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How To Make Money From WordPress Blog | NettyFeed

July 18, 2017 1 By Team NettyFeed

Before reading post, you should remember that there is no shortcut for success. You have to work hard and smart. Never get fooled by some online fake companies who asks you to pay some amount to share money making kits or tools. Those are all scams. You will waste your money, time, work. Finally you get is irritation.

So, this is a guide how to make money from blogging either it could be wordpress or blogger or any other. These blogging needs little investment initially to get started. As long as you work hard you will make the money for sure. In this guide, i’m going to explain about how to make money using wordpress blog. Because i feel wordpress is the best platform for blogging which is easy and secured for beginners.

Creating a wordpress blog & maintaining

Don’t feel like it is toughest job to create a blog, hosting, website. Even if you are not techy it’s damn easy to do all this. Here i’m going to explain how to create a wordpress blog:

Purchase desired domain and hosting from any providers. I can suggest you to purchase from XYZ company. Once you done, create an account in wordpress and connect hosting server with your domain. You can browse millions of free website templates in wordpress. Pick one and customize it as you like. All i suggest you is keep it simple.

Now you’ve site of blog. All you have to do is write some interesting content related to any niche which you are interested in. Put email subscribe button and start collecting your visitor email Id’s and share the content with them whenever you post a new article. Do SEO for your site.

Remember one thing – More the visitors – More you can make money.

Let’s move forward to learn how to make money online by blogging. Here are some methods:

1. Make money by affiliate marketing

It is simple. Give a sale to company and get commission from them. All you have to do is place the companies banners or links on your site so that whenever any user purchase the product from the link you have placed you will get commission depends on product value and advertiser.

Some potential affiliates are:

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • BlueHost
  • SEMrush
  • Propeller Ads
  • Hostingraja
  • iPage
  • A2Hosting
  • Microhost
  • Hostingpapa
  • ixhosting

It is the best and easiest way to make money because people love wide variety of products when they visit your site.

2. Make Money from AdSense

All you have to do is start displaying advertiser ads on your site. You will get paid whenever user clicks on the ad which is called PPC ads ( Pay Per Click).

What is CPC?

CPC stands for Cost Per Click. Whenever user clicks the ad you will get money. The cost amount will be set by the advertiser. This is in contrast to affiliate marketing – in which you will get money when user signup or purchase the product through your link.

This is also known as PPC model or PPC Marketing. But to place google adsense, your website must be 6 months older and should got original content and based on certain terms google will place advertiser ads on your site.

This link might help you to place Google ads on your site –

3. Make Money via Advertising on Your Blog

When you got good ranking, your site appear more in google while searches, you will get more visitors. This is the cash for you. Recommend advertisers to promote their content on your site via writing paid articles or placing ads. This is the main source of earning income online.

Once you got good traffic to your site, you can sell anything on it such as you can sell services, online ecommerce products, wordpress themes, plugins. Also you can create a paid business directory.

All you have to do is get organic and real traffic to your website by posting interesting stuff.


These are the main ways of earning money online via blogging. I believe apart from these there are many others. But i suggest you to start with this three so that you can gain some knowledge to move further.

I hope this article helped you to how to start WordPress blog online and make money. You have to work smart and hard to achieve anything.

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