,000,000 spots – not really, but kinda – and pitched me to be featured on Forbes.

Ditto for Virgin, Entrepreneur and Fox News. Contributors from each site saw me in a gazillion spots making an impact and trusted me to be a good candidate to offer expert insight for their huge audiences. Simple, eh? Yep….super simple BUT highly uncomfortable because blogging for 20,000 hours unearths all types of fears. Most bloggers never get featured on blogs like Forbes because they either surrender to fears and give up or cling skeptically to limiting beliefs like Forbes only features people who pay them, which is pure horse crop. That is a lie. I paid nobody to get featured on Forbes. A Forbes contributor emailed me, pitching me an idea, asking me if I could share my thoughts with Forbes readers.

Of course, I did not pay a cent to get featured but I did pay 20,000 hours of generous service to get featured. Do you know how tired you sometimes feel after working a 12 hour blogging day? Multiply that by 1000 days and you have 12,000 hours of blogging. Some of my bigger site features occurred in the 12,000 to 15,000 hours of blogging service range and some more around the 20,000 service range. Do you see why most bloggers never get featured on top blogs? After 100 or 1000 or 10,000 hours of blogging, these bloggers give up and quit. Meanwhile, the few bloggers on earth who see the journey through getting featured on Forbes.

A misinformed blogger commented on my blog recently how I was basically lying by saying you can get featured on Forbes for free, and how you need to pay in most circumstances or maybe have extraordinary content. Neither point is true. She has no idea what she is talking about because she has never been featured on Forbes. All you need to do is to put forth extraordinary effort in a generous fashion to land a feature on Forbes or Entrepreneur. The few bloggers who do this land the features. Everybody else does not.


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