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How Fear Colors Your Blogging Campaign

Successful bloggers blog mainly from love, abundance, fun, peace and trust. Some consciously embody these emotions but many unconsciously possess these qualities, blogging like a success on autopilot.

Failing bloggers blog mainly from fear. Examples include greed, desperation, despair, anger, chaos, and delusion.

I recently noted a few deluded bloggers who emailed me asking for a link exchange or, for a link on my blog. I alerted ’em how I only link to friends from my tribe who worked to gain my trust. One individual responded with a silly ask; could he be one of those trusted friends from my tribe?

He flat out asked me if he could skip the trust-building, tribe-joining, credibility-earning process and if I could just accept him based on his asking and if I could just place his link. Imagine if I linked to the thousands of folks who just asked me for a link? My blog would turn to crap. My blog would lose value. I would lose your trust. I would lose credibility. Plus, imagine if it were this easy to get links on ALL established blogs. We would all be millionaire bloggers. Nobody would struggle. We would ask each other for links, accept offers, everybody would discover this secret and all would blog off into the sunset, with Millionaire Money stuffed into their pockets.

Fear Colors Your Blog Terribly and Damages Your Logic into Delusion

The individual who asked if he can just join my tribe “pretty please” and get a link on my blog after I told him he needed to earn my trust is filled with fear. Naturally, a blogger filled with fear completely ignores the phrase “earn my trust” because you cannot understand, comprehend and follow successful blogging advice if you vibe mainly from fear and failure. Delusion follows. Rational, logical human beings vibing mainly from love, fun and trust totally understand how it takes years of practice, creating and connecting to land links on top blogs. But fear deludes well-meaning but panicked people into complete fools who do silly stuff like asking “pretty please” if they can get a link on a well-read blog.

Fear colors your blog in a terrible, damaging fashion. Visualize blogs with 55 advertisements, flashing, screaming at your attention, thin on content, with no comments, repelling you the split second you visit the blog. This is fear, manifest. I observed a 3 pop up blog once. I am not kidding. Fear scares you into using one, two then three pop-ups to desperately scream for a reader’s email address. Meanwhile, most readers will leave your blog after 2 pop-ups, never to return. Why? Your fear.

Shift from Inward Thinking to Generous Thinking

Fear-vibing bloggers only feel afraid because they focus inward, on self. Such bloggers fear they will not make enough money.

Think outward. Think about other people and how you can help them. Engage in generous thinking. All the money you want is on the other side of being generous with bloggers in your niche, with readers and with a high number of folks whose paths you cross daily. The split second you think outward, love, abundance and generosity reigns. You leave delusion and return to reality. You stop asking for a link on top blogs and earn the right to get a link through thousands of hours of service.

Love leads to success. Color your blog with abundance. Keep helping people and chatting folks up. Success is on the way.


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3 thoughts on “How Fear Colors Your Blogging Campaign”

  1. Hello Ryan & Mudassir,

    The truth is, fear can be as wonderful as it is destructful. If avoided, it may harm our confidence and creativity and keep us from developing. But, if one is willing to cope with fear, it is then that the most wonderful things can occur.

    One of the most important lessons I have learned in life in general, and in particular in my personal blogging journey, is that fears cannot be eliminated, but they can be dealt with and channeled to our own advantage.

    I realized that fear can be a really good thing, if you decide to deal with it, because without it you can’t progress.

    Dealing with our fears causes us to leave our comfort zone, which is the only way to try new things and reach new distances. Eventually, thanks for your interesting insight.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

    1. You have learned a great secret to success. When you fear, that’s the moment either you fall or rise!

      Lovely words, Amar…

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