iPhone Keep Resetting Itself: How To Fix This Issue?

iPhone Keep Resetting Itself: How To Fix This Issue?

July 4, 2018 0 By Team NettyFeed

Is your iPhone keeps restarting or resetting unexpectedly? It might be because of various reasons such as high-intensive apps, battery issue, old updates, or junk files. The best solution is to http://winkcalgary.com/2017/09/join-trudy-pelletier-on-october-13-2017-talking-about-the-inner-workings-of-our-engine/ sell old iPhone if you own an old-age iPhone having such kind of common problems. Selling old phone not only help you get rid of your old mobile but also you get some money to invest in a new handset.

If your phone is your beloved companion and you don’t want to leave it alone in a difficult situation then you can try some tricks on your own to fix this random resetting issue. Perhaps one of these tricks will work and you will ready to hold it again without any worry. Hence, before knowing these tricks, it is important to understand the reasons for this frustrating issue.

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here Why Does the iPhone Keep Resetting/Restarting?

Before determining the reason of unexpectedly iPhone resetting, you need to know that this problem falls into two categories, which are as follow:

  • Intermittent Reboot: It happens randomly while using iPhone with no problem at all, or during accessing apps or other settings.
  • Endless Reboot: It happens when your iPhone is stuck in a reboot loop and becomes totally unresponsive.

Now, you can diagnose which type of reboot is happening on your iPhone and after which you can proceed to fix this issue.

How to Solve the Resetting/ Restarting Issue on an iPhone?

There is nothing more irritating than having an iPhone that keeps resetting or restarting itself. It can hurt your phone’s performance and make it unusable. Therefore, let us know some tricks that help you overcome this issue.

  1. Software Update

The old version of the iOS may be a reason of random restarts on your iPhone. So, if you want to keep your device working like the new one, you should install the latest updates of the system software. For software update, head over to the Settings > General > Software Update.

  1. Force Restart Your iPhone

Force restarting or hard rebooting your iPhone is the simplest solution you can try to resolve the issue of resetting. To do this, press and hold down the home button and Sleep/Wake button at one until the Apple logo shows on the screen.

  1. Reset Your iPhone to Factory Settings

If the restarting iPhone problem persists, you should give a try to this trick. Resetting your iPhone to factory settings will erase all the settings on your device and set it as a new one. Keep in mind that it will not remove the data.

To reset factory settings, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings

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  1. Turn Off Background App Refresh

If your iPhone is facing restarting issue then you should turn off the Background App Refresh. It will shut down all the apps running on background and improve your iPhone’s functionality. To do it, navigate to the Settings App > General > Background App Refresh and then turn it off.

  1. Update Apps

If you are experiencing a resetting issue on your iPhone, you need to know that the old versions of apps can also create such kind of problems. They can become a cause of battery draining and make your device slow and unresponsive. Therefore, you should make sure you are using the latest versions of apps. To update the apps, simply visit the App Store > Updates > Update all the Apps.

  1. Change Date & Time

You can simply change Date & Time settings if your iPhone gets randomly restarts. To do this, go to Settings > General > Date & Time and then set the Date & Time from automatic to manual. Once the resetting issue is fixed, you can enable the automatic settings again.

  1. Delete Unused Apps

There are some apps which you don’t use frequently or simply don’t need any more on your iPhone. You should delete them from your device to ensure the perfect performance. With the latest iOS 11 or later, you can use the “Offload Unused Apps” option to delete the unused apps without removing their data.

  1. Check the Phone Battery

The random restarting of your iPhone could be because of any battery issue. So, you should check your phone battery; if it is faulty then you should replace it with a new one or you can also try a different adapter or USB cable to charge it.

  1. Clean the Lightning Charging Port

If still, you are facing the resetting issue on your iPhone, you should take a close look at the charging port placed on the bottom of your phone. See if any dust, dirt, or debris is stuck inside the charging port, you should clean it properly. Maybe it will fix your problem.

  1. Remove Your SIM Card

If your iPhone gets stuck in a booting loop, then it may be due to a problem with your iPhone’s connection. Since your SIM card connects your device to your network service provider, so you can remove your SIM card to fix the restarting issue.

  1. Enable the Airplane Mode

You can also make the Airplane mode active to fix the resetting issue on your iPhone. When you turn on the Airplane mode, it will turn off all the connectivity options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular data or AirDrop and give a rest to your device for a fresh start. Simply visit the Control Centre and tap the Airplane Mode icon to turn it on.

  1. Uninstall Crushing App

If an unexpected restart is happened after downloading and installing a new app, then you should uninstall it to fix this issue. Though it’s unusual for an app to cause an iPhone to reboot, it can happen because all iPhone apps are not perfect and safe to install.

To uninstall an app, head over to the Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data and then you can tap on the crushing app to install it.

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