Just changing some letters in handwriting might help you achieve success you want

Just changing some letters in handwriting might help you achieve success you want

September 12, 2018 0 By Team NettyFeed

Hello there, today in our Start up Interview series, we are publishing an interview of Ms. Aishwarya Agarwal & Mr. Mayank Dubey, Founders of Handspeaks.

Let’s get into it!

At a glance

Start up name: Handspeaks.com

Sector: Personality Development/Graphology

Launch Date: 26 March 2018

Location: Jaipur

Funding: Bootstrapped

Problem it solves: Handspeaks helps the students, youngsters and professionals to analyse their handwriting through which they can develop their personality with the concept of ‘Gain without Pain’. It helps them build their confidence, concentration, improve relationships, managing anger and getting rid of stress and frustration.

Hi, Welcome to NettyFeed. Explain briefly about your start up and how did you come up with this idea?

We (Me and Mayank) are ourselves students and observed other students, our own friends, classmates as well those are not satisfied with anything in their life. They are always frustrated for just the silly reasons and sometimes feel to end up their life for no reason. Inability to concentrate, lack of confidence in them besides having so much of potential, they lack self-esteem to come up and present themselves. The relationship issues among the youngsters can also be sort out through handwriting. I helped some of my friends, though Graphology one can know what is there going on in a person’s mind which he himself might not comprehend. We have been into the Graphology field for last many years and thought why not benefit so many students on this God’s green Earth. And, hence we came up with this idea of handspeaks.com.

Could you briefly tell us about the Founders?

I (Aishwarya Agarwal) am a student of BBA Final Year, digital marketer and have analysed hundreds of Handwriting specimen so far. The co-founder, Mayank Dubey is in his B.tech pre-final year and is a Fingerprint and document examiner.

Who are your Targeted audience?

We mainly want to help youngsters out so our target audience are students, job seekers and professionals.

What type of strategies do you think is valuable to take company to the next level?

We believe, the strategy required to take company to the next level is through digital marketing as our target audience is quite active on the social platforms. Using such media, more of the youngsters, students and professionals might get aware of the need of Handwriting Analysis in their life.

Tell us about your amazing team members?

Our team members include only two of us who are working on this and would love to join the members aligning the common interest.

What is the big picture of your company? What are your future plans?

When all the parents, students and professionals understand what Graphology is and why it is must in everyone’s life. When people in India will start accepting the concept like this is already implemented in the foreign countries and we get that noble opportunity to analyse those interesting piece of Handwritings, we believe then our picture would become big.

What is your best motivation line that inspires you?

There are many motivational lines that motivate me and “Whatever happens, happens for the best!” is one of them.

What challenges do you face within the market currently?

Currently, people in most of the areas in India are not aware of the Graphology concept and its high need in one’s life in order to understand oneself and succeed.

Could you share details about source of funding, revenue, client acquisition model and statistics so far?

Yet, we have not approached for the funding so far and are bootstrapped.

What advice would you like to give the upcoming entrepreneurs?

Nobody else better than you know about your inner potential. Believe yourself and if you feel it’s right, just do it.

We wish, “All the best to the Team-Handspeaks”