How to start a blog in just 3 easy steps – The beginners guide

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Do you think blogging is overrated and hard to earn from it?

Well, let me tell you…Whether it is about…

  • Having fun about what you write
  • Making loads of money
  • Helping other people with your talent
  • Becoming an influencer in the niche
  • Documenting things that you know
  • or living life on your rules by saying goodbye to regular 9 to 5 job

The important thing that helps you achieve blogging success is by building a personal brand. Otherwise, it is too hard to stand out from others. Believe me, it’s not an overnight deal, it’s a continuous journey that runs with your patience and attitude.

In this article, I am going to talk about how to start a blog in just 3 easy steps.

Before diving into it, I’d assume you have some questions related to it:

–> How much time does it take to start a blog?

30 minutes or less to buy hosting and set up your blog

–> Is blogging easy?

It depends on how you consider it. If you blog with passion and in the right way it’s easy.

–> How much it costs to start a blog?

Approximately Rs.2500 ($35)

–> What are the ways to make money after starting a blog?

Literally, 100s of ways – Placing ads, accepting sponsored articles, product reviews, affiliate marketing, selling eBooks/courses, offering services, consultation and many.

–> How soon I can start earning?

You can even start earning from the 1st month itself but I don’t suggest that. Firstly, write quality articles, build trust with the audience, and keep patience. Give it at least a year or more to gain traction.

–> Do I have to know web design, SEO to get started?

No, you don’t have to. WordPress blogging is easy, anyone can easily start and manage a blog.

Write original and quality content, believe me, your half SEO will be done if you do this. Be active on social media and share your articles, build an email list, and do lots of guest posting. Do consider reading my SEO guide to understand and implement more technical aspects of SEO.

Hopefully, I have cleared your basic doubts to get started with blogging.

Step 1: Pick a blogging niche (topic)

What do you wish to write after starting a blog?

You will be writing articles on a particular topic, right? It is called a niche.

Take a pen-paper, write down things you like or the topics you are interested in. Filter those ideas and choose one final topic as your blog niche.

If you develop passion towards the niche that you blog it keeps you creative and consistent. Here’s my guide on blog niche selection if you are confused about picking a niche.

2. Get your blog online (Domain name & hosting)

Register domain name

The domain name builds your brand credibility. People and search engines find you with that address on the Internet. For example;

Now, how to register a domain name?

If you buy hosting from iPage company, you can register the domain at free of cost. iPage lets you register the FREE domain in .com, .in, .net, .org, .tech, .online, .space, .info, .store, .co and .me domains.

Don’t worry if you have already bought the domain, iPage lets you transfer your existing domain at free of cost. Just contact their support team to transfer your existing domain to iPage.


Now is the time to buy the basic hosting plan for your blog. Here are the plans:

  • 1 year, It costs you $35.88 which means $2.99 per month.
  • 2 years, price is $59.76 which means $2.49/mo.
  • 3 years, it is economical, price is $71.64/mo which means you are paying just $1.99 per month.

Why do I recommend iPage for beginners?

Because it is cheap, reliable and easy to get started. Moreover, there’s no need to go for costly hosting in the early stages of your blogging.

  • FREE – domain and SSL certificate (https)
  • FREE – email address,
  • Domain transfer at zero cost (if you are already having a domain)
  • 24/7 support via call/email/chat/knowledge base
  • 30 days money-back guarantee without asking any questions

How to purchase hosting at iPage?

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Click here to get a flat 75% discount on iPage hosting plans and FREE domain name registration.

  • Click on “Get started”

iPage hosting Plan Get started
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  • Enter your new domain name to confirm and click on “Next, choose my term”. If you have already bought the domain skip the search part and proceed to choose your term. Once you have completed registration, you will receive an instruction email to link your existing domain to your hosting.

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  • You can customize your plan. There will be optional add-ons if you wish to choose; such as website security, site backup & restore, advanced site builder, WordPress optimization bundle, G-suite. You can just skip all these and proceed to buy hosting for $35.88.

iPage hosting step 3
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That’s it. You have bought an iPage hosting plan to get started with the new WP blog.

Note: When you wish to renew hosting with iPage, the regular price will apply.

See! This is not technical, anyone with the Internet can do it.

3. Setup your blog 

I strongly recommend


Simply, it’s awesome and FREE to use. More than 90% of bloggers in the world use

  • Easy to blog – is easy to install, has more than 5000 FREE themes and plugins to design and manage your blog beautiful.

How to install?

  • Log in to your control panel of iPage
  • Click WP Essential
  • Add your site by entering the desired Admin email ID, Username, Password, and WordPress location (URL)
  • Wait for it to get your blog ready
  • Click Launch WordPress

There you go, Your blog is ready!

In case if you want some kinda video tutorial to get started, I’d recommend watching below one:

Design your WordPress blog

Okay, I believe you have installed the blog on the iPage admin panel. Now, access your WordPress blog dashboard:

  • Log on to ( Example –
  • Enter your email ID and password that you have created while iPage account setup

What you can do on the dashboard?

  • Add/edit new posts, pages, categories
  • Customize your blog design (theme, sidebar, footer, header, menu, etc)
  • Manage users, admin, contributor, subscribers
  • Profile settings, permalinks, moderate comments, and so on…

It’s time to design your blog by adding a perfect theme that is stunning, SEO friendly and secured. As I mentioned in the above sections, WordPress has 5000+ FREE themes to pick from.

How do you install a theme?

  • Go to Appearance–>Themes
  • Search for any theme or Add new
  • Install and go to customize section to design your blog interface

Premium/Paid themes come with better designs, speed, and features. However, as a beginner, it is completely fine to get started with a FREE theme.

I use paid Astra theme, How do you like it?

Install useful plugins

Plugins are used to customize your blog for better performance.

There are literally 10k+ plugins on WordPress. On the other hand, adding too many plugins might slow down your blog for sure. So be careful, add only necessary plugins.

To make your work easy, I have compiled a few important plugins to install on your new blog:

  • Yoast SEO – Optimize title, description, keyword, and content.
  • JetPack by WordPress – Monitor site downtime, block spammers, backups, email subscription, etc.
  • SocialSnap– Social media share and follow buttons.
  • MonsterInsights – Audience reports, behavior by connecting it with your Google Analytics account.
  • WP Forms – Contact form, landing pages, etc.
  • Autoptimize – Minify CSS files, HTML codes in order to increase your site load speed
  • Async Javascript – Defines an Async function to reduce Java scripts in order to load your blog instantly
  • Updraftplus – Blog restore and backups
  • Velvet Blues Update URLs – Redirect broken or changed URLs to the right URL

Wrapping It Up,

As you start blogging, you’ll start exploring more about blogging.

There are millions of blogs on the Internet, so how do you stand out from the crowd and achieve blogging success?

Here’s the easiest way.

It’s your turn to show some magic.

Was this guide helpful? If so, Would you consider sharing it with others?

Have any queries? Feel free to ask in the comments sections.

8 thoughts on “How to start a blog in just 3 easy steps – The beginners guide”

  1. Really nice tips for anyone blogging. Just be you and write about topics you enjoy and are really interested in. Then you have a much better chance being successful then. I have a blog at hostinger, just writing about some of my travel experiences which I more than enjoy but I still got some great advise from your article thx.

  2. A very detailed step by step tutorial! Right now its wise if we have our own online presence. Great job for sharing this! Very helpful for beginners!

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