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How to Start a Blog: Blogging 101 for Beginners

Want to learn how to start a blog in 2020? You got it!

Whether you are thinking about starting a blog that could eventually become your full-time career or just want to earn extra income to your pockets, I’ve got you covered.

Let me guess!! Are you one of these?

  • Frustrated and always rushing to make to the office on time
  • Sick of listening to your boss’s rants all the day
  • Unable to enjoy the time and freedom to travel
  • Responsibility of clearing debts and taking care of your family
  • Making little amount of money and no way to save

Even I was once…

Then, I decided to start my blog and flip my career.

Allow me to present myself…

Hi there! I am Mudassir – Blogger who went from bankrupt and desperate to making at least $1000 via blogging (Yes, it’s not big money but at least I started making it).

And blogging has totally changed my life to better.

Most people think that blogging is overrated! In fact, it is and you still have the room to grow and make money as I do. You should be excited to commit your energy and time to make money blogging.

Let me help you with the initial blog setup. I’ve already helped dozens of aspiring bloggers just like you go from nothing to fun and money making from blogs.

I have created this guide to help you learn how to create a blog without any I.T skills or having to pay an amount to a developer to build. I will show you exactly how you can start a blogging business within just $100 the first year.

And you can recover the investment within three months of time.

Make sure you spend a good amount of time reading this post and implementing the strategies step by step as I have talked about.

And trust me when I say this: If I can do it, you can too!

Here’s How To Start a Blog in 2020 in Just 5 simple and easy steps (step by step guide for beginners)

Step 1: Decide your blog name and niche

Do you know most new bloggers quit in a year or less for the reason they’ve picked up a wrong niche?

Your blog’s niche is the topic on which you will be creating the content around. For example, Travel, news, programming, lifestyle, Home decoration tips, parenting and otherwise.

How to decide a blog name?

Part of your identity online and making yourself successful in blogging, is in selecting an easy and memorable blog name.Your future millions making blog must be lying somewhere in this universe and you need to discover it.

Why not try 

  • Thesaurus dictionary to find everlasting words
  • Humor to lighten up 
  • Your full name
  • To come up with power words or just words from the topic you want to blog
  • To brainstorm with blog name generator tools

Naming your blog is crucial but don’t let it confuse you. Remember, you can always change it in the future, if you don’t like it.

Ultimately, blog name is a tiny part of blogging success.

So just focus on finding a name that is short and mesmerizing.

How to pick the perfect blog niche?

Every newbie asks “What are the popular niches? “ :How do I come up with a profitable blog niche”, etc.

If you’re starting a personal blog, you can play by easy rules. But if you’re starting a blog for money, you should care about two things:

  1. Do I enjoy writing content around the topic (Passion) ?
  2. Does the niche have a monetization potential (traffic, keyword PPC, and user attention) ?

Don’t miss out reading “How To Pick A Winning Blog Niche?

Step 2: Register your domain name

I hope you have chosen your blog name in step 1. 

Now is the time to register it online.

Go to and enter the exclusive coupon code: DOMAIN10 to get 10% OFF on your new domain registration.

Step 3: Purchase web hosting

Most beginners ask me “What is web hosting”, “How much do I need to pay for hosting”, “Which is the best hosting”, or otherwise questions.

In short, web hosting stores your blog data online. It is really important to purchase hosting from a reliable company as the blog loading speed and performance depends on the hosting service you choose.

The hosting I have been using personally and recommend you here is SiteGround.

SiteGround is definitely the top 5 hosting companies globally, remarkably amazing at offering quick and helpful support and set of features.

In fact, 6 out of 10 bloggers are currently associated with SiteGround for their blogging.

Now, you might want to know more about this hosting, right? Check out my SiteGround review.

The next step is to learn how to buy hosting?

How to buy SiteGround hosting for your blog?

Follow the below steps to purchase a web hosting for your new blog.

  1. Activate the SiteGround deal of 67% flat discount.
  2. Go to Managed WordPress hosting and select the ‘StartUp’ plan.
  3. Next, select “I already have a domain” option as you have already purchased from Enter your newly purchased domain name and proceed.

If you haven’t purchased the domain, you can register a new domain name through SiteGround for $15.95 per year using the first option.

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4. Fill your information to create a hosting account.

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5. Enter your card details

  • Save

Do note that SiteGround accepts only the Credit Card on its website. However, you could reach their sales team via the chat option to ask for the PayPal payment option.

  1. Confirm the purchase information

Data Center: Select the nearest one to your target audience (out of U.K, Singapore, U.S.A, and Europe) for better CDN deliverability (fast).

Period: 12/24/36 months options are available. Trial 1 month is also available at $18.90 which I don’t recommend for a beginner.

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  1. Click on ‘Pay Now’ to make the payment.

Congratulations! You are all ready to have a self-hosted blog and that’s your first step to success.

Next,  you will receive an email from SiteGround with hosting login details and instructions to set up your blog.

Now it is time to connect the web hosting to your domain URL.

How to point your domain URL to your hosting?

This might sound you little technical, but hey! I’ve made it simple and easy for you.

  1. Find the nameservers of your SiteGround. Reference article –
  2. Update nameservers in your dashboard. Reference article –

Also note to add HTTPS (SSL certificate), activate Cloudflare CDN and SG optimizer plugin through And do not hesitate to ask SiteGround team for any help regarding this.

Step 4 – Set up your blog on WordPress is the most popular blogging platform for bloggers. In simple, it is the dashboard that you manage to run blog operations. It is free to use and have tons of customization options to design and operate your blog.

Now let’s understand how to install WordPress on SiteGround…

Be sure to open your email, verify the order, and follow the instructions to set up a blog on

Select ‘WordPress’ and choose the login credentials for your new blog as shown below:

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Once you confirm, it shall take a few minutes to set up your blog on platform.

  • Save

After setup, you can access your hosting account dashboard and explore the options available.

Now you can access your WordPress dashboard.

  • Go to your browser and enter
  • Enter the username and password that you have created while the setup.
  • Save

Step 5: Design your blog (Theme, Plugins & initial settings)

Now you shall see the WordPress dashboard with a wide variety of options. Something like this…

  • Save

Yup, that’s your dashboard where you get to design your blog with a theme and plugins, write/edit articles, create pages, do the initial settings and the complete blogging thing.

Installing a WordPress theme

WordPress has 5000+ FREE themes. But which one to choose?

My personal recommendation is Astra Premium theme. Since you’re just beginning, it is perfectly okay if you go with its free version as well.

Because, I don’t want you to consume so much energy and time on worrying about theme for your blog. Your focus should be on content, traffic and SEO rankings. Once you develop some content on your blog, make sure to check out my Astra pro theme review to make your decision for premium version.

How to install and design a theme?

  • Go to Appearance–>Themes–>Search and explore for themes and install.
  • Click on Appearance–>Customization, here you will be able to customize the design as you want.

Important WordPress plugins to install and initial things to do

Click on the below link to learn about

  1. “Must have WordPress plugins and base settings”
  2. “How to create pages in WordPress”
  3. “How to and what to write your first blog post”
  4. “How to submit a new sitemap index” and likewise questions.

Ways to generate user traffic to your new blog and grow

Most common questions that people ask is “How to increase my blog traffic?” “How do I promote my blog?” ” “How do I bring readers to my new blog?”

Let me be honest:

When you are new to blogging, no one might know you or visit your blog even if you wrote the amazing content.

Unless…you let them know about its existence.

Now here I am sharing my pro secrets to drive traffic to your new blog.

FAQs about How to start a blog in 2020

#Q 1. How do I make money from blogging?

I have published a detailed guide – 6 profitable ways to monetize your blog. As I promised above, you can recover your blog investment just within three months with affiliate marketing channel. You need to find out the relevant and reliable products and start promoting them via your blog space.

#Q 2. Can I start blogging for free?

Yes, you can start a blog with free of cost using,, But free blogging doesn’t give you the control over the design, customization, and monetization. So it is better to start blogging with a self-hosted WordPress blog (the process I mentioned above).

#Q 3. I want to write articles on multiple topics. Will that be a good idea?

Make sure you organize the content into categories so that users and search engines can easily understand your blog and navigate.

#Q 4. Is blogging worth it in 2020?

It’s not too late to start a blog and share your knowledge with the people around you. There’s never been a better way and time to start blogging.

With the dominance of YouTube, it’s okay if you get this doubt about starting a blog. Statista makes you understand the blogging reality.

#Q 5. Any alternatives for SiteGround?

Bluehost and A2 Hosting.

#Q 6. How much does it cost to start a blog in Nigeria?

Most of my blogging buddies are from Nigeria and they’re already earning decent money every month through blogging. All you need to do is start a blog with a commitment. It would cost you not more than $70.

#Q 7. I want to share my personal stories once in a while. Should I go for self-hosted blog or free blog?

It depend on what you want to achieve through blogging.

If you want build audience, reputation and money – A combination of WordPress + SiteGround is the right choice. Otherwise, just go with a free blog like or

#Q 8. Can I also start a blog on Facebook?

No, you cannot. Whatever you write on it, it is owned by Facebook but not you. However, you can share your knowledge through regular posts and notes.

#Q 9. How long does it take for a blog to generate revenue?

I am not promising you any time frame. Blogging success depend on the efforts that you put on.

#Q 10. I’m not good at English, Is blogging is for me?

Keep practicing every day: offline or online. No one is perfect in the beginning, keep the flow going and it becomes accurate. Use tools like Grammarly to write better and thoughtful.

#Q 11. How often should I publish content on my blog?

There is no thumb rule for that.

Few bloggers publish daily and few once in a month. At the end, quality plays a king role than quantity. So just focus on delivering the best content to your readers.

Conclusion (How to start a blog and get paid)

Most aspiring bloggers who read this how to start a blog guide don’t follow the tips after a point in time. They start a blog and run it the way they should not be and quits. After years, they would be seen advising people not to start blogging.

I believe you are not one of them. You’re going to follow the step by step instructions I have outlined here and knocks them out with courage and positive attitude. And you’re not going to delay this event as most others do. You will start the blog right now.

Well, that’s all for now. I have tried to keep this how to start a blog from the scratch guide as easy as possible with simple explanations, but if you want any more information or have queries, don’t hesitate to reach me out.

I would be happy to hear from you and help you out in getting started with blogging.

how to start a blog

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    Well, My answer to your question is, I started blogging to share the knowledge with people and when I get to know that you can even make money from blogging so the curiosity has arisen.

    I couldn’t agree more with your point of not having the right blogging attitude. Having the right attitude of blogging with real passion and consistency are the only factors that will work to be successful.

    This article is a good guide. So simple and practical. Keep on sharing your knowledge. 🙂


    1. Hi Jeangam,

      Blogging is similar to planting a fruit tree; choosing soil, seed, give a good amount of water, and sunlight. Eventually, the seed sprout into a tree. Patience with the right blogging attitude plays a key role to enjoy success.

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