7 Proven Tips To Write an Effective Email’s for Sales and Follow up That Actually Gets You Response

7 Proven Tips To Write an Effective Email’s for Sales and Follow up That Actually Gets You Response

November 17, 2017 0 By Team NettyFeed

Getting reply back is the main objective behind every email that you send, be it prospect email, follow-up, sales email or any other. Written communications are always different than verbal. Sales mailers have only words which needs to be professional, unlike direct conversations.

According to Direct Marketing Association, 66% of consumers have made a call on the email that they received from a brand. It means developing your email strategy is the main key to enhance your business. In this article, you’ll learn the best email practices to keep in mind before making any email.

So let’s catch up for the perfect sales pitch!

1. Make sure you sound like helping, rather than selling

In your emails, you have to promote yourself as someone who is helpful and knowledgeable with the product. But you also want to do in such way that your receivers purchases your product. So, how you gonna balance this?

Influencing is nothing but delivering what people need. So rather than telling people about your product, try helping them how your product gonna helps their business to grow.

Communicate like human, but not like robot. Your text should be friendly. Try greetings like “Hi there!”, “Good morning!”, or “I have great news, {first name}.”

2. Spice up your subject and headlines

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While you’re focusing on being helpful, don’t sell yourself short. You’ve got amazing product to offer. So, make sure you’ve got simple content and interesting headlines. Because headline is the first piece of content that subscribers will see in your email, so convey it with the value.

If your mail is about promoting a product, then some effective headlines are:

  1. “Scroll down for special deals”
  2. “We promise, this is worth to take a look”
  3. “Good news for you”
  4. “Just for you”
  5. “Once in a lifetime deals”

For more attractive headlines, you can research by yourself to get productive ideas.

3. Add a pinch of benefits

Do you ever think of what is the difference between features and benefits?

Think of what makes you buy this product. Is it the quality? Is it the trust which is sales man is offering? Is it the brand value? Is it about offers and free shipping?

It is always about the features which benefits the customer. The more benefits-focused you can be, the more your user gets interested to deal with you.

4. Let your customers speak for you

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Testimonials are amazing way to give that extra push and encouragement for your readers to buy. Sometimes people are more willing to trust information from reviews than your speak.

May be they want to understand what makes your service and support different from others. Or they might be wondering the main benefits you can offer them.

But, you really make sure what exactly customer wants to get clarified about your product to make a purchase. Think from customer point of view and take the step.

5. Mix urgency and scarcity

Try adding some urgency which encourages the user to take advantage from your offerings. By doing so, it can cause subscribers to feel they might miss out great deal if they don’t act quickly on it.

To create such, you can try these subject lines:

  1. “Be quick! Limited quantity left”
  2. “We don’t want you to miss this”
  3. “Hurry! We know you want the cheap and best”

While urgency is important, make sure that trust, authenticity are important too. Avoid overusing it.

6. Call-to-action

At the end of the day, its important to remember that this is still a sales email, and the final goal is to get the sale.

So, if your call-to-action is not attractive, not visible! Make it eye-catchy and creates interest to click on it.



7. End with Gratitude

A sincere kindness of thanks always leaves the best impression on the reader. Writing such thanks in your email is a nice way to show your appreciation for the time they have spent on your email to read.

It always feels good to reader. Even if the reader doesn’t have immediate need for your product, they will come back to you when they are ready to buy.  That’s the greatness of showing gratitude.

There are 3 parts that plays prominent role for any Sales Email. They are:

1. The Introduction

It’s the most crucial part. It includes subject line and your introduction, so keep it simple and real. If your subject does not caters the need of customer, then that email never gets opened.

2. The Value

Why your reader should purchase your product? What value you are offering? What makes you different from others?  Why they should be interested in your offer?

Prepare answers for these and start writing a mail.

3. The Closing

As mentioned above, your call-to-action button should be attractive and real, so that you can get good response rate. You can also keep links, images, necessary videos in this part if its really necessary.

Ready, Set, Send!

What’s your favorite tips in your sales emails? Leave us a comment!

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