Man Claims To Time Travel From 2048 to 2017, Says Aliens Attack’s Earth in 2018

Man Claims To Time Travel From 2048 to 2017, Says Aliens Attack’s Earth in 2018

October 20, 2017 0 By Team NettyFeed

Time Travel, Aliens, Space are some of the most interesting topics to discuss for long time. It seems latest news has both these interesting subjects and if it is true, then earth is going to get attacked by aliens in 2018.

Recently a guy named Johnson arrested by U.S cops while he was in drunken state. He said he traveled back in time from the year 2048 to 2017 to warn the earth from Alien attack in 2018 year.

“The aliens are coming next year and you make sure to leave earth as fast as possible,” he said.

As per huffington post, he didn’t mentioned exact time or date or any other details about alien arrival and insisted to meet President to share more details about it.

They are coming! The aliens are coming to attack! They will be here in 2018 to invade earth, we don’t have enough time, we have to leave as soon as possible, he said to police. His blood has BAC ( Blood Alcohol Content) of 0.136  which is surely over limit of 0.08 BAC. Natrona County Detention Center took him to examine and later released.

Meanwhile, he told police that he was supposed to land earth in 2018 but instead landed one year early. He claimed that aliens filled his body with alcohol, so he was in drunken state. And claimed he stood on giant-pad, which is one of the original time machine through which he traveled to earth.


This is not the first time of time travel, that this kind time travelers from the future supposedly came to earth. Earlier a man named Al Bielek claims to be a time traveler and spent 2 years in the future. According to him, he lived in the year 2749 and returned back in time to share his experiences with future.

Now, The question is that why would aliens send him to earth to warn about their attack?

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