Follow Up or Leave Them Alone?

I love exploring this question because everything rests on your energy. Imagine you hear from someone who wants to place a sponsored post on your blog. All seems peachy keen. But 1 week passes and you hear not from them. What gives? What is the issue? Do you follow up with them? Or do you leave them alone? Listen to your feelings. Do you want to follow up because you fear missing out on money? Do not follow up. Do not let fear drive you. But if you follow up because it feels good, prospering and abundant, follow up, because good feelings lead to good results.

I know bloggers who succeed by following up with people concerning business ventures. Usually, follow up periods range from 1 week to 1 month. After 1 follow up, this crowd lets go folks. I concur, if I go the follow up route. Almost always though, I do not follow up with people because my poor memory in terms of profits (I forget pitches, and keep moving forward) keeps me feeling good, detached and trusting. That works wonders for me. I believe most bloggers follow up out of fear; people get attached to a sponsored post opportunity, or to someone who promises to buy your course. Attachment is fear, plain and simple. Being attached aka afraid, you follow up once, twice or even three times in a short time frame. Fear, fear and fear drives you. What result should you expect? A poor result, of course. Fear annoys people, turns folks off and repels folks, money and worldly success.

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Only you know your follow up driver. Only you know why you do not follow up. Bloggers may decide to not follow up, not based on feeling good or detached, but because they cling to a loser, defeatist attitude. Why follow up? Nobody will buy your stuff anyway, right? Bad move. Following up in this case may be just what the blogging doctor ordered because it forces you to do the freeing things that opens you up to abundance. Following up on someone you wrote off may just net you sweet blogging profits.

You, and you alone, decide whether to follow up with someone or to not follow up with someone, based on the emotions fueling your intent. No one needs to follow up or, no one needs to leave people alone, to succeed. You choose, based on your intent. I feel so much more abundant, aka good, aka feeling whole, complete and cared for, moving on after someone reaches out to me. Why? I detach from them. I let go the person, so I let go any fear-attachment-expectation I may have harbored toward the individual. Letting go fear opens you up to the infinite bounty we have at our universal disposal. I get to move on quickly, writing blog posts and building bonds leading to ever-increasing blogging success. But I had to develop the habit of releasing folks quickly and moving forward from a detached, trusting energy, to cultivate this state of mind.

Be careful about your definition of persistence and how it frames your follow up. Some tenacious people follow up from a rank energy of fear, desperation and panic. Poor energies for building a thriving blogging career. Follow up because it feels fun and good; not because you feel afraid you’re missing out on blogging profits.


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