Khata App – Bringing Transparency to Daily Udhar Jama

Khata App – Bringing Transparency to Daily Udhar Jama

October 19, 2018 0 By Team NettyFeed

Mr. Abhishank Gupta

Hello there, today in our Startup Interview series, we are publishing an interview of Mr. Abhishank Gupta, Co-Founder at ENSOWT. Let’s get into it!

At a glance

Startup Name: Khata

Sector: Business App, Mobile Application

Launch Date: September 2017

Location: Noida

Funding: Bootstrapped

Problem it solves: Khata replaces the many tedious tasks of manually storing, compiling, and sorting of unorganized Credit Debit data with a simple systematic digital solution. It increases transparency and accuracy in the bahi-khata system.

Hi, Welcome to NettyFeed. Explain briefly about your startup and how did you come up with this idea?


Udhar is a way of life for the majority of Indians. Most spend their lives juggling with these microloans. Yet there is no or little transparency in these loans.The Indian traders still prefer to do business in a traditional manner with bahi-khata (ledgers), this attitude has given an advantage to online companies to capture the Indian market. Furthermore, every individual does hisab-kitab on copy & registers.

We came up with a solution while working on Winggz which is our second product a Digital Loyalty Platform.

Khata is a digital version of traditional bahi-khata. It is SaaS-based and believes and leverages digital technology through mobile apps, creating significant time savings.

Khata is for individuals while Khata Business is for small Shop/Business owners. It is a ledger management application which keeps track of the money either credited or debited.

Now instead of doing hisab-kitab on copy & registers, it can be done on an app. Saving businesses time and money, increasing business productivity.

Could you briefly tell us about the Founders?

Abhishank Gupta, an Engineering graduate from BIT(Mesra) is the Co-founder of the startup.

Malini Vaish, an Engineering graduate from AMU, Aligarh 1992 is the CEO. She worked with Matsushita TV Audio India Ltd.( parent company of Panasonic) and Amada Systems. Also has extensive volunteering experience in NGOs.

Abhishank Gupta –

Malini Vaish –

We founded ENSOWT in 2014. ENSOWT stands for Enabling Society with Technology. Since then ENSOWT has launched 3 projects –

  1. Khata – A Ledger Management Application (
  2. Winggz – A Digital Loyalty Platform. We have more than 200 shops associated with us and around 2.5 lakh end customers. (
  3. SALT – An emergency alerting application. The purpose of the application is to connect victims to their Family and Friends in case of Emergency. (

Who is your Targeted audience?

Khata is a product which can make life easy for almost everyone. So everyone, from a business to a housewife who uses Bahi Khata/ Hisab-Kitab Diary/ Account Ledger Book to manage credit debit/Udhar Jama are our potential customers.

To name a few…Businesses, Homemakers, Tuition Teachers, People giving loans, Shopkeepers, Students, Chaiwala, Presswala …the list can go on and on.

How are you different from your competition?

Our focus on bringing Transparency in the Credit Debit Transactions is what makes us different from our competitions.

What type of strategies do you think is valuable to take the company to the next level?

How Well You Handle Change! High adaptability equals more business success. You’ve got to be smarter–and faster–about the way you react, especially in today’s world.

Tell us about your amazing team members?

We are currently a 10 member team including Web Developers, Android Developers, Graphic Designer & last but not the least Sales. We have to bulk up our team with a number of key hires in near future.

What is the big picture of your company? What are your future plans?

Our aim is to digitally empower every Indian trader/shop owner/business. The future plan includes that every information is digitally available to every individual.

What is your best motivation line that inspires you?

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” – By Martin Luther King

What challenges do you face within the market currently?

The biggest challenge is reaching out to customers Pan India.

Could you share details about source of funding, revenue, client acquisition model and statistics so far?

We are currently bootstrapping. We have a Freemium model where a customer with advanced usage requirements can go for a monthly subscription.

What advice would you like to give the upcoming entrepreneurs?

The advice I would give would be to Build a good product, keep listening to your customers and be patient.

Where can we find Khata?

You can reach out to our website

Find us on play store 

For Khata Business –

For Khata –

We wish, “All the best to the Khata”

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