How To Start A Blog As A Beginner in 2019


Why do you want to start a blog?


  • Make a full-time career?
  • Earn some passive income?
  • Share information and connect with like-minded people?

Whatever the motive, I appreciate your decision to start blogging.

Now, How are you feeling after making the decision?

Excited, Confused?

Don’t worry! I will keep this guide simple and easy.

Now, I assume you’d have some questions in your mind about blogging.

It’s okay!

I got you covered.

As per my experience, there are some questions that every beginner would like to understand:

  • How Much It Costs To Start A New Blog?

As a beginner, there is no need to go with high end hosting with great features. There is a budgeted hosting called iPage, which is popular for blogging. It costs you $36 for the whole year (Hosting + Domain registration).

  • How Long Does It Take Me To Install A Blog?

Maximum, 30 minutes to register a domain name, buy hosting and install the blog into it.

  • Do I Have To Know Coding or Development?

No! You just need a laptop and the Internet. That’s all, is super easy.

Now, let’s get into the actual part.

Step 1: What To Blog

Starting a blog has always been easy. But if you want to maintain it in the long run, you must have the creative ideas of the topic you choose.

To be creative in your work, you must have a passion or develop an interest in it.

What Is Your Passion?

Sports, Fashion, Beauty care, Health Tips, Education, Finance…

Why Is This Even Important?

Passion and goals are what keeps us going.

If you don’t know your passion and interests, it is hard to blog.

Simply, choosing a random topic to blog is not gonna work for the long term.

Figure out your passion.

2. Select the WordPress blogging platform to start a blog

Now, you have selected your niche.

But where do you write?

CMS (Content Management System) – A CMS is where you will blog (writing articles, editing, designing, etc.)

I strongly recommend

Why WordPress?

Because it is awesome.

Why it is the best platform to start a blog?

  • Easy to blog – WordPress is easy to install and publish articles, have more than 5000 FREE themes and plugins to get started and design your blog beautiful.
  • Biggest CMS market – 97% of bloggers use WordPress and has a huge community. It makes your job easy if in case you need any help in the future.

If you want to take full advantage over your blog, is the right one. All it costs you just a few dollars for the entire year.

3. Registering A Domain

Now the time comes to choose the domain name for your blog.

For example;

Now, as I mentioned in the first section, If you buy hosting from iPage, you can register the domain at free of cost.

iPage lets you register the FREE domain in .com, .in, .net, .org, .tech, .online, .space, .info, .store, .co and .me domains.

Don’t worry if you have already bought the domain, iPage lets you transfer your existing domain at free of cost.

So what are you waiting for?

Go To iPage And Check Your Domain Is Available or Not

4. Buy Hosting At iPage

I hope you are on iPage website and ready with your desired domain name.

Now is the time to buy the basic hosting plan.


  • 1 year, It costs you $35.88 which means $2.99 per month
  • 2 year, price is $59.76 which means $2.49/mo
  • 3 year, it is economical, price is $71.64/mo which means you are paying just $1.99 per month

Why iPage Is The Best For Beginners

Because it is cheap, reliable and easy to get started.

So, why do I recommend iPage for new bloggers?

  • Economical plans with reliability
  • FREE – domain and SSL certificate (https)
  • FREE – email address, site builder
  • Domain transfer at zero cost (if you are already having a domain)
  • 24/7 support via call/email/chat/knowledge base
  • 30 days money-back guarantee without asking any questions

How To Purchase Hosting At iPage

Click here to get Flat 75% discount on iPage hosting plans.

  • Click on “Get started”

iPage hosting Plan Get started

  • Enter your new domain name to confirm and click on “Next, choose my term”. If you have already bought the domain skip the search part and proceed to choose your term. Once you have completed registration, you will receive an instruction email to link your existing domain to your hosting.

  • You can customize your plan. There will be optional add-ons if you wish to choose; such as website security, site backup & restore, advanced site builder, WordPress optimization bundle, G-suite. You can just skip all these and proceed to buy hosting for $35.88.

iPage hosting step 3

Yay! You just purchased iPage hosting with 75% off.

Note: When you wish to renew hosting with iPage, the regular price will apply.

While iPage is the best solution for beginners, I recommend SiteGround hosting for blogs with huge traffic. Siteground plans start from $3.95/mo.

See! This is not technical, anyone with the Internet can do it.

5. Install WordPress blog on iPage hosting

It is simple.

  • Log in to your control panel of iPage
  • Click WP Essential
  • Add your site by entering the desired Admin email ID, Username, Password, and WordPress location (URL)
  • Wait for it to get your blog ready
  • Click Launch WordPress

There you go, Your blog is ready!

In case if you want some kinda tutorial to get started, I’d recommend going through the below video

6. Design Your WordPress Blog

Now that you have a WordPress blog installed, you can access your WP dashboard.

WP dashboard is to optimize your blog posts, look and design.

Alright, How To Access Your Dashboard?

  • Go to ( Example –
  • Login using the email ID and password that you have created while iPage account setup

What You Can Do On The Dashboard?

  • Add/edit new posts, pages
  • Customize your blog design
  • Manage users, admin, contributor, subscribers
  • Profile settings, permalinks, moderate comments, and so on…

Apart from that, you can do a lot. All you need is to explore.

Step 7: Pick A Theme

Your blog is ready now.

It’s time to design your blog by adding a perfect theme that is stunning, SEO friendly and secured.

As I mentioned in the above sections, WordPress has 5000+ FREE themes to pick from.

How Do You Install A Theme?

  • Go to Appearance–>Themes
  • Search for any theme or Add new
  • Install and Go to customize section to design your blog look

Premium/Paid themes come with better designs, speed, and features compared to FREE ones. However, as a beginner, it is completely fine to get started with a FREE theme.

I use Astra theme, which is really great and SEO friendly.

Step 8: Install Useful Plugins

Plugins are used to customize your blog for better performance.

There are literally 10k+ plugins on WordPress.

On the other hand, adding too many plugins will slow down your blog for sure.

To make your work easy, I have compiled a few important plugins to install right the moment.

Here Are Some Plugins Which You Should Have:

  • Yoast SEO – Optimize title, description, keyword, and content.
  • JetPack by WordPress – Monitor site downtime, block spammers, backups, email subscription, etc.
  • AddThis – Social media share and follow buttons.
  • MonsterInsights – Audience reports, behavior by connecting it with your Google Analytics account.
  • WP Forms – Contact form, landing pages, etc.
  • Autoptimize – Minify CSS files, HTML codes in order to increase your site load speed
  • Async Javascript – Defines an Async function to reduce Java scripts in order to load your blog instantly
  • Updraftplus – Blog restore and backups
  • Velvet Blues Update URLs – Redirect broken or changed URLs to the right URL

These are some essential plugins for any niche blog. Depending on your blog niche you can add furthermore.

Step 9: Start Writing Articles

Now the real story begins.

Blogging success is not an overnight deal. It is the hard work and patience that takes you there.

Have a clear blog content strategy. Without it, Your article just another blog post on the search engine.

It will become easy if you know your

  • niche in-depth and understand what and how to write
  • ideal audience and what they’re looking for

Must read, Blog Content Strategy – Guide For Beginners

Once you understand what should be your blog content strategy, it is time to write your first blog post.

  • Go to posts–>Add new
  • Write your blog post title (ideal length is 6o characters)
  • Add images, videos using “Add media” option
  • Write the content
  • Select the category and click publish

First Blog Post WordPress


That’s your first blog post on the WordPress blog.

There are some FREE stock images websites for bloggers like us to avoid copyright issues.

My Favorite Sites To Download Images:

  1. Freepik
  2. Pixabay
  3. Unsplash
  4. Pexels
  5. Canva

Tips To Write Amazing Blog Posts

There are millions of blogs on the Internet, so how do you compete and stay top on the rankings?

You need to create original and unique content.

Here are quick tips for you:

  • Think of your audience and write content to speak to them
  • Don’t always think of keywords and promoting content, Instead help your readers
  • Be honest about you
  • Write content in lines, not long paragraphs

If you are able to write the content that helps your reader to get what they are looking for, you’re on the right path for building a successful blog.

Step 10: Find Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

At this point, you should’ve known the basics about starting a blog.

You have the content on your blog now, but Is someone reading it?

If no one is coming, how I am gonna make money?

Well, you cannot.

So, you must be serious about finding the right ways to increase blog traffic.

Here is a simple plan to do that:

  1. It’s time to learn SEO basics on your own and know the Google ranking factors so that you can work on them to improve your blog traffic.
  2. Create social media pages/accounts on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram to generate instant and targeted traffic.

To learn in-depth, I wrote this article on generating huge traffic.

Step 11: Monetizing Your Blog

The wait is now over!

Isn’t it?

Monetizing your blog.

Even if you’d make small money from blogging, wouldn’t be that great?

Amazingly, there are many ways you can earn money from the blog.

1. Affiliate Marketing

You promote other company products, earn a handsome commission if the readers end up buying through your affiliate link.

Your performance can be tracked through your affiliate ID given by the merchant.

2. Running Ads

Running ads on your blog is not a bad idea. Moreover, if your blog has the page views about 50,000 a month, you can easily earn at least $500-$800 depending on your niche PPC, traffic sources, etc factors.

4. Advertising

You can offer advertisement options to the readers who visit your blog. Paid reviews, Ad widgets, Pay Per Click, Pop up’s, etc. are some fine ways to make directly on your blog.

5. Selling Ebooks

If you would experience writing some at least 50-100 great articles, you can collect some information out of them and turn them into an ebook.

You can sell easily on sites like Amazon, Kindle, Flipkart, eBay and even on your blog.

By offering 2-3 pages for FREE reading, you can get the reader’s attention to it and make them buy.

FAQs About Starting A Blog To Make Money 

Here are some questions that every beginner can relate to starting their blogging career:

1. Which Niche Should I Choose?

As I said, it depends on what you are passionate about. If you are a software developer or student you may consider writing programming tips, tutorials, etc.

Whatever you chose make sure you become an expert in it. People will buy from you when they trust you.

2. How Much Can I Make Money From Blogging?

Again, it depends on how much smart you play and the efforts you put.  I will be honest, many bloggers give up in their first 3-6 months and quits.

They wish to see the earnings immediately, which is not possible. You need to improve your skills, steadily work on your blog for at least a year to see some results so that you can start monetizing.

Making money from blogging is not a get-rich-quick kind of scam. If you work continuously and stick to your strategies, then you are most likely to see the results in a year or less.

You will be making money depending on which monetization techniques do you use and how much traffic your site has.

Besides that, I see some bloggers even make $100,000, $50,000, $35,000 and some make less than $1000 per month.

3. How Do I Get Started?

Starting a blog is very easy even if you are not from a technical background.

I have a great deal from iPage.

Click Here To Avail 75% Discount on iPage Hosting With FREE Domain

Wrapping It Up,

As you start blogging, you’ll start exploring more advanced tactics and monetization methods to your blog.

Alright, I believe that’s an end to my blah blah…

It’s your turn to show some magic.

Was this guide helpful? If so, Would you consider sharing it with others?

Have any queries? Feel free to ask in the comments sections.

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  1. Really nice tips for anyone blogging. Just be you and write about topics you enjoy and are really interested in. Then you have a much better chance being successful then. I have a blog at hostinger, just writing about some of my travel experiences which I more than enjoy but I still got some great advise from your article thx.

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