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Have You Asked this Honest Blogging Question, 9-5 Job Bloggers?

Ok, guys; you know how I always advise being straight with yourself. Being honest paves the path to a fun, freeing life.

As I promote my eBook:

How to Escape a 9-5 Job that You Hate

Chapter A1 of this eBook is: Fan the Flames of Your Dream, REGULARLY

I literally copied and pasted this specific line from the eBook, right now. For good reason; I want to preview for your purchase and also explain why you need to ask an honest question about blogging if you work a 9-5 job.

Do you mainly want to blog to ESCAPE fear, pain and your 9-5 job OR do you mainly want to start a blog to STEP INTO a life of fun, freedom, love, and abundance?

Most employees see blogging as a way to avoid fear. Like, your blog so you can avoid the fear, misery, and pain of working a job you hate. Huge error. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Guess what? If you try to avoid fear, what do you give your attention to? Fear. Feeling afraid, you bring the dominant fear-energy to your blogging campaign. Blogging from fear-pain-energy, you fail forever until you change your intent.

Intent Shift

Shift from trying to escape fear to step into love and fun by feeling fears related to your current job. Go ahead. Feel the misery of devoting 40 hours weekly to manifesting numbers on a screen, aka, working for a paycheck. After feeling these fears, begin to fan the flames of your dream life. Think about living your dreams through blogging. Visualize yourself working from home. How would that feel? Feel it. Picture you and your family circling the globe. Go ahead. Allow the dream to manifest on the screen of your mind.

Doing this stuff pulls you away from Survival Mode toward Thriving Mode. Working a job you hate proves you work the job just to survive, to get money, to avoid fears. Feeling these fears and creating a dream vision pulls you from surviving to thriving.

What Happens?

Since where your energy goes, grows, giving love and fun to your dreams inspires you to create and connect generously, to trust in the process and to build a successful blog on a rock-solid foundation, because you blog to be free and to have fun, versus blogging to avoid living a life of fear and pain through employment. Patient, persistent generosity will be your intent. Plus you align with happy, successful pros who show you the way to profitable blogging.

The Difference Maker

Asking yourself the honest question and being straight with yourself in answering makes the difference.

Do you blog to live a life of freedom and fun or do you blog to avoid the confining, scary, stressed life of working a 9-5 job you dislike? If you struggle to blog part-time, you try to avoid a depressing job. If you cannot find time to blog part-time, you try to avoid a depressing job. Feel the fear avoidance-aversion, shift your intent to blogging for fun and freedom, and things will slowly but surely come together. Blog post ideas pop up in your mind. You comment genuinely on blogs, networking freely.


You asked an honest question, answered genuinely and shifted your blogging intent.

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