3 Ways You Should Not Build Backlinks Anymore

According to Moz, backlink building is a 2nd major Google ranking factor when it comes to off-page SEO.

Earning backlinks from an external website is the most common practice we find as crucial after starting a blog. Those backlinks could either make your site more authoritative or spammy. It depends on the quality of the backlink source.

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Google is updating its search engine algorithms very frequently to offer right, quality, and original information to its search users. Now you might be wondering how link building affects the search engine’s accuracy factor, I will explain to you in a simple way.

In earlier days, Google used to consider the number of backlinks as one of the major factors to rank the website’s content. People started taking advantage of this by paying to get backlinks from other sites. It was nothing but manipulating the search engines. Very soon, Google did find out and changed its algorithm for the better.

Now in 2019, it’s the quality and authority of backlink that matters than the quantity.

What is a quality backlink?


You should get the backlink from the sites which have unique, original and useful content.

How do you do that?

Well, it’s a broad topic. I will conclude it in 2 simple ways:

  1. Before you expect a backlink from the quality site make sure you build an authority site by creating engaging and accurate content that helps the reader.
  2. Reach out to the bloggers for guest posts via Twitter or email. Be honest, give them something first by mentioning them in any of your blog posts, then request for a guest post in a plain and simple way. If you’re reaching out by email be sure to use an email finder to find the correct contact information.

Alright, Let’s discuss some common link building mistakes.

Mistake 1 – Guest post for a backlink

I get at least 10 email’s a day for a guest article publishing.

And, I see the same kind of copy-paste email saying that “I am XYZ, I can write super articles on SEO” blah blah…

There is nothing I can do but to just delete such kind of emails.

You know, Guest blogging is an excellent way of getting a backlink from an authority site.

Next time you go and ask for a guest post, remember that your aim is to build a relationship with the blogger and share your knowledge with their readers, not just adding a backlink.

That’s how you build backlinks naturally. If you solely request a guest post with an intention of building a link, I’m sure it looks unnatural to your readers and even to Google.

“Your Objective Is Not To Make Your Backlinks Appear Natural, The Objective Is That Your Links Are Natural” – Matt Cutts

As I said above, you cannot manipulate search engines like before by making the links look natural. It is time for you to stop the bad approach of guest posts for backlinks.

Explore guest posting tips that help you build a successful blogger outreach campaign.

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Mistake 2: Link schemes

According to Google, any behavior that manipulates backlinks to your site or linking to others from your site is a violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Here are such practices you must avoid:

  • Automatic and low-quality directory submission
  • Traffic bots
  • Links from SEO farms
  • Buying or selling backlinks that pass Page Rank
  • Link exchanges
  • Excessive guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor texts
  • A huge number of links from other site’s footers, widgets, forum’s

Strictly neglect these methods if you wish to remain on search engines.

If you have a budget, hire a talented Freelancer or an agency to do SEO in the right way.

Mistake 3: Ignoring your backlink profile

It is important to perform a regular backlink audit via tools like SEMrush. In this way, you will easily identify spammy backlinks and remove them.

By mistake, if you have entered your website URL in some spammy directory then it will be a nightmare. Your site URL gets rolled on toxic sites if you don’t take immediate action.

Getting links from sites like gambling, lottery and irrelevant niche are bad for SEO. So don’t do it.

If your site is not ranking well on search engines, now is the time to use SEMrush to find and remove bad backlinks:

  1. Log in to your SEMrush dashboard
  2. Go to SEO dashboard
  3. Create a project by entering your site URL
  4. Go to your project, click Backlink audit

Download FREE trial of SEMrush

After the audit, you will see a list of backlinks and their spam score.

If your overall Toxic score is

  • ‘Low’ then you need not worry
  • “Medium or High”, take the backlink URLs into notepad file which have a spam score of at least 50+

Now, you need to Disavow those URLs to remain safe.

What is Disavow?

Google Disavow is a tool by using which you can tell Google to ignore the bad backlinks that you have uploaded. It means that Google will not consider links in your ranking factor.


The search engine algorithm’s component “RankBrain” is way smart to find which links are spammy and which are natural.

So focus on creating thought-provoking content and making connections. The better content you create the higher the chances someone will love your content and link to it.

Remember, your smart pays off for sure.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section.

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