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Is There a Connection Between Blogging and Fitness?

Technically, no.

Blogging is 100% about your energy and clarity around blogging. So you can succeed online and make a ton of dough and live your dreams if you pay zero attention to fitness. But I have known a few bloggers who had greatly worldly success but suffered through health problems. Said folks could not enjoy the worldly success because who feels good and happy and well in a sick, infirmed body, even for a short period of time? Nobody. The wise say health is the first wealth and I agree 100% with these individuals. I also know that at least a few of the top bloggers in the world wonder how in the heck I do all that I do online while circling the globe. This is a sure signal that my mental and physical fitness campaign is allowing me to do things that few other established, pro blogging tips bloggers do.

I want to set the bar for you. More importantly I want to raise the bar for you. Whatever I do you can do a million times better but you need to make physical fitness a huge part of your blogging campaign. Toss in mental hygiene and you have a serious recipe for doing spectacular things that makes people scratch their heads.

Being physically fit and practicing mental hygiene dissolve mental blocks masquerading as fear and makes you incredibly prolific, generous and prospering. Money and traffic flows to bloggers who generously help people all day long and trust in the process. Being generous, peace-filled and trusting is so much easier when you are in good shape. I may not run marathons but I could walk out this door in New York City and jog half of a marathon, 13 of the 26 miles they just ran this past Sunday during the New York City marathon around the corner. I can hold a deep meditation for a sustained period of time and do yin yoga for up to 90 minutes a day. Plus me and my wife power walk for 6 to 7 miles daily and have done so for years. I power walk over 2 marathons every single week. How has this affected my blogging campaign?

I do not suffer from writer’s block. Nor do I feel weighed down by outcomes. I am kind of prolific and also network like a machine too. Most folks have no idea how I can be so skilled in terms of creating and networking because virtually every blogger picks one or the other. I am no master of either but people have called me the king of guest posting and the king of blog commenting so I guess the perception is there at least LOL. Being physically fit and practicing mental hygiene helps me vibe from a stable, calm, peaceful and generous vibe that makes me prolific, generous and abundant feeling. This is the perfect energy for building a successful blogging foundation because if you are generous and trust in the process you will do all the requisite giving that leads to a lot of sweet getting.

As you see by the featured image above you get to be pretty fit looking too. I no longer have the huge muscles I possessed during my bodybuilding days but I feel better and my leaner, sleek physique helps me deal with the rigors of being an entrepreneur. This gig test your limits so you better feel good in your body while testing those limits. Being physically fit and practicing mental hygiene both allows you to feel really good in your body while you test your business limits.

PS… I also do 10 minutes of a shortened kriya yoga session daily. I suggest you look more deeply into kriya as me and my wife study this incredibly powerful form of yoga as it is largely kept secret among gurus and enlightened beings the world around.


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8 thoughts on “Is There a Connection Between Blogging and Fitness?”

  1. Hello Ryan & Mudassir,

    Truly, you are 100% correct – your energy and clarity really decides your work quality. Today, there are countless productivity hacks to get you through the workday.

    Physical activity significantly improves productivity. Blogging required fresh energy to boost your productivity level. Eventually, thanks for motivating us with your incredible thought.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  2. I’ve noticed that I’m more energetic when I work out, especially in the morning.
    The problem with me is that I’m inconsistent and tough to wake up. So I’m always drowsy in the morning and exercise is furthest from my mind.
    Something I have to work on daily…,

  3. Ryan,

    Reading this, I could see your attention towards too. In your daily 24 hours, I could see you are spending more than an hour or two to maintain your physical health. I must appreciate it. As Nikola said, I am not so consistent in this regard. I’ll go walking for 10 days and for the next 20 days, I don’t:).
    Especially, you are traveling all around. So, with different food intake and climatic conditions, it’s hard to be fit and healthy. Your consistency (also as you are in writing) helps greatly.
    Maybe there is no connection between blogging and fitness. But, only with a healthy and brisk physical condition, we could mentally prepare ourselves.

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