This startup is bringing online trend of false ceiling across India with its innovation. Its “MyCeiling”.

From the impossible idea of bringing false ceiling market online in 2016, today MyCeiling is available at all Leading home decor brands – Livspace, HomeLane, DesignCafe & MyGubbi across Indian cities.

Let’s have a look at their story as of how they are breaking the stereotype of false ceiling in the market where the customer still asks for “square feet rate” of false ceiling.

“Your product is self-convincing and doesn’t require any reference, I am just passing the word” – this is how our client responded when we said thanks for referring MyCeiling to his friend.

What is MyCeiling

MyCeiling Logo

MyCeiling Pvt Ltd is first of its kind manufacturing company to offer this innovative “ready-to-fit” substitute for the traditional false ceiling with inbuilt light automation. With its headquarters and manufacturing unit in Bangalore, they are tying up with home décor brands, interior designers, architects, and light showrooms to pitch in the market and well-expanded distribution across India.

What is that Innovative Product

MyCeiling Product

MyCeiling product is made of thin GI sheet structure with powder-coated finish and PVC components (no gypsum, p.o.p. or wood material) with light automation within(which can be operated with remote as well as a mobile app). It’s a factory-manufactured product under mass production process which requires no manual labor finishing at the site.

Basically, it’s free from all sorts of drawbacks which we find in gypsum, p.o.p. and wooden ceiling over time.

This ready-to-fit product can be home delivered and installed easily with 45 min. Remember, it saves weeks time of design finalization & quotation by offering a readymade product, standard sizes and a wide range of designs from the catalog (although each client has the option to ask for own customized design). It’s resellable and relocatable.

Also, it saves weeks of time which one requires to manually execute the false ceiling work at the site, full of dust and labor-finished end product.

The innovation lies in the idea of keeping ready stocks of the products(where design pattern customization is possible), offering a wide range of designs online, it’s ready to fit the structure and single molded look (without any corner joints).


  • MyCeiling is a partner with Livspace, HomeLane, DesignCafe, Pepperfry, and MyGubbi.
  • One can find MyCeiling demo products installed for a live demo at Livspace (Lavelle road-Bangalore,  Okhla-Delhi)
  • HomeLane (HSR layout & Gopalan signature mall- Bangalore, Gachibowli-Hyderabad)
  • DesignCafe (MGroad-Bangalore)
  • Pepperfry (Bangalore-online)
  • Upcoming: Livspace (Gurgaon, Mumbai)
  • HomeLane (Hebbal- Bangalore, Mumbai, NCR, Chennai)
  • DesignCafe (Whitefield-Bangalore)
  • Mygubbi (HSRlayout-Bangalore)

Our other partners: Finemake, SquareFurnish, IdealDecors, Aakruthi Interiors


MyCeiling is a self-funded startup where both the directors had invested own money and running the company together. They are looking out for funding to build up the team in order to handle a large number of orders and also to offer more advanced versions of the product out of its product line along with IPR.

After  2 years of the job at Livspace, Jay Sah founded MyCeiling in 2016. He came up with this idea first in December 2015 during a brainstorming session with his ex- reporting manager at Livspace, Chandan Laxman. MyCeiling filed it’s unique product patent & trademark and launched its first product with “Plug&Play” concept.

Rohit Kumar with the background of a financial consultant joined down the lane as a co-founder in 2017 and together they started approaching the market.

With 1 product sale in the first 6 months after the official launch, things changed unexpectedly as they tied up with Livspace and soon with other leading brands. At the end of its 1st year of sales, MyCeiling records its sales for last month of 9 units which shows exponential growth in sales and brand acceptance in the market. Due to the ready-made nature of the product with an easy installation manual which can be home delivered across Indian cities, MyCeiling has been able to operate from Bangalore offering its products to other cities as well. Here warranty of led light  (servicing) is being taken care of by their light brand partner for PAN India.

” We secure our market with product patents and advanced planning, lead with innovations, win customer’s trust with best possible quality….we are out here to be the “Apple” of false ceiling & lighting world. The idea is not just to be on the top of the list and lead the market, it’s more about making the life of people easier, hassle-free and joyful with these innovations. It’s all about freedom for end-users from the usual “false ceiling process – trap”: says  Rohit Kumar, Co-founder, MyCeiling.

Growth and Expansion

MyCeiling is planning to install its live demo products across all major cities with the help of partner brands. In order to meet demand-supply-distribution-price challenges, we are looking forward to establishing mini-warehouses across zonal cities. In coming years we will be available at 100+ small retailers with our exclusive premium range limited to only major home décor studios like Livspace, Homelane, etc.

“This is an affordable luxury where even your ordinary ceiling lights can be replaced by MyCeiling product, which can make your room “center of action”.

MyCeiling has multiple combinations of light-colors, which can go well with your moods.

With MyCeiling its not only the light that you buy, but you also buy a complete ceiling look, designed for the price of your light. So its cost saving option as well.

MyCeiling  is soon to launch its next-gen product with light automation with a mobile app (although such led trips are already there in the market MyCeiling is first to offer ready-to-fit ceiling with such led lights). Currently, it has remote operated RGB led lights within.” Explained Chandan Laxman, Head of Operations, MyCeiling.

Market Response

What interior designer says:

Its an amazing product for interior designers and architect as we can get it approved within minutes. We show the live demo, finalize the standard size, light option, design from catalog and order placed instantly. Earlier false ceiling used to be most hectic work as there was a long process of showing a 3D first to get approval than a quotation from vendor etc and it used to take many days. In the end, there used to be many flaws and finishing issues to be rectified. In MyCeiling it looks all brand in terms of finishing and quality of the product. The best part is it can be done at the end of the project that even in just 45-60minutes!  Every interior designer wants to offer a stock ready-made product with own design customization which is now possible with MyCeiling.

What customer says:

“Your product doesn’t need any reference, it’s self-convincing. I am just passing the word.” this is how our client Mr. Subhash Chandra responded when we said thanks for referring MyCeiling to his friend.

“ You see there is outer vertical & inner vertical with cove light just like p.o.p. false ceiling. This is next-generation false ceiling, we got the latest one which comes with warranty”- Just after installation, we were amazed to find our client Mr. Mukund Rao explaining the concept of the product to his relative. We found him giving an excellent demo to his relative as we gave to him before the purchase. This made us feel so proud as we found our client believing in us and remembering all those words by heart.

Market Overview

The major competitor in the long term

Saint Gobain, USG Boral, and Armstrong (false ceiling market)


They don’t offer finished products. They are a manufacturer of raw material which is consumed by the service provider to execute and construct end product. Sales are completely offline. Our product line is setting a new trend in this field. Since our product is a false ceiling substitute so it definitely affects some portion of their market for sure.

The potential competitor in the near future

Philips (decor light market)


Light brands are offering designer lights for interior whereas our product becomes a multifunctional product (readymade false ceiling and designer light). The client always has a choice to make a selection out of various light fixtures from various brands. Our products are premium- hold IPR and also they are superior to existing multinational brand products in the market. We are looking forward to tying up with one of the leading light brands to strengthen our grip before we pitch into the global market.


Residential clients

A client with a budget of 3.5-50lacs likes to go for this product whether its renovation or a new house interior. It has become more like possessing an iPhone where a person with a salary of Rs 25000/month manages to buy an iPhone of Rs 50000 as its latest smartest phone in the market for him. It becomes more about standard, trend, and dream.

Commercial clients

Office reception, conference room, restaurants, and hotel rooms prefer such product especially when it’s relocatable and resell-able. It adds awesomeness to the premises which is much needed for them to attract customers. It’s ideal for Co-working spaces nowadays. A luxury sitting at CCD needs this kind of luxury lighting.

About Team

Jay Sah

  • Founder & CEO
  • Manager in last mile team at Livspace (2014-16)
  • Managing director at J’lus decor (2011-14)

Rohit Kumar R

  • Co-founder, Business Head
  • Financial consultant at Rise Finconnect Pvt Ltd (2014-17)
  • Senior Associate at KPMG India (2012-14)

Chandan Laxman

  • Head of Operations
  • Consultant and council member at GLG (2015-present)
  • Consultant at Forzza furniture (2015) & Operations at Livspace (2013-15)
  • Over 25 years of experience in logistics & demand/supply planning

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