How to implement efficient OTP SMS API – Guide for Businesses

How to implement efficient OTP SMS API – Guide for Businesses

September 14, 2017 1 By Team NettyFeed

This article provides the information to configure best OTP SMS API service from reliable providers in India.

1. What is One Time Password 

An OTP is also known as 2 factor authentication, is secured password which is used to complete an online transaction. It is valid only for single transaction or session.

User authentication is most important for any online business, banking or financial sites. There are many OTP SMS providers in India who offers API to send OTP  via SMS, Email or voice call.

Authenticating user identity with very secured confirmation process which helps user to secure their transactions with amazing online experiences and thus avoiding frauds.

2. Where OTP is used

Enterprises can power their mission-based messaging system with customer’s preferences. OTP is one of the such solution which delivers seamless boundary experience to customers as well as business owner’s.

One Time Password’s are highly useful in Online transaction’s like

  1. User authentication
  2. Bill payment confirmation
  3. New account activation
  4. Mobile number validation
  5. Password reset

3. Advantages of OTP SMS

  1. Provide’s secured platform for critical authentication messages
  2. Standard cost and simple feature
  3. Supports globally
  4. Must delivers the SMS

Api supports Unicode texts, which means OTP SMS can be sent in any regional languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali etc.

SMS goes with six alphabetical sender ID, It should be the company/product/service name of sender.

A standard single English language SMS counts as 160 characters. But if it’s Unicode then it contains 70 characters.

4. Pricing and Quality

There are multiple SMS gateway providers in India who offers API and dashboard for generating OTP SMS. As OTP has to be delivered at any cost, so the pricing of this token service may be bit higher compare to standard Transactional and Promotional SMS Services.

If you need quality service, SMS has to deliver on-time, no delivery cutting in SMS campaign’s, then you have to pay premium. If you start looking for cheap pricing provider’s then you are gone. You may end up with worst support and low delivery scenes with your provider.

So, never ever compromise on quality just because of you have option for low rates. You can’t run a business if your customer is not getting OTP on time. Think about it.

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