Yes! Your Life Is Tough. But You’ve Got A Choice To Let It Be Or Make It Better

In today’s fast-moving paced world, everyone is running in their Life race. We feel low when things do not happen according to our wish. As it’s a race, everyone is scared of being left behind.

Those who didn’t finish their Grad’s or post-graduation are inventing things, performing exceptional things, passing JEE/ IIT with 100%  grades and this list goes on. By the time they are 25+, they have well settled life of their own with their family. People are doing extremely great things in very less time.

If at age of 28, you are still sweating it out in a 9 to 6 job with 20 to 30K INR salaries, you feel like giving up in life. All your close friends are getting married and posting pictures of their marriage it feels like you fall behind in your life. World is moving fast; Kids are ahead in this race and you?

You still find yourself to think 100 times to spend on buying a movie ticket.

Hey pal! Calm Down. Take a break. Please stop comparing yourself with world.  You are living your life, you are breathing for yourself, and no one else is helping you to breathe for you or pay for your room rent and expenses.

The world is filled with A to Z kind of people. You are just one of them. You are not alone- Your self-motive feeling is always with you. So start using it and work hard with passion. If not today, definitely one day you will yourself in proud feel. Someone will get great job and happiness early stage of life and someone will get later. There are infinite possibilities for each piece of phenomenon in everyone’s life.

All you have got to do is never give up on your dreams. Live your life for that only dream which didn’t let you sleep all the time. It is all about passion to get succeed in any field. Read some real motivational stories, failure stories and learn from it how all successful people struggled in their lives and finally tasted the success.

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