How to improve your blog by adding effective video content

With the widespread adoption of smartphones, the prevalence of cameras on all our devices and access to fast wireless networks, making a video is no more a difficult thing. Probably as a marketing individual for your business, by now, you must have already realized that marketing and video go together like bread and butter. And as a part of your marketing strategy, you might be using both videos as well as blogs for your business. Probably, you are getting steady results from both. But, have you thought of them together yet?

Presently, the best way to capitalize on your video, as well as your marketing efforts is to integrate them with other marketing channels. In that case, what’s better than starting a blog? None! Being a staple of our everyday lives, from traditional TV commercials to Facebook live, video content is what we all enjoy today. Integrating them with your business’s blog is the hundred watts idea you need today. Hence, why blog when you can vlog?

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Vlogging – a contraption of video blogging, has made its way into the mainstream efforts of every business’s marketing strategy. Given that attention spans are getting shorter and every new video innovation hits viral on the internet, including videos in your blogs can gain you a fair amount of cyber viewers. Also, as per studies, 80% of the online content will be video as of 2019. With 52% of marketers believing that video can give your business the best ROI, it’s indeed time to buckle up and include videos in your blogs.

While all the marketing masses are turning to video, you would not want to be left aside. Find out how adding a video to your blog can help you be a part of today’s video marketing bandwagon.

Types of videos to include in your blog

Around 6 billion hours of video are watched on Youtube alone every month. That’s how popular videos are. Making it effortless for your customers to connect with your business, videos in your blog are a great thing to think of. Find out the different ways in which you can use video in your blog and improve its efficiency.

1. Tutorial Videos

 Your product or service needs a little explanation about how it works. That’s why adding a video tutorial along with your blog post is great to give them a step-by-step guide about it’s functioning. Using either the screencast technique or live-action, you can create a tutorial video to explain how your product or service works. It is believed that 64% – 85% of the population will make a purchase after watching a video of the product. So tutorial video on your blog can assure a fair amount of sales for you!

2. Testimonials

So, a customer testimonial video on your blog will make your business more authentic. But how? Your customers get to hear from and relate to people just like them, who speak about your business in these video blogs. Testimonial videos on your business’s blog can make your marketing work a lot simpler and easier. They are persuasive marketing videos because it has the presence of an unbiased customer speaking for you. Hearing other clients speaking about their experience of working with you in these videos will undoubtedly make your blog-worthy.

3. About us videos

Be open about who you are and show them exactly the same through your blog. That’s what about us video can do. Also known as company culture videos, it could be a behind the scenes, an event or any other thing that gives your prospective customers an idea about what your business and corporation are like. Show them your ambiance of work through this video blog, and this will result in your visitors developing a personal connection and trust with your product or service. They are helpful not just for marketing your company, but also for recruitments and employee buy-in.

4. Webinars

With high-speed internet and facetime available to us just a blink away, it is possible to connect with anybody, from anywhere at any time. Webinars are the kind of videos that do just that. Webinars are online discussions or interactions that are held in real-time. Conducting a webinar video on your blog will let you start polls, invite more participants and likewise your customers can have real-time interaction with your product or service through your blog. Adding a webinar to your blog will mean that you can make good marketing and sales results, all without actually having to work really hard.

5. Interviews

With so much variation in approaches to video content, interviews are another thing to grab on to for your video marketing. Interview-based videos include a question-answer session with your company, where you can possibly address certain concerns that you think your customers will have. From introducing your team to mentioning your business’s core offerings, interview-based videos are yet another trustworthy video for your marketing purposes. Adding an interview-based video on to your blog is a surefire way to give an insight into your business.

Tips to keep in mind when making a video for your blog

1. Short is best

Well, the relationship between video length and engagement is as strong as between you and your best friend. Nobody wants to waste all their time watching a single video because there are more out there. Therefore, when you make a video for your blog, keep it short and concise. That’s what people like today!

2. Place it right

 While uploading a video on your business’s blog, size your video correctly. Neither too big nor too small is the best way. Also, don’t make your readers scroll way too much down to reach your video. Let it be on top, as well as the first thing that takes attention to your blog.

3. Remember the first 8 seconds

 If you don’t engage your customers in the first 8 seconds of your video, they vanish. That’s why the video on your blog should have interesting elements in the first 8 seconds. Also, try to engage them every 8 seconds if you want them to watch the video and stay on your blog longer to become your customers.

Advantages of using video content in your blog

1. People like watching over reading

Large chunks of text is after all not a nice thing to encounter with. Today, 60% of the population prefer watching a video over reading the same thing. That’s why including a video in your blog might result in your visitors preferring your blog over the ones without a video. It’s all about interest and time, as a result of which content that is watched stays in one’s memory more than the one that has been read.

2. Can help you with the SEO

We already know how important video is going to be in the next few years. While the internet and blogs will be crowded with innovative video content, if you need to stand out, you need search engines to recognize that you are important. By adding a video to your blog, Google will consider this to be an added benefit. Thus, this will result in your blog popping up over the ones without a video in them.

3. Increased conversion

Whether you are making a blog or a video, the objective behind all of this is to increase conversions. Seems like both of them together can give you a fair amount of conversions. Studies prove that your conversion rates can increase by up to 80% with a video.


It must be very clear by now that including a video on your blog is great to attract some readership and conversion. Just make sure that your video is good enough that they keep watching it, all without realizing that they are being victims of some amazing video marketing. So why wait? A video on your blog is what you need. Get started right away!!

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