How Do You Monetize Your Blog?

Make blogging easier. Feel good. Feel at peace. Monetize through smart, abundant channels. Blog intelligently and effectively. A few moments ago, I read how a Quora user questioned the Medium profits model for contributors. He wanted to know how the model change affects his earnings. Let’s think this one through; is earning through Medium an intelligent way to harvest online profits? No, it is not. Sure you guys can blog on medium and make a little bit of money but does it feel good to make a little bit of money over years of your life? Nope. Even worse, Medium owns everything on Medium. You own nothing. You are part of the product. Every Medium user is part of the Medium product, part of the Medium brand because all you do on a free platform gets stamped with the company brand logo, image, and with the brand domain name.

How do you monetize your blog? Through channels like Medium? Not a good idea. Or do you monetize your blog through more intelligent and abundant and good-feeling choices like:

Web Hosting
  • consulting
  • coaching
  • freelance writing
  • writing and self-publishing eBooks
  • creating audio books
  • writing paperbacks
  • affiliate marketing
  • sponsored post revenue
  • advertising revenue
  • creating and selling courses


What seems to work better? Offering products and services? Or trying to squeeze profits through a tiny, piddly pay out channel? Guys; feel good, feel confident, think and act like a rich person. Never think and act like a poor person. Rich people would never depend solely on advertising income streams piddly in nature, monetized through free online real estate. Be bold. Be confident. Rich people buy their domain and hosting, create value and connect with top bloggers by helping them out, and rich people monetize through a wide variety of products and services that they personally create.

Do you feel cautious and maybe scared about opening the eBook/self-publishing channel? Don’t worry, I got you covered. Relax. We’ll take this journey together. I wrote an eBook to dissolve your self-publishing fears so you can seamlessly, confidently and clearly write, self-publish and sell your first eBook. Sound good? Like a sweet, fun, freeing read? Buy the eBook here:

7 Tips for First Time eBook Authors

Do you see how writing and self-publishing your own eBook carries much more power, clout and branding gold, adding in higher profit potential, than trying to squeeze advertising profits through Medium? Talk about fun, freeing, profitable and beneficial to your readers, versus feeling the frustration of monetizing through someone else’s platform. Makes no sense to monetize on any site other than the blog you own, and it makes perfect sense to open 10, 20 or more income streams through your self-hosted WordPress blog.

Look at the reviews for the eBook “7 Tips for First Time eBook Authors” as the featured image for this post. Receiving these types of reviews feels good to me, plus getting positive reviews positions me to boost my blogging profits. Win-win. Toss in the fact that I brand myself powerfully – see the eBook cover – and establish my authority with an eBook and you have oodles of profitable, sweet-feeling benefits of writing and self-publishing eBooks. Versus what? Writing articles on a 3rd party site, being the product, and making a little advertising revenue change? Hey, do what feels most fun, freeing and profitable to you. Some people genuinely enjoy working Medium and make some coin but most of us deeply enjoy creating products and services and selling through our cyber real estate.

No feeling on earth like owning something fun and freeing, to help people, and, to receive money for service rendered.

Think through how you monetize your blog. Sit with uncomfortable feelings. Make uncomfortable choices. Your wallet-pocketbook will thank you over the long haul and you’ll also enjoy peace of mind by making more abundant, prospering choices with your blogging income streams.


Web Hosting

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  1. Ryan,

    Thanks for your range of money making ideas. It’s clever to diversify the income sources, right? Anything we choose between, it’s momentous to build readership and audience first.

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