Grow Your Education with Online Courses

Grow Your Education with Online Courses

July 19, 2018 0 By Team NettyFeed

It has been said that “the master’s degree is the new bachelor’s.” While that may not quite be the case in every profession just yet, there is definitely a competitive edge to be had even by simply continuing your education with a variety of different online courses. So, whether you are working on your master’s degree (or above) or just want to situate yourself at the head of the pack when it comes to the hiring process, you should consider growing your education with online courses.

Most online courses can be taken in one of two ways: as an audit for free or for credit if you pay the tuition and fees associated with the course. Either way, there are a number of different types of classes that can help you hone your skillset and advance your career if you’re willing to put the work into an online course. When deciding what online classes to take, you want to consider what options will give you the most benefit. These are some of the most advantageous selections to choose from:

1. Human Resources

No matter where it is you are currently working or hope to work in the future, you’ll be working with people in some capacity. Keeping that in mind, taking courses related to the human resource field can give you an advantage in several capacities. A class in analyzing people can situate you well to be a leader among the recruiting and hiring process while coursework in negotiation can come in handy as you learn to work with and manage teams of people (and ask for a raise).

2. Social Media

As elementary as it may seem, social media is the way of the future. So, if you can poise yourself as a leader in this sector, you can be an undoubted asset to any company or team. Online courses in marketing through social media as well as networking in this segment are noteworthy skills that will bulk up your resume no matter what job you pursue.

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3. Money Management

Quite simply put, money makes the world go around. As such, the better able to manage and manipulate money you can be, the better. Courses in finance, economics, and otherwise money management give you the knowledge necessary to effectively run budgets for several capacities of any number of businesses. Adding a list of online courses you’ve completed in this field is nothing short of a resume builder.

4. Project Management

In the same vein, companies are always looking for individuals with the capacity to effectively manage projects from start to finish. Online programs involving this subject matter deliver the knowledge and skills necessary to walk through each phase of the project development process from getting an idea off the ground to effectively managing personnel and finances to make the project happen. So even if you don’t have the “project manager” title at work, if you can bring these skills to the table, you’ll make yourself indispensable on any team.

5. Higher Education

Another effective way to grow your education online is to actually go after an added degree and complete a formal higher education program, such as med school or business administration. If this is the route you choose, you’ll need to complete the MCAT prior to application and may benefit from an MCAT prep course. Regardless, though, a higher degree is an undoubtedly effective way to situate yourself as a leader and secure a higher pay grade.

Whereas the availability of online offerings was once limited, today the possibilities are endless. Select one of these course types or a number of others to further your education, grow your skills, and gain the competitive advantage you need in today’s job market.

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