How To Make Money Blogging In 2020


If you are here to learn how to make money blogging in 2020 then let me tell you an important thing first – Don’t treat your blog as a regular blog, treat it as a serious full-time business. There’s a difference, I’m not stating this in the air – I have experienced a great difference between the both statements.

When you think your blog as a side hustle, you would remain as side hustler by earning a little amount of money or even null.

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Do you aware of the reason why startups grow rapidly? Not because of funding or a fancy team but the belief in their idea, determination, and passion to grow.

So stop thinking and start taking actions.

Work on your blog seriously right from design, content to promotions. Maybe you’re working full time job and blogging in free time and telling that you’re not getting enough time to blog. Well, most of us feel the same but fewer take risks, put their energy, improve their passion levels, work longer nights and they succeed. So ‘no-time’ is such a negative word for a blogger.

Ask your mind and sub conscious to give you the real ideas that help you build a sustainable blogging business. Else, you will just remain in thinking mode by allowing procastination into your life.

However, generating revenue by blogging is not something easy task, not impossible at the same time. You need to put your complete energy and efforts to build the blog in a right way from the beginning.

If you’re new to blogging terminology, I’ve put all my experience to create a detailed guide on “How to start a blog.” Because first it’s important to present a well organized blog to the audience and Google to make money through it further.

This article is more to those of you who’ve already started blogging and are exploring ways to monetize. Let’s get this started.

1 Fundamental that is often ignored by most when it comes to make money blogging – Law of money

Before we think about blog monetization it’s important that you have covered the fundamentals first, so that you can make the most of the efforts that you put. You need to build audience base who treat you as an expert, friend or a blogging doctor. The more readers you have like that, the more scope for you to monetize your blog.

And audience doesn’t come to you like that. Starting from picking the right hosting to niche selection, keyword research, promotional strategies to drive traffic all adds their part to your success in money making.

Most people start their blog thinking that they could make money from blogging by chasing it and what happens, in reality, money runs away from such bloggers. They end up quitting with misery and blaming Google for not ranking. Even I did the same and mostly ended up to quit. However, things changed for me.

The truth, which I had so lately learned, most bloggers, running for money actually make very little or null. It is because we forget the value we need to provide before expecting the money. The law is so simple – You should not chase the money to earn money, instead, focus on your service by adding big value.

You will be rewarded with the money; be it writing or products that you sell. Focus on providing the thing that the audience wants before you expect anything from them. There is nothing like “Sell before you serve.”

Increase your writing skills, consistency levels, work longer hours or be more creative than usual or do stuff that empowers you to get a jump and results from your actions. Sometimes, you might have to go that extra mile to get the job done. The highest-earning bloggers are those who are continuously learning and improving themselves to offer great value to the audience.

As  Santanu Debnath says, people are ready to spend 4-6 years in graduation to get a job and few are not even ready to put a couple of years to learn to blog in the right way. It’s not fair to expect fruits after a day of planting. Watering, providing necessary sunlight, space to grow and time required to yield the fruits. Isn’t it? Same with blogging too!

Bloggers who have no goals or the right mindset can’t succeed. A student, homemaker, professional job holder or anyone can earn money through blogging. You just need to believe in yourself not to give up at any point in time and keep learning pace running. Take any top-earning bloggers and find out how long had they have been blogged with low-income figures, I’m sure most of them! It is all about practicing the right things continuously in the pursuit of success even you don’t any see instant profits.

Content is half success

Without great content there is nothing for you to promote, bring visitors and make money. So content is the key!

What if told you that writing premium quality content is a half success to you?

Don’t be like a routine blogger who write the same kind of content with same old style talking in a third person view. Instead, think like a CEO and find creative writing ways to scale your blog.

Trust me, I’ve been there. Focus more on writing content that sells instead to rank. Then you’ll begin seeing the user traffic to your blog. You have to be very creative and proactive if you want to skyhigh the sales from your blog. You need to write, write, write by sacrificing your comfortable moments.

You will get success in blogging when you write consistently the long form and detailed content for the readers. And when you put that effort it is easier to ask the reader for their consent to get your content to their inbox. Believe me, growing email list day by day is an important part of blogging journey.

And you may not be striving to hit the big blogs like ShoutMeLoud, if you want to make decent money from blogging, you should create a schedule of writing by which you’re publishing at least one long-form content or case study in a month. That also help you promote the content more!

Not only publishing the content frequently but updating or repurposing it on a daily/weekly basis is must to keep up the flow with the new trends, statistics. This practice brings more returning readers also. Plus, it helps advertisers to estimate your commitment to your job.

Pick the niche that you love

The main reasons most people fail as a blogger is “lack of passion about what they do.” They would get inspired by 7 figure incomes and push themselves to do things that they don’t love.

That doesn’t work.

The reason why successful people are successful is – they understand what they are good at and do it with love.

I want you to be like that and blog niche is the first step to reach that point, so choose it wisely. Passion is okay to some extent but to make the most you need to analyze other factors as well. Here are they:

1. Demand for the niche

To give your best you must have the deserved audience, right?

If there is no enough audience for the niche whom you would write for? Makes sense?

As a business man, you must deeply do the analysis of demand and supply for your niche. Go to forums, social media, blogs and understand the demand. In the sense, trend of the topic!

Are there enough audience? Are they paying interest to engage with the subject?…etc. 

To be perfect, why not give it a try to a tool that tells you the demand for the niche?

Yes, I’m talking about SEMrush. Just put the keywords related to your niche and it gives you the data of how many actually searches happen for that in a month. Amazing, Isn’t it?

Sign Up for a SEMrush 7 day FREE trial 

Do note that, targeting the general niche like health tips, blogging tips might be a bad idea. Because there is already huge competition in the market for such general topics. Instead cut down the main topics to sub topics and do the search on Google. Make a list of blogs or websites that appear on 1 or two pages and check the D.A (domain authority) of such blogs.

If all those blogs have big D.A number like 65 or 70+, tell yourself that as a new blogger with ‘0’ D.A, it’s take time and continuous efforts to rank well. However, if websites under D.A 25 or 20 are ranking, you can easily go for such niche.

It is really important to do the keyword research before you start. Use above SEMrush link to get started!

2. Love for the niche

When I started blogging, I use to push myself to stay competitive and this is because I never loved the niche that I use to work. But when I realized the mistake and started writing about blogging tips and my experiences about, things started changing to good. Now I teach beginners how to start, build, grow a blog to make money on a main stream.

Since I started loving the topic, it gives me a lot of room to explore and increase my creativity to produce the best content for my audience. It’s nothing but sharing your honest tips and experiences to the beginners. And when you understand your niche, audience requirements and produce content according to it, making money task becomes a lot easier through ways like sponsored content, ads, etc.

Here’s an example

When you deeply focus and write only on one subject, let’s say sports. Then your ideal audience must be from the category who love sports and they are likely going to visit your blog, engage with you, know you well, trust you, and buy from you. Hasn’t the blog moentization sounding you simple?

You’ll have idea of audience base and what they want from you. It means that you are mastering the topic and can reach out to sponsors for your blog content.

Here’s the harsh truth

Never make the mistake of choosing a niche solely on a money perception. The niche must have the numbers and trend as well. Find that kind of niche, stick to it, master it so that you could stand out in the blogging crowd.

Make friends

When I talk about making friends first thing probably that came to your mind is “What’s in it for me?”

See, that’s the wrong approach. Don’t get into making friends think about your benefits. Instead, think what you can offer them. It is common logic – Give and take, especially when you are a newbie.

Do this:

  • Follow them on social media, engage on their posts
  • Read their stuff and share
  • Drop genuine comments
  • See if they’re interested to write on your blog

Any money that I’m making today has been because of my buddies. By connecting with more people I have been able to understand reality, leverage exposure and find a lot of benefits that I otherwise might have missed. Yes, connections are damn important.

Relationships give you knowledge, backlinks, traffic and profits. BUT are you ready to build in the right way?

Here is what I mean the right way:

You cannot just make a list of blogs and reach them for a backlink. That had never worked or going to be. Start building relationships which makes easier for you to pitch guest posts in future.

One thing is clear – Backlinks play a vital role in growing your blog organically. Guest post are fine way to build quality backlinks only if you understand how to build the right way as I talked above. According to SEOTribunal, 65% and more marketers find Link building is one of the hardest aspect in SEO. But do you deny the rewards we get out of that hard work?

Here’s I recommend you to do before you monetize your blog:

  1. Focus on long-form content that ranks well on search engines (SEO is goldmine).
  2. Go back to your content, read and see if you would want to repurpose, it works.
  3. Promote yourself and content.
  4. Find ways to bring traffic to your blog and give them reasons to subscribe you.
  5. Build relationships and backlinks as much as you can in a more natural way.

Overall, I could say – “Write less – Promote more – Build backlinks.”

8 Ways To Make Money From Blogging In 2020

Now we are diving into the fun part…how to make money from blogging ( the ways I make and I believe in).

Let me be honest— There are hundreds of ways to earn money through your blog. I haven’t tested all, however, I did find some reputable and effective monetization streams which I’m going to talk below.

#1. Affiliate marketing

Signing up for affiliate products and getting their banners/resources to promote on your blog is so easier than any other monetization technique. Just referring the reader to buy a product may land you with $100 or even more. Isn’t it sound awwweSomee…?

However, in order to generate regular income through affiliate marketing, first you need to build strong audience base so traffic.

Why I recommend Affiliate in the first place is that affiliates like Bluehost pay you $100 and even more depending on your monthly sales. It is reputable and reliable product; that puts me to trust it and promote on the first place. It is easy to signup and place their stunning banners on your blog within minutes.

Bluehost pays me a handsome commission for sales that happened through my referral link. Isn’t simple? Most bloggers, freelancers, and even individuals are making thousands of dollars every single month including myself.

By simply following below advice you can start earning decent money, I’m sure about that.

a) Promote products that are relevant to your niche

You can generate big revenue through affiliate marketing if you know your niche well and what products to promote on your blog.

I have a cool example. Suppose you have a shop for Jeans. Out of below three options, what sounds you perfect when it comes to attaching as an accessory?

  • Shoes, belts, sunglasses to the customers who visit
  • Laptops, Mobiles, Network devices, etc.
  • Furniture, home decor, or home electronic items

I hope you find option 1 as accurate because the add ons are relevant to the customers who visit your shop to purchase Jeans.

Similarly, with the blog: First you need to bring the targeted audience to your blog where you can promote relevant affiliate products to them. Conversion rate increases when there is more relevancy scope.

Also do not get overwhelmed with so many affiliate products by signing up all at once. My advice is do the research what products have your competitors chosen and how they’re promoting. If you see my blog space, I only promote products that are relevant to my blog’s content and audience. Plus, I don’t want to distract my audience’s user experience by placing affiliate banners all over my blog. It ruins the trust as well.

b) Be honest about what you write

As I mentioned above, content comes first and remaining all comes next. You can’t simply write any content and include affiliate links in it. Most readers would be smart enough to find out that you are promoting affiliates like a heck without giving the value from your content. Find out the pain of the audience or Google the top keywords in your niche and read those articles and understand what points competitors have missed. And then prepare the content by covering the missed points. Make sure you learn about Keyword research and how to make the most of it by connecting with Content.

When the trust falls in place it’s a cakewalk to make millions of money. Moreover, you will be named as an authority blogger and then the audience easily buys the products that you would recommend. Build authority, eventually, money comes to you.

#2. Creating eBooks and selling

If you have no idea what eBooks are, the books that are written and published online. People love to read content on their digital gadgets like Kindle reader, mobile, laptop, tablet and so on. According to reports, 20% more eBooks are being published now compared to five years back, be it in any niche like comics, business, jobs, stories, etc. The main reason I think is that eBooks are easy to publish and earn income.

How to create an eBook?

  1. Decide the topic that you are good at
  2. Write down Title and chapters (sub-topics)
  3. Start creating content on Word document

Now you have created a document but how do you turn it into an eBook and sell?

  1. Signup on Amazon, download their publishing software (KDP), upload your document into it, align/format the content and design as per Amazon publishing rules. Later you can upload the KDP format, cover image to Amazon and fix the rate you want to sell it on.
  2. Eventually, you can sell those eBooks on platforms like Selz. I strongly recommend you to sell eBooks on your blog too using your local country payment gateways.

Points to keep in mind while creating an eBook:

  1. Do not drag the content for the sake of length. Focus on adding more value than just regular content. In general, people create eBooks with an average length of 5000 to 20,000 words.
  2. The audience enjoys the content when it is simple, straight to the point, and more engaging with questions or examples.
  3. Do not fix the price based on the word count of the eBook, fix as per the value you’ve added.

Creating and selling eBooks is now more challenging than ever due to high competition. You need to stand out in the crowd to do well. To learn more about eBook income stream, you make sure to check out Ryan Biddulph’s eBook section as he already wrote 100+ eBooks and making handsome income every single month.

#3. Through Ads

Have you seen ads on your TV while the movie break time? Yes, we always see. The channel owner gets paid from those advertisers to run those ads. Similarly, as a blogger, you can earn money by placing relevant ads on your blog. There are multiple pricing models in Internet ads, However, you might need to know only two:

  • Get paid for impressions ( Advertiser pay you according to the no. of views the Ad gets in a day)
  • Get paid for clicks ( You will be paid as per the no. of clicks)

How to get started?

Since you are a beginner, I recommend using major ad networks like Google Adsense or MediaNet. Later then you could find yourself in exploring more options. Signup on any of these and you will be offered HTML code for each ad size (728*90, 300*250, etc). You need to add the code given by the ad network into your WordPress widgets and have the option of where to place the ads on your blog. Use plugins like Ad injection to manage and experiment on ad placements.

Points to remember:

  • Before you apply for Adsense or MediaNet program, make sure your blog has quality content (not copied or thin), good user experience, pages like a disclaimer and privacy policy.
  • Do not just place codes everywhere on the blog as it might slow down your blog and users would leave before even they see your ads. Ad on the header, sidebar and one in a blog post is good enough. However, you are suggested to do the experimenting with ad positions to understand which yields good results.

As I keep saying, create compelling content and give great reading experiences to the audience, the rest is taken care of.

#4. Sell your blog space

Yes, you can sell spaces of your blog that includes header, footer, sidebar, homepage or blog posts. To do this your blog should have a good amount of traffic so that brands come to you and ask to promote their brand in front of your readers. You can also reach potential advertisers through social media, emails or sell yourself more effectively for higher reach.

Selling such ads can be in the form of banners with sizes like 728*90 or 300*250. How much should you charge? If you are getting traffic like 1M or more per month then you can charge at least $5000/month or more. It all depends on your blog’s traffic, engagement, domain authority, and other factors. Here are some important guidelines that you must adhere to sell space of your blog:

  • Traffic – Simple: more the traffic, more the opportunities for you to make money. The traffic source or country also matters in this case. For instance, some advertisers demand blogs that have big traffic from countries like the U.S or U.K.
  • Content – Always make sure to write original, honest and eye-catchy content. Such content gets ranked easily on search engines and also shared by the readers.
  • Domain Authority – Even though D.A is not official Google’s ranking factor, most advertisers spend money on the basis of it. The higher the blog’s D.A the chance to make a big income. However, It’s not easy to improve your blog’s D.A in a day or week. Consistent link building, writing compelling content, social media mentions and so on… are the major ways to increase it.

#5. Freelancing services

By the year or two, you would be an experienced blogger than a newbie. It means that you can start making money by doing things that you already know. That being said, most earning bloggers are offering their skills and expertise to generate income from their blogs. Plus, it doesn’t require the investment of money or resources. However, it consumes a huge time than any other stream, except affiliates.

If you build the blog on the trust factor then it’s not difficult for you to get freelance business clients even with a low traffic number. Below are some ways that I can suggest to you get started with it by:

  • Writing content (For new websites, seasonal campaigns, case studies, articles, sponsored content, social media posts, and so on). You can charge on per word basis (1 INR per word or more).
  • Setting up the blog for newbies (You can create a package where they can buy it and get the work done from you)
  • Doing SEO for websites and new bloggers
  • Setting up paid ad campaigns for small businesses to generate leads
  • Managing social media pages or accounts for brands. My friend, Lisa Sicard is doing great in this aspect. She has 25+ years of experience in doing this. See, how much value she can offer to brands and eventually make money out of it!

Even if you got no blog, it is easy to get started with Freelancing by signing up on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Peopleperhour, etc. If you want more insights on freelancing topics, I strongly advise you to connect with amazing freelancer Nikola Roza and see how exactly he is playing it the right way.

#6. Sponsored content

Most bloggers today are not interested in placing ads on their blogs as the ads cover the reading part, which might offend the reader’s interest. For such bloggers, sponsored content is the right alternative.

How does it work?

A company will pay you if you talk about their service or product on your blog and promote it with your audience. This is an easy way to generate profits through your blog. However, getting clients is not so easy as you think. You need to look around, reach people, find the right PR contacts of the company, create short and sweet pitch and roll out the offerings and price.

You can make tons of money through this medium if you rank well on search engines. Write content that solves the problems of people in your niche, this way you are bringing more readers to your blog. Eventually, you can create a page of the media kit with your numbers and those numbers must convey the organic audience that why should they put sponsored content on your blog.

As a newbie, do not run for bigger brands to pitch, start with small businesses. Small and new brands will be more eager to promote their brand and to increase digital exposure, so you must start from small.

And don’t just rush to publishing the content because they are paying you. Keep below points in your mind:

  • Let your audience know that the article is sponsored by so and so.
  • Exchange emails with the advertiser and tell them to provide a good amount of content in the form of an interesting story, examples, or pictures, infographics or even a video instead of a pushy sales pitch.

Before you think to proceed, ask yourself that:

  • Does this sponsored post relevant to my audience and blog?
  • Does it bring value?

If the answer rings as YES, go ahead.

How to pitch?

Introduce yourself, let them know the reason why you have reached them, tell them how they can be benefited if they collaborate with you, and show them some examples of some brands how they increased exposure by sponsored content.

Keep it short, accurate, and straight to the point.

What I’m getting at it, be transparent, earn the trust of both advertisers and readers. Both the way, you win.

#7. Do the public speaking

All you have to do is sell yourself! People don’t want to listen to someone who has no sound knowledge about what he is talking about. They need an expert, specialist who know every small detail about the topic. And you will reach to that stage when you work patiently and smartly for a long time. It will take time and mental energy to talk before a bunch of people.

Many bloggers like Deepak Kanakaraju, Akshay Hallur are making a lot of money with such public speaking gigs. Organizing such events for a small fee by renting the space for a day or hours is not so hard. If you start with the small and work consistently then in no time you will be able to find many opportunities on the way. Even if you do it for free for an initial period of time, you can promote your blog and affiliate products.

Whether you are a newbie, wannabe, established blogger, writer or a student, you can get paid as a speaker. However, you will be paid on the basis of knowledge and ability to create engagement. You have to position yourself as an expert in the field that you work. Few organizations hire motivational speakers for one day or even fewer hours to motivate their employees while they work.

Actually, this is a great way to make money if you enjoy sharing the knowledge that you have and engaging with the people around you. You can do that even for 1 person like personal coaching, mentoring, consulting, etc and open multiple income streams with the same knowledge. If you are about to start something new then find the niche that you are interested in, create eBooks, seminars and courses on it, organize small casual meetups, or events and then start selling by attaching the value.

Trust is the key here. If you have been helping the community with your knowledge through digital space, it is easy to bring that audience to your speaking events.

#8. Podcasting

As I already mentioned, building fans is not a one day job, it takes time. However, if you have been good at creating valuable content and bringing the right traffic to your blog – you can launch a podcast today.

If you are not familiar with podcasts yet, it is an Internet audio medium through which you can create, upload and distribute the audio content to reach a broader audience. It is just like a broadcast show that you can listen to and subscribe to. In order to make it a good income stream the first you need to decide is what you are good at, just like a blogging niche.

How do you start it?

You can even get started with free platforms like In fact, most of my blogging friends do talk on it regularly and I feel super easy to listen through it. Just signup and start recording or also upload your videos. Plus, if you have already build authority via your blog then it’s not so hard to bring the audience to your podcast shows. The more the podcast reaches more the chances to make money.

If your Podcast show becomes a big hit in the market then you will be contacted by big brands to publish their content and to develop other collaborations. Plus, you will be able to become friends with many top influencers, bloggers and brands for mutual benefits. No one gets it right in the first attempt, how to start, where to start, how to structure the show, etc things cringe you. And that’s the thing – you just have to get started.

I found this cool podcasting platform called PodBean. In fact, most earning bloggers are using this to create and produce their podcast content. Already, 230,000 podcasters are using Podbean to take their word out. You can even get started with a free account to understand it’s workflow. You will get your own podcasting site, RSS & iTunes automatic feed, pre-loaded setup/themes, unlimited storage space and time and so many amazing features that you need to become a successful podcast hero.

Well, you can start with your computer in-built mic too, however, most podcasters recommend you to buy a good quality mic like Samson or Rode. If you are new, I suggest you start recording voices on mobile or YouTube to kick off the fears or even you can turn the existing blog content into a short podcast. You can even roll out your audio content to iTunes by simply adding your podcast URL into iTunes. There’s an even auto-share option to share podcast audio content to a WordPress blog by connecting the blog in the Podbean dashboard.

Once you’ve got a decent audience base, you are good to monetize your podcasts through sponsored content, affiliates, ads, online store, and even donations. However, it will take a good amount of time and commitment to make your podcast income stream a big hit.


These are only a few ways to generate regular passive income by blogging. But you don’t have to limit yourself with these. There are many opportunities doors up every single day. So go and explore and see what brings you tons of cash into your pockets. Just remember to add value to everything that you do.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Let me know your thoughts in the comments box. Also, please share it with others.

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18 thoughts on “How To Make Money Blogging In 2020”

  1. Hello Mudassir,

    Fantastic post and you have revealed only truth.

    Completely agree with you points now-a-days, bloggers are running behind money and this chase with money make them frustrated after few month or a year and as a result they quit blogging.

    Earning through blogging is only possible when you daily going to learn something creative and innovative things and hence you explore those information with masses in very simple manner.
    People should really careful about writing skills, what I have learned till now skills always need add ons on daily basis with consistency but it required long hour to work on it.

    Affiliate marketing is always on boom when it comes to generate revenue but it also required healthy relationship to make it possible.

    Eventually, thanks for revealing a light on this topic and you’ve explored nice points with the help of much informative post.

    With bet wishes,

    Amar Kumar

    1. Sure, you’ve made the points nicely, Amar. I had been through the desperation in the early days and it didn’t work. I had to understand that building trust through honest content is the right way to make affiliate sales. Thank you for adding up.

  2. Hi Mudassir,
    Wow, that’s quite a list you have here to make money online. It took me years to figure it out myself. Longer than 3! This year I’m focusing more on generating income from training, consulting and affiliate marketing vs. managing social media. I’m working on launching an online course on Twitter and a new eBook on the subject.
    I’m also going to be learning more about Facebook ads, going deeper into them.
    That’s the think about working online, we are always learning! I met with a client yesterday and through teaching learned something new. It happens all the time.
    You’ve really upped your blogging this year Mudassir, here is to a profitable and happy 2020!
    (Thanks for the mention!)

    1. Sure. It’s always feel good to hear from you. I wish you well for the stuff that you’re going to try this year. Keep thriving and thanks for the appreciation, Lisa.

  3. Hi Mudassir,
    thanks a lot for the mention bro. I think the two easiest ways to start earning from your blog are freelance writing and affiliate marketing.
    Freelance writing because it’s fast and easy; affiliate marketing because it is highly sustainable and scalable

  4. There are some great ideas here Mudassir.

    I started my blog last year and am not yet at the stage of thinking about monetization. I have a few links to affiliate products but I’m basically just trying to build traffic right now… which takes time!

    Can I ask what works best for you in terms of making money through your site? I know you’ll be doing a mixture of things, but I’m interested is what you’ve found to be the best income stream.

    1. Thanks, Paul. Yes, I’ve started making money through multiple streams; affiliates, freelance writing, and publishing sponsored content. Out of these, the affiliate marketing stream has been working great for me. Writing helpful content for the top rich keywords and trying to rank them on Google makes my job easier to make decent profits through it.

      I wish you a big success. Happy blogging!

  5. Your blog is full of valuable content. I agree with your statement we should not chase the money to make money, instead, we must concentrate on providing values.

  6. Hi Mudassir,

    Nice writing about the ways to monetize a blog.

    You are right, it is not easy to make income from blogging unless the blogger treats his blog seriously.

    We need to create unique valuable content to attract visitors to a blog. It is not an easy job unless you like the topic you are covering on the blog. Once we have enough content, we need to promote the blog and get attention from fellow bloggers and earn links to get a decent rank in Search Engine results.

    Once we have enough traffic, we can use Ads and affiliate marketing to earn revenue.

    1. Hello Siju,

      Welcome! I stand with you on the point you made about doing everything with patience until the money flows. Thanks for coming by and keep visiting.

  7. Hello Mudassir,
    The beauty of this article lies in revealing the truth. Most of the articles belonging to the same always mention only the sweetest part of earning money. As most of the newbies are gullible. They start their blog and expecting the high sum to be reflected. But this will never happen. They will stick like a deer in the headlight and leave blogging and start advising people not to go for blogging. Heartiest thanks for mentioning the practicality in earning money through blogging.

    1. Exactly, Aria. Making money through blogging is not so easy…nothing ever really is! Well, not in the early days at least. Thanks for the appreciation 🙂

  8. Folajomi ballo

    Hi mudasir,
    You seriously left no stone unturned.
    I love it how you clarify it “if you treat your blog as a side hustle, you will only earn side income’

    You have the wheel rolling for newbies trying to see how they can make money blogging.

    Blogging is a long term success, search engines rewards longevity. Nice one mudasir.


  9. Hi Mudassir,
    Thanks for pointing all the ways of making money. I didn’t know that we can make money too by podcasting. So thanks for sharing.

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