How to Implement Artificial Intelligence in your Business

How to Implement Artificial Intelligence in your Business

July 28, 2018 0 By Team NettyFeed

The drops of digital ink have been spread across the new opportunities generated by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Today, businesses of all types need to understand the importance of artificial intelligence to maximise their operation globally. Big organisations like Facebook, Google, Amazon etc., are already leveraging the power of AI in the development of incredible products and services. But these days, since advancement in technology bring cloud computing to ease the effort for migrating business over the internet. Now, Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can easily include the AI enabled services in their working procedures for better optimisation and improved results. Here, I present how new startups or already existing organisations are using ML and AI to boost their business operations. Adopting these strategies in your business can multiply your business revenue by two or more times.

Does your business have big data?

Data is generated in every phase of business operations. If you have reams of unstructured organisational data from past activities such as customer-related information, products etc., it may have no use today. With the power of artificial intelligence, your business can use effective insights from those data in quick decision making, making predictions, observing consumer behaviour, identifying more sales opportunities etc. If you think how AI can achieve these fantastic services, then you need a more in-depth understanding of AI and ML. You can join the league by enrolling in Artificial Intelligence Course created by AI professionals explaining the practical implementation of AI in various industries.

Predictive Maintenance:

Devices used to collect real-time information or utilising the machinery works in industries generates data every second for the acknowledgement. Analysing data collected from these devices and past works detects for the problems in parts or machinery and scheduled maintenance for them, saving a massive amount of money.

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Customer Support:

AI-powered automated chatbots are now implemented by various companies to provide support to their visitors and consumers. Chatbot reduced the extra workforce and upfront costs by offering solutions to consumer problems. There are various AI-based tools offered by IT-vendors to implement these voice or text-based chatbots in your application.

Predict Customer Behavior:

To some extent, AI can be used in predicting the consumer behaviour, to empower the business growth in future. Thus, organisations can analyse which customer is willing to buy a product, by observing their behaviour and suggesting them similar products with AI recommendation engine. the primary focus is to

Digital Fraud Prevention:

In the new digital era, fraudsters have also elevated their strategies to steal. Thankfully, AI has solved this problem of security. Multiple AI-supportive tools are available for detecting the threat and fraud schemes. These tools recognise the speech, face, signature, language, pattern, etc. It is done by machine learning engines, language processors and video recognisers.

Ease of data:

It cost a huge buck to invest in a full-time in-house scientist just for some questions. But this problem is sorted by AI, in a fraction of seconds you can get the problem solver, which does not empty your pocket. Google Analytics Intelligence feature is available with AI. By answering some fundamental question, you get the answers without being an expert in analytics.

This way, organisations are successfully collecting benefits from the AI.

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