5 Job Search Apps for Best Clerical and PA Jobs in India

Clerical and personal assistant jobs come under quite common professions in India as these are the best jobs in which one need not have heavy tolls of stress. While we consider the jobs of clerks, then you can find various names by which clerks are usually recognized such as clerical workers or the clerical assistants. The management of the daily administrative tasks is all that compile to make clerk jobs a profession. Clerks do these tasks as their daily routine work:

  • Gathering information
  • Form filling
  • Maintenance of records
  • Scanning of documents
  • Reception support
  • Xerox machine handling

When we come to the profession of personal assistants, then the first thought that crosses the mind is all about helping out your boss in some manner. From the management of their dairies to the planning of their meetings, a personal assistant handles everything. You can have a look at the tasks which are a part of the personal assistant jobs by scrolling down.

  • Organizing diaries
  • Management of office staff
  • Conducting travel arrangements
  • Making calls to clients
  • Tying up meeting minutes

Both of these jobs are demanding these days as the work is straightforward to perform. So, everyone will want to search jobs with high pay and less work. If you are also struggling to find employment in the clerical field and personal assistance area, then you can take the assistance of below mentioned job searching apps instead of wasting time in visiting offices.

#1. Indeed

If you are struggling to choose clerical and the personal assistant job as a career option, then you are not far away from getting a job. The step is that you need to register yourself on the portal of Indeed. The reason is that “Indeed” is a useful app in making the career of a person bright by providing jobs. You need to upload your resume to the application to get the jobs according to your abilities. The app allows you to discover the job opportunities by applying lots of filters such as you can type your location where you can quickly reach by any convenience. Another is that you can even browse the jobs by checking salaries and the reviews of the company for the clerical or personal assistant jobs. So, do not delay and upload your resume to receive the offer letters with full throttle.

#2. Naukri.com

Every job search app is better than another in some manner, and when we talk about “Naukri.com,” it is so easy to say that it is one of the best platforms to get a clerical or personal assistant job. This application will ask you to enter your location by asking your permission for the same. In this way, it becomes easy to find a job for you in your nearby area. The best thing about the application is that you can get the jobs in various categories such as government jobs, international jobs, walk-in jobs, IIT or IIM jobs and many more. The portal will even help you in preparing for the interviews, so anyone can rely on this website blindfolded. So, give this app a try and get the clerk jobs or personal assistant jobs as soon as possible.

#3. LinkedIn

Linked In is one of the most reputed job search applications from which lots of people get career and job opportunities for themselves. This application allows you to connect with your contacts or network too. Due to which, one can also follow the people who provide the same jobs. You can make a profile on Linked In to connect with various reputed companies to get the perfect career option for yourself. The privacy policies of the company are efficient in securing your details to them only. So, do not cause any delay and search for white-collar jobs from the portal. Along with this, there are various reputed companies registered with this application to assist in getting the personal assistant jobs too.

#4. MonsterIndia.com

The MonsterIndia.com asks a person to upload their resume by priority so that the application can help you in providing the suitable job options for you. If you want only clerk jobs or personal assistant jobs, then this is the best Android application for you. With the resume of this application, you need to enter your details, contact details, essential skills, experience, function, and industry. In this way, you can get the most suitable job nearby your location so that you need not worry about the transportation required to reach your office. So, hurry up and get the job with the earliest span.

#5. Just Jobs

While coming to the Just Jobs application, it will not be wrong to say that it is the most exciting and useful app for students who are seeking their career in the clerical field or personal assistant jobs. You are not far away from getting the offer letter as a small registration procedure is needed to follow. The application allows you to enter your personal as well as your professional details for assisting you in getting the most suitable job for you. You can even search the jobs by the company too, along with seeking a job at your nearby location. It is the best portal as well as the application which can assist a person in reaching the zenith of the success. So, fill your details and get a clerical or personal assistant job as soon as possible.

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