The Ultimate Guide to Set up 2-Factor Authentication API

How secure is your password? Better question…How secure is your password that is common with another human or humans? Certainly, That’s a scary question now, right?

Besides that, The security breaches that are caused due to spammers and fraudsters have led to the loss of trust factor and thus loss of your business or mobile app. Setting up One Time Password can give your customers a more promising and secure environment to use your service or product. So, taking some time to understand about OTP is really a good thing.

Whether it’s an online transaction or login/signup, One Time Password has become an integral part of user authentication. As a result, It’s getting popular because it is difficult to hack.

In this article, I’ll briefly discuss 2-factor authentication and it’s importance.

This article provides information to configure the best OTP SMS API service from reliable providers in India?

1. What is One Time Password 

An OTP is also known as 2-factor authentication, is a security strategy to improve user security by requiring the user to enter a password, typically delivered via SMS.  It could be used to complete an online transaction, make a payment from his/her bank account, or order food or product online.

It is valid only for a single transaction or session.

Essentially, accessing your bank account or online account requires a combination of something you know (Your account password) and something you have (Your OTP in the phone). After all, hackers or thieves might steal your account password, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to steal your phone too.

Besides that, User authentication is most important for any online business, banking or financial sites. There are many OTP SMS providers who offer API to send OTP  via SMS, Email or voice call.

Even more, Authenticating user identity with very secured confirmation process which helps the user to secure their transactions with amazing online experiences and thus avoiding frauds and scams.

2. How they can hack you?

Enterprises can power their mission-based messaging system with customer’s preferences. OTP is one such solution which delivers seamless boundary experience to customers as well as business owners.

One Time Passwords are highly useful in online transactions like

  1. User authentication
  2. Bill payment confirmation
  3. New account activation
  4. Mobile number validation
  5. Password reset
  6. Order food or a product
  7. Make a bank transfer

These are some places where you may get scammed or hacked. Beware! Therefore, don’t worry if these are secured with the 2-factor authentication process.

3. Advantages of OTP SMS

  1. Provides a secured platform for critical authentication messages
  2. Standard cost and simple feature
  3. Supports globally
  4. SMS gets delivered for sure

API supports Unicode texts, which means OTP SMS can be sent in any regional languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, etc.

SMS goes with six alphabetical sender ID, It should be the company/product/service name of the sender.

A standard single English language SMS counts as 160 characters. But if it’s Unicode then it contains 70 characters.

4. Pricing and Quality

There are multiple SMS gateway providers in India who offers API and SMS application for generating OTP SMS. As OTP has to be delivered at any cost, Certainly, the pricing of this token service may be a bit higher compared to standard alert or text marketing services.

If you need the quality in service and super fast technical support, certainly, you must look into standard SMS providers. If you start looking for cheap rate provider’s then you might end up with a loss of money and time.

So, never ever compromise on quality just because you have an option for low rates. Certainly, You can’t run a business if your customer is not getting OTP on time. Think about it.

Due to that reason, Adding 2-Factor authentication is the only thing by which you can keep your customers safe and hassle-free as a business owner.

Now, the question is how to integrate?

Setting up OTP varies from platform to platform such as Java, Dotnet, WordPress, Magento, etc. However, the internal procedure remains the same for any platform. Here it is:

  1. Getting the mobile number as an input from the customer ( Enter mobile number)
  2. Generate One Time Password and store it in a session
  3. Send One Time Password to the mobile number using SMS API
  4. Get OTP code from the customer and verify with the OTP token that was stored in the session (step 2)
  5. If the passcode matches – Proceed, if not display Invalid OTP message to the customer.

How the API looks like?

To verify user mobile number you must have SMS API with some credits. For this, you have to get an account from any reliable service providers.

In general, API looks like below one: =Your OTP is XXXX

All the parameters that are mentioned in the API will be provided to you by your provider. However, I’ll walk you through its basic definition:

  • Login URL – The URL which will be used to login to your SMS account
  • Username – Your SMS account login username
  • Password – Password to your account
  • Type – Send SMS in English/Hindi/Kannada/Telugu/Tamil/Malayalam or some other language
  • dlr – Delivery report needed or not
  • Destination – Mobile number
  • Source – Sender Identity of 6 alphabets
  • message – the OTP message you want to send

If I send the SMS to a single number I will get the below response from the browser:


What does it mean?

  • 1701 – Response code; Whether your SMS has been submitted or not
  • 9199812XXXXX – Mobile number
  • 37308b67-1811-477b-88f2-8b279e0f0813 – Unique ID that generates with every SMS submission


I’m sharing some resources that might help you to get what you want:

Here’s an excellent resource form WPKUBE’s WordPress OTP integration.

Besides from all these GitHub is an excellent tool that can help you generate coding for any platform that you need and you will get tons of knowledgebase articles, comments, and threads from it.

Or else, you can simply signup with any of the standard service providers to get the complete ready-made code for PHP, Java, Dotnet, Magento, etc platforms. Due to higher competition in the market, it is a bit difficult to finalize your vendor. However, I suggest you read the article mentioned above.

Above all, you can also seek the help of any developers to understand more about OTP and it’s integration.

Finally, Stay safe and keep safe.

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