Knowledge Base: How it can be useful for organizations and customers

With steep competition threatening to drive the customers away and awareness in customers growing with time, most businesses are focusing on enhancing the quality of support and service. It is undeniable that winning new customers has become tougher. So, it is prudent that businesses should try to focus on retaining existing customers. For this, many measures can be taken up. Along with powerful digital marketing strategies, social media campaigns and the introduction of new services, the companies can focus on developing knowledgebase to retain existing customers. Of course, setting up a self-service portal or knowledge base brings many other benefits to a company- regardless of its industry.

What is Knowledgebase?

It is a centralized database for sharing data and information. It supports collecting and sharing knowledge.

There are 2 types of Knowledgebase:

  1. Machine-readable
  2. Human-readable

Major benefits of setting up a knowledge base for a company

A well crafted and maintained self-support portal/ knowledgebase section in your company website is advantageous for both the brand and its customers. It helps simplify issues, save time, and enhance productivity, overall. Enhanced customer satisfaction paves way for better retention. It serves as a great asset to the company. Of course, you need to use apt Knowledge base software to create and maintain such support portals.

1. It makes the customers happier

Nowadays, the customers have a lot of options and not all of them are running after the lowest priced deals! The market dynamics and mindset of the customers have changed in the last decade- in a significant way. So, it is imperative that you adopt suitable measures to ensure the customers remain happy with the products and services. Adding a knowledge base to the company website- is a good way to enhance customer happiness/satisfaction. A section of customers dislikes the concept of calling up a helpline for each problem they face. They often want to resolve the issues personally.

2. It reduces expenses related to supporting

Irrespective of the sector of your company and products sold by it, you would like to cut down on running costs. Support related costs also fall under the ambit of running costs. Would not it be nice if you can manage to bring down support operation-related costs? This can be done by setting up a self-support portal. When the knowledge base is there, more customers will access the section rather than calling up the helpline or using live chat. This means you need to recruit fewer support agents and spend less on hardware peripherals. In the long run, this leads to operational cost reduction and several study findings have corroborated this.

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3. It helps increase customer retention

Existence of a knowledge base ensures an increase in customer satisfaction. It is natural when the customers are happy with the service and support, they will stick to your brand. So, the presence of knowledgebase paves the way for better customer retention.

4. It helps you deploy 24x 7 support to the customers

Offering round the clock support to the customers is what most companies strive for, nowadays. However, it can be hard to offer support in a consistent way, throughout the year. Except for the corporate giants and technology sector behemoths- deploying enough manpower to offer support and invest in the latest AI tech is not financially viable. Besides, you need to think of human limitations when it comes to offering consistent, quality customer support. Even the best support agents can fall ill or forget things at times. However, a well-designed knowledgebase remains always accessible to the customers as long as they have an internet connection. The customers need not wait for query resolution as the answers are available at all times at their fingertips.

5. It helps in saving time

For the majority of your customers, time is very precious! They are always coping with various tasks and chores-even when they are contacting the support section. It would be better if their waiting time is reduced. Rather than waiting in the IVR queue of the helpline, they can find the answers to their queries using the self-service portal. It is also way better than sending an email for a problem and waiting for the response.

6. It helps the agents from overload and burns out

You may have very efficient and skilled support agents in the customer care team. However, they are, after all, humans and so they can cope with a certain amount of stress and workload. There are instances of expert support agents facing burn out or making unintentional errors at work, owing to excessive stress and work pressure. So, it is better if you adopt measures to reduce the workload the agents have to cope with. Using a well-developed self-service section is a good way to bring down the workload of support agents. The customers will seek the knowledgebase to resolve their queries instead of bombarding the agents through chat and phone- in that case.

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7. It helps the agents enhance efficacy

When a support portal is in place, the agents have to deal with fewer customer cases. They deal with complex cases that actually require their skill and assistance. They can focus on such cases properly and make the best use of their knowledge and skills. Eventually, they resolve important and complex client cases well and this makes things better for all parties.

8. It makes things flexible for the customers

From the customers’ perspective, the presence of a company knowledgebase makes things very flexible. They can access the knowledge portal any time they want, as many times required. Not all companies may offer 24×7 chat or phone support, as it is. Besides, when you contact customer care for an issue more than once, the case can be handled by different agents- leading to complication. In case of a support portal, this does not happen.

Ways to make the knowledge base really useful for the customers

While developing a knowledge base is really helpful for a company, some measures should be adopted to ensure it meets the customer needs well. These are:

Informing the customers

Some of the customers will seek the self-support portal by default. However, the remaining customers have to be informed about its existence! Otherwise, they may not find the easiest way to resolve their queries. Certain measures can be taken to make the customers aware of the support portal. You can use the existing support modes for that. Adding a link to the portal in emails, end of chat sessions can be helpful, for example. Eve in the social media profiles of your brand, using links to the portal can work.

Making the portal SEO friendly

The articles and content used in the brand’s support portal should be infused with apt keywords and optimized for SEO. This will ensure the articles used in the portal will feature at top of internet search results. This way the customers searching for their problems online will find the solution, even if they don’t seek the knowledgebase directly.

Making the knowledgebase content suitable

Ensure the content used in the knowledge base has things that fulfill the needs of the customers. The articles must be written in lucid, simple language and you should use short text blocks with subheads and sections. Using pictures and videos in the articles make things better for the readers, as in the customers. The links to external resources should be used as well.

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