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I Am Here to Remind You….

….. that I believe in you.

You can and will succeed with your blogging career if you follow your fun and dive into fear. I am also a poet and did not know it.

Blogging seems scary sometimes because you have so much information for filtering and consuming and using that it just gets flat out overwhelming. In those moments you have a choice. Either move forward into fear or turn around and fail. You choose. It is your decision. Blogging either gets easier or harder long-term based on your moment-to-moment choices. Choose fun and freedom and dive into your fear to make blogging easier and easier over the long-term. Or choose to stay in your comfort zone and blogging will become harder and harder.

I believe in you and know that you will succeed because you are here reading this blog post. This means you are choosing to follow your fun and to nudge into fear instead of turning around when fear rears its ugly head. Blogging feels tough sometimes but you are bigger than the toughness. I know you are beyond the uncomfortable feelings blogging unearths. Just keep going. You can and will succeed. Think of it this way. Blogging is writing stuff and making friends. All the details are simple to follow. This is not brain surgery or rocket science. Anybody can do it. Literally. But doing this simple stuff requires you to face your fears because success and your dreams sit on the other side of your deep fears. This is where most bloggers screw up. They quit. They never faced their fears. The main reason why they never face their fears is they do not believe in themselves.

But you are not in that lot. I believe in you. Now it’s time for you to believe in yourself and to trust in the blogging process. Trust in my advice. Mudassir and I have shared solid advice on this blog for months. Put that advice into action and believe in yourself as you do so, and you will succeed. It’s simply a matter of time and energy and generous service and abundance and love. Help people for free for a sustained period of time and trust in yourself. Trust in the process. You will succeed.

Critics pop up from time to time to test your belief in self. Do you believe in their fear of criticism? Or do you believe in yourself and your ability? You choose. You decide. The actions you take to begin with the decisions you make. Blogging has never outside in. Blogging is always inside out.

Surround yourself with positive people who believe in you to make it easier to believe in yourself. Lose everybody else. If someone does not believe in you, just release them. Let go all doubters. Life flies by fast. Hang out only with folks who support your dreams and release everybody else because this ride is a blur. People who believe in you can help you believe more deeply in yourself when you do not see potential in yourself. Many awesome folks believed in me when I did not believe in myself and helped me see my infinite potential. I remain indebted to them forever.

I believe in you. You can do this. Blogging involves typing words and helping people and offering premium services and learning simple details for acting successfully. We do nothing super complex. But we need to face fear, so when you face fear just call on your belief in self and your trust in the blogging process. I know you can do it. You will succeed.


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