How To Promote Your Blog: 6 (FREE) Ways To Increase Traffic

Since past a decade blogging has been developed as career choice for many individuals. Many employees have quit their jobs and living happily with the career of blogging.

Many successful bloggers have inspired many individuals around the globe to choose blogging as their money making option. But, you have to keep in mind that blogging is not easy thing. It takes your time, dedication and effort on continuous basis. So make sure you are ready to work hard before getting into this as full time career.

How to Promote your Blog for Free

With the high competition, it’s never easy to get succeed in Blogging. But if you follow the right method combined with smart work and bit of luck you could achieve the success within decent span of time.

You must follow below marketing tactics to promote your blog

1. Interact with Fellow bloggers

Initially in order to get social media attention you must need to interact with the influential bloggers or social media page admins to share your posts on their pages.

Even for great viral content, you need initial shares and likes from someone to make it popular. Networking with other bloggers generates you quality back links and thus organic traffic.

You can make network with popular bloggers by following them on social media and commenting on their latest posts and blogs.

This way, you may bring your blog to their attention and may consider your blog to promote on their pages.

2. Optimize your Blog

With huge popularity of social media, many bloggers are focusing on promoting their blog posts on social media and ignoring search engine traffic.

Almost 60% traffic generated by most popular blogs comes from search engines. Hence it’s very important to optimize each of your blog post before publishing.

Before writing any article, make sure you have got the right keywords, description in your mind which generates good traffic to your post. But don’t unnecessarily spam your post with keywords.

Also you should interlink your posts within the blog. Yes, building such links helps in terms of SEO as well as user stays on your site for long time which reduces the bounce rate of the traffic.

3. Be Active on Forum’s

There are many bloggers or industry experts who often interacts with each other through many community forums over the Internet. Being an active member of such forums it helps you in building valuable network who can follow your blog posts on social media.

Most of the successful bloggers actively works on such forums in increasing their fans. One day it helps you to build quality backlinks to your blog.

Do not just participate in forums only for the sake of getting backlinks. If you do so there are chances that admin can remove your comments and user profile from that forum. So, first interact with right way and understand the community by giving answers, feedback etc.

Some of the major forum’s are

  1. Quora
  2. Yahoo Question and Answer’s
  3. LinkedIn Forum’s
  4. Facebook group’s
  5. Blackberry forum
  6. Stackoverflow

So, good luck with the forum participation’s.

4. Guest Posting

It is the right tool for building backlink to your site. If you can get your posts published on top ranked blogs, you will generate huge organic traffic to your blog. Many bloggers have ruined this technique by accepting all posts which are mostly stuffed with low quality content and keywords. Google penalizes your blog if you overdo it.

Write an interesting topic with your industry related on high authority blog so that you can generate good amount of referral traffic and popularity to your blog.

You can search in Google for high PR blogs to write guest post for your product. You can also submit your guest post in to get published.

5. Attract Audience – Not Search Engines

As i already mentioned, search engines like Google, Bing are primary sources of generating traffic to your blog. You should have decent amount of readers, subscribers and also fans on your social media pages.

Check some successful blogs around you. Each of them is highly influential not because it generates huge traffic, its because of the brand value achieved via email subscribers.

Today the blog subscriptions are not only via Email. With the popularity of social media, the followers may follow your blog on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, YouTube etc channels. They will get notify whenever you publishes a new post.

Web Hosting

Hence, you should convert the traffic which is generated from search engines into subscribers or fans.

6. Don’t ignore SEO

Even if you publish quality content without right SEO techniques Google wont rank your blog to top. So make sure you prepare your blog according to the search engine. For instance, read whitehat SEO techniques and implement those on your blog. Google ranks you fast when it finds that you are working on its guidelines.

Optimize your site, keywords, title, description, image compression etc before you publish any posts. For more details you can refer below links

  1. What is SEO and how it works
  2. Off Page SEO Techniques; Ultimate Guide To Increase Your Website Rank
  3. 7 On-Page SEO Techniques To Rank First Page On Google


There are hundreds of strategies available in blogging industry that can help you to generate high quality traffic to your blog. Follow most important tactics, create a brand value in the market, which is the first and foremost thing you should keep in mind as a blogger.

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