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Living Your Dreams through Blogging Requires You to Make Uncomfortable Choices

I woke at 6 AM today to blog before I meet up with my dad, sisters, and niece to celebrate Christmas. Do I love waking at 6 AM? Nope. I enjoy staying up late, working late and waking up late. But I make uncomfortable choices to live my dreams through blogging.

I betcha you are envious of the featured image for this post. See it? That is me in Costa Rica. I have lived there for a few months over 2 separate trips. But if you feel jealous that I circle the globe through blogging….do you feel jealous that I woke up at 6 AM today to blog? Do you envy me for likely blogging past midnight tonight? I don’t think so. Everybody wants the rewards but VERY few bloggers want to put in the work. Nobody wants to face their fears, including me. Do you think I enjoy facing fears, feeling uncomfortable and working anyway? My mind jumped left, right, up and down today during my Kriya yoga sessions. Minds do that sometimes. Did I feel comfortable observing my mind as my mind screamed at my attention? Heck no? But I do Kriya yoga daily because Kriya helps me be more at peace, and me being more at peace feels good, and me feeling good allows me to help you.

Do you see what I mean? Being successful means making choices and doing things that unsuccessful people refuse to do. Be all about commitment. No matter how much your mind fights you, do not listen to your mind. Listen to your heart. Patiently destroy your fears and limiting beliefs by doing what your mind tells you to avoid doing. I easily could have slept in today and visited with fam without blogging one lick. But one does not change a niche entirely by being lazy, by living in their comfort zone and by turning down the chance to help people. Tomorrow, most bloggers who work a 9-5 job return to work. Many of these people will feel depressed because they do not love their jobs. Some despise their jobs. But what did these individuals do today, to build their blog into a full-time venture, down the road? Did these unhappy people sleep in, wake up, open presents with the kids, spend time with family and NOT blog for 1 minute the entire day? If they did not, they quickly see why they work a job they do not like; they simply give all of their attention and energy to comfort and confinement, and very little attention and energy to blogging, fun, and freedom. In essence; ya snooze, ya lose.

But I guarantee you that some part time bloggers who work full time jobs woke at 5 AM today to get in 3 hours of blogging before the kids woke up. Guaranteed, some of these bloggers will be blogging at midnight, like me. These are the folks that become full time bloggers. THESE are the uncomfortable choices you need to make to be the envy of most bloggers. This is why my life looks like a movie. Everybody envies me for spending 4 months in Fiji but does everybody envy me for working every day for 5 years in a row? Fat chance. I live a life a few life because I make a commitment to blogging a few make. If you do not put in the work, you do not get the reward. Putting in the work – especially when you feel lazy or overwhelmed or too busy or just flat out scared to work – makes the difference between bloggers who live their dreams and every other blogger.


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