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I am so happy that I published my 1st eBook on Amazon recently. The eBook title is How To Start & Build A Successful Career In Blogging – Step-By-Step Guide”.

Before writing it I had so many questions, confusion, and fears to start. Then I have purchased an eBook of Ryan Biddulph’s How to Create and Publish a Successful eBook”. Believe me, that book boosted my energy to leave behind my fears and start writing an eBook. Make sure you buy this to nitro your confidence levels.

That’s why I say sometimes, Investing money on useful resources makes you a lot confident, to begin with.

If you’re a person who wants to inspire people by writing, build a lovely community, spread your talent wings; you too should consider buying such an eBook to get started. My eBook is for people like you who have a lot of questions in mind to be answered.

Why I wrote this eBook

  1. To help aspiring people who want to get started with blogging
  2. To understand how an eBook forms

Simple, Isn’t it? Yeah, I like simplicity and simple people.

Alright, What’s in the eBook

  • My secret to blogging
  • Introduction of Blogging concept
  • How to shape your mindset to get success in blogging
  • Career scope in blogging
  • How to create a blog in an easy way
  • Designing your blog with right FREE tools
  • How to write your 1st blog post
  • How to promote your articles
  • To build natural backlinks to build your blog authority
  • Ways to make money from blogging

Actually, there are 100s of eBooks on Amazon with the same concept. How should I stand out? How would you stand out if you were in my place?


I just had to share my experiences that I have learned from my mistakes and practices. When you give time to learn things it becomes easier to design the output as the way you want. I had never thought of writing an eBook. Honestly speaking, I didn’t know what is an eBook when I started blogging in the year 2016. See, today here I am standing before you by publishing my 1st eBook and proudly shouting about it

That’s how things change to better when you keep patient and have fun while you learn. I strongly believe that I have so much to learn now and I keep going about learning new things, making connections, helping others by promoting their content, writing guest posts, and lot. In any field, you must give it time to excel the skills to achieve greater heights. Isn’t it? I don’t know but I feel that way.

Why the price is $9

Others are selling such eBooks at even $2 or less. I don’t know, somehow I felt like I should sell it at this rate.

Honestly, I don’t want to sound like others by writing the same set of content that is already available for FREE on the Internet or sell some other’s content by converting it into an eBook. So, I took my time, organized the valued content, given at least 20+ edits, and published it finally. Believe me, I am not selling my eBook here, I am selling my experience and hours of learning.

I don’t know how people will find it’s price but I have to feel like my talent should be worth at least that amount for one person. For now, I really don’t care how many units will be sold in a month or beyond, what I really care about is even if 1 person would find this eBook as helpful to get started with blogging, that would be a great achievement for me.

Lessons I have learned

  • Writing seems to be easy when it comes to blogging but not if it’s an eBook; You have to add more value rather than just simple content.
  • 1st eBook publishing is an exciting task – Do not rush into doing things, take time and organize it in a mannerly way.
  • Now I have published it – Means, my job is not over but started just. I should consider it as a small business and take it to more and more people, like the way I am doing it now in the form of an article.

Talking about eBook promoting, recently, I found this resource from Donna Merrill’s which helps you to get your eBook noticed. Thanks, Donna, this is helpful.

  • Be personal – You don’t have to be like a blogger who actually tells the people to do something. Start listening to your heart what it says about the topic, mix up your experiences, give an emotional touch and write.

Write naturally to help the reader. That’s all it needs. By the way, it feels absolutely amazing to write an ebook for the 1st time.

Take care guys – Mudassir

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  1. Congrats Mudassir! You hit the ground running. I love that. Many valuable tidbits in the eBook as well, which is quite awesome. Thanks so much for the mention bro. Self-publishing is just beginning to really take off around the world. What a blessed time we live in!

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