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Don’t Be Picky Guest Bloggers

Some bloggers act picky when it comes to guest posting, scanning for DA, and other factors before you guest post on a blog. Do you run a successful blog? Being picky is OK because you own worldly success. But do you get 4 people to visit your blog daily? Maybe you need to re-think your picky approach because being generous is key to increase exposure and blog traffic. Never guest post on any blog without looking for niche resonance but never turn down guest posting invites left and right because none seem to satiate your picky leanings.

I advise through my blogging course to make friends with blogging leaders. Befriending bloggers is the quickest way to leverage your blogging presence fast. Guest posting for bloggers – even if blogs fall a bit outside of your niche – can accelerate your bond-building with leaders. Guest posting benefits you by boosting your exposure but leaders genuinely appreciate your passive traffic, guest posts, generously tossed their way. Bonding with leaders nets sugary sweet benefits for both parties. But being picky about guest posting robs you of opportunities to bond with leaders, especially foolish if you generate little blog traffic and fewer blogging profits. Gobble up guest posting opportunities as a new or struggle blogger. Be all over guest posting gigs to expand your presence, to gain exposure and to multiply your success. I do not go as far to say “beggars cannot be choosers”, because we live in abundance, but I will say that if you struggle to drive even 5-10 people daily to your blog, you are an absolute fool for turning down guest posting invites because guest posting expands your presence, pronto.

If you need to increase your blogging productivity during tough times, guest posting can do the trick fast. Imagine writing for good-sized, targeted audiences in most cases. Guest posting offers you new platforms for leveraging your presence and reaching more folks during periods of struggle. Never be picky, choosing or discerning until guest posting invites flow your way freely. I turn down guest posting gigs sometimes because I have hundreds of guest posting invites waiting for me. I also have admin aka instant guest posting rights on a handful of blogs like Netty Feed. I can afford to say “no” and must say “no” to guest posting invites sometimes because I only have 24 hours in the day to work with. But until you reach that point, gobble up guest posting opportunities to multiply your success.

Be abundant-minded and abundant-acting. Patiently, persistently and generously seize invites for guest posting on blogs to build bonds, to increase traffic and to increase profits too. Nobody struggling should turn down rich guest posting opportunities because getting off of your blog onto another platform is often just what you need to boost your overall blogging success. Imagine getting out of your head into some other blogger’s world. Visualize yourself helping their readers. Be generous. Do not run everything through your blog. Guest post to tap into the power of leveraging.

Guest post to help yourself, to help fellow bloggers and to help their readerships. Be generous to reach new, targeted audiences as you accelerate your blogging success.


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4 thoughts on “Don’t Be Picky Guest Bloggers”

  1. Chayan Chakrabarti

    Hey Ryan,
    You know what ? It’s 5 am here in India and due to my strange schedule I have been checking the social media now and keep myself updated with blogging. And you won’t believe, your guest posts are all over the social media . Be it on Facebook, Twitter or Quora.
    This is the second blog I have read for this week and the first one was also yours. And I am commenting on this one just to let you know that you have added a new direction to the guest post stratiggies. Cheers

  2. Hello Ryan & Mudassir,

    Blogging is no doubt one of the best ways to build a successful blog and grow your online business but a lot of people are still confused as to whether to start guest blogging or not.

    It creates a fantastic opportunity for both because they can easily interact with the new audience and also get new traffic from the web.

    When you write articles for another blog and include your blog link usually in the author bio, then these links are crawled by the search engines on regular basis that are pointed toward your blog and it is considered as extremely helpful for your blog’s SERP results.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Amar Kumar

  3. Paul @ SideGains

    Good encouragement for me Ryan! I’ve done very little guest blogging but I recognize it’s hugely important and am working to build relationships with other bloggers, promoting their content, sharing etc. as you’ve recommended in the past. I recall seeing one of your short but impactful videos on Facebook about it

    I agree with what you say about not worrying about the DA. Let’s not be naive, a juicy follow link from a high DA is wonderful, but there’s more to it that this… for me at least. Links from guest posts on a blog that’s getting a lot of visitor love can drive visits directly. That for me is sanity, since real visitors is what we’re all looking for!

    I’ve been working hard over the past months to build up credibility both with my blog posts and through networking. Perhaps it’s time I started to reach out for some guesting opportunities!

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