Check Out Facebook New HQ Address “1 Hacker Way”

The tech-giant Facebook is currently busy in shifting the workplace as its headquarters is changed from Palo Alto to 1 Hacker Way Menlo Park. Many of the sources have seen the business cards of Facebook getting the address printed as 1 Hacker Way and not Palo Alto. Technographx has brought this article to acknowledge you about the new information of Facebook’s address.

For many days, the news was that the address is going to get changed but for the first time, we are able to see the complete address of this tech-giant. There are many corporate companies in this location where Facebook is planning to get shifted. The central address of the campus is 1 facebook way Menlo park ca 94025 and the specific buildings are having their own addresses. For example, the address of the legal department is 18 Hacker Way.

Facebook might be finding the older location too compact and so it might have planned to change the location to accommodate in a bigger and more spacious working place. This will not only provide a more comfortable and spacious working place but it will also help to accommodate more and more staff in the future.


The news is there that Facebook is not only moving the campus from the older location to the new one but is also planning to build a second campus across the street and want to connect the two premises with an underground tunnel. The company is requiring approval from Menlo Park for housing 9,400 employees inside the campus. Woahh, That is a huge number!

Facebook is one of the world’s largest tech-giant and so it requires a huge working space and a huge staff too. There is no surprise that the company is proliferating to new heights day by day and the total active users of the company reaching 1.34 billion at the end of 2018. For this purpose, the company wants a huge workforce of 25,000 employees combining the strength of all the centers of the company across the globe.


Facebook will definitely need a huge campus for allocating sufficient space to each and every department in the California based headquarter and so the transfer from Palo Alto to Hacker Way isn’t that surprising. After all, the company has to stay on the top list of 5 global tech-giants and so the steps have to be taken now for the future.

Facebook wanted to have 1 Social Circle to be its new address originally but after Google built Google+ with the Circle features, Facebook had to pick up something new and different. Each and every famous company in California is having a unique address. For example, Sun Microsystems campus was previously having the address of 1 Network Drive.

This is the list of the different addresses of the global companies. Let us have a look at them.

  • AOL – 22000 AOL Way
  • American Physical Society – 1 Physics Ellipse
  • Apple – 1 Infinite Loop
  • Genentech – 1 DNA Way
  • Microsoft – 1 Microsoft Way
  • Dell – 1 Dell Way
  • Facebook – 1 Hacker Way
  • Oracle – 500 Oracle Way
  • Sun Microsystems – 1 Network Drive
  • TRW – 1 Space Way

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