“LevenStylo- My dreams beyond limits!” Inspirational Blogging Story Of Madhu

“LevenStylo- My dreams beyond limits!” Inspirational Blogging Story Of Madhu

March 13, 2018 0 By Team NettyFeed

We are publishing an interview of Ms. Madhu Kumari, Travel, Lifestyle and Fashion Blogger at Levenstylo.

Can you tell our readers about yourself?

I am Madhu, a M.B.A post graduate and a Marketing professional. My hobbies includes Dancing, Travelling, Creative Writing and Photography. Apart from my professional Career I am a trained Kathak Dancer and love explore more every day.

Education, work experience, place within 5 to 6 lines.                               

I am a M.B.A Post Graduate in Marketing. After perusing my M.B.A I started my professional career in Corporate Sector and I have a total experience of 5 years in Corporate Sector.

When and how the idea of ‘Levenstylo’ took place? You can share your inspirations.

Well, in 2016, I took a break from my regular 9-6 job because of some family priorities. As I love writing, at that point of time as well, I use to write for myself. My husband (Neeraj) is an I.T professional and have been always telling me about Blogging business, as he knew that I love writing. I never gave a serious thought about this. Within that time itself, one of my friend was running her Fashion and Lifestyle Blog, and she too played a vital role in motivating me to start my own Blog. I choose Travel as my main forte and then Lifestyle and Fashion. I love travelling and photography. I feel travelling enhances an individual’s personality and make that person more independent. Leven mean – Life, and I added Stylo at the end because, I feel travel is one thing that adds maximum style to my life.  And that’s how I began my Travel Blog – “ LevenStylo

What is the information that you share with your readers on Levenstylo?

While choosing Travelling as my forte, it becomes very clear that I love travelling. Whenever I use to travel before, I have always done a lot of Google research. The minute I decided to start my Blog, the first thought that came to my mind was to share all information about Travel and Lifestyle. I share my own travel stories, with all good and bad experiences. The difficulties that I face being a Solo female Traveller. Both positive and negative aspect of being a female traveller. My aim is give my readers as much information as I can through “LevenStylo”.

What type of strategies do you think is better to increase traffic to the blog?

More unique is the content, the more you are acknowledged in this Industry. I always create my unique content and share it through my Blog. The second part that we need to take care is the SEO and SMO. I am a Marketing professional (both Offline and Online) which helps me a lot to do the digital marketing of my Blog. Other than this I make sure I share my Blog on different Social Media Platforms. I also take help of Google Ad word and Social media.

Can you share your insights that how your platform is different from other industry bloggers?

I make sure that the kind of information I am sharing with my readers adds some value to their and mine life as well. The kind of information that I share on my Blog gives my reader a broader aspect for exploring new things. I use all my travel experiences not only to share my vacation dairies but also to make my readers aware about the locations that I cover. My intention is to showcase the broader picture through my Blogs.

What is the revenue source/s of your platform?

There are lot of Travel, Lifestyle and Fashion Brands which do collaboration with me to promote their brand on my social media channel where I have a certain amount of readers and I can help them in making their brand visibility. These Brands also pay for these collaborations and also many try to collaborate on Barter basis. Google Adds also plays a vital role in revenue generation.

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What is the big picture of your platform? What are your future plans?

I want to create a platform for my readers where anybody who loves travelling, no matter what scale of travelling must luxury or budget should get all relative information through “LevenStylo”.

I want “LevenStylo” to be a one stop solution for all Travel lovers. Also, I want to connect my travel stories to casual and trendy fashion and Lifestyle topics. I really feel happy and proud for what am I doing and take it to the next level with all honesty and passion.

What do you think your big failure is and what did you learnt from it?

For me failure is a very big word. So, the day when I may face failure in my life would be a time when I will stop working. Till the time putting efforts and really working hard to give my best theirs no failure.

What is your best motivation line that inspires you?

“Never Settle for Less!” This is something which keeps me moving on in my life! Whenever I feel that I am not able to achieve my Goal, I always remind myself that, I should never settle for less.

How much time do you spend blogging, Daily/weekly basis?

I blog 2-3 times in a week, and depending upon the Collaboration and commitments that comes my way. I do a lot of keyword research and promotion of my blog and discover more about how to increase traffic on my website.

Would you encourage other passionate people to make their blog and any suggestions to bloggers?

Yes, of course. If you love writing, creative thoughts and passionate about creating your own content and sharing it with readers. Then Bogging is the best way to make your platform for sharing knowledge. Blogging can gives a new shape to career if you want to be an independent career. I am loving this Blogging completely and hope this will give new wings to my dreams and life.

We wish all the best for her future…!!!