What is Negative SEO? How to identify & how to protect your website from Negative SEO?

negative seo

If you are an online service provider, then no doubt you must be knowing how tough to rank your site against huge competition for top rank in Google. And if you rank better with right keyword then definitely it is the huge traffic and revenue for your site. If its wrong way, then it might lead to Negative SEO.

But what if it’s not happening, then definitely you should read this article to boost your site. SEO has its negative side, and in it is the worst tactic of all.

Because the main aim of this process is not for competitor to rank their site- it’s to degrade yours.

How is this going to possible?

It is Negative SEO. Don’t worry, I’ll also tell you how to detect it and how to kill it. Let’s start.

What is Negative SEO?

As the name tells, it is opposite to positive SEO.

Instead of ranking own website, the main aim of negative SEO is to degrade competitor site, or in some cases completely remove it from Google.

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What Negative SEO includes?

Mostly common methods are building spam links, creating fake reviews with fake ID’s over social media, content copying, hacking website, removing best backlinks, submitting site details to mass traffic generators etc.

Aaah! That sounds little weird. Hold on, Good news is that more negative SEO attacks have happy endings. We just have to follow right remedies to fight back with it.

How to identify negative SEO attack?

  1. Sudden drop in your website traffic.

If you notice a sudden drop in inbound website traffic – assume it could be sign of negative SEO.

  1. Manual penalty notification in webmaster tool

Apart from drop in traffic, sometimes you may also get message from Google noticing you that they’ve taken action against your website.

  1. Drop in Keyword rankings

As online market, daily you will be searching rank for every keyword of yours. So if negative SEO attacked your site then you can easily identify that drop in keyword rankings too.

How to prevent Negative SEO attacks?

  1. Use Notifications in Webmaster tool

It gives you critical reports and information of your website. It also suggests you what can be done to improve your performance. Just login to dashboard, click settings on top right corner of page and click search preferences.

Enable email notifications. Now alerts will be sent to your email ID if any critical things happen.

  1. Monitor your backlink’s

Adding low quality back link and removing powerful backlink – These both things are indication to negative SEO.  So this is the reason you should monitor your backlinks on daily basis. There are some much needed tools such as SEMRUSH to get this work done easily.

  1. Content protection

If you find that your content is being copied then you should write to the site owner to remove the content. If this is not happening, then you’ll need to escalate the issue to Google.

To get Google to remove the copied content, you’ll have to file DMCA complaint against each copied page. You can do this here, Google DMCA dashboard.

  1. Social Media

Check regularly with your product or company keywords in social media. Scammers create fake account and ruin your online presence. If happening so, immediately block that account’s or report it as scam.

  1. Don’t experiment your own SEO strategies

Google will not rank your website if you are getting traffic from online free traffic generators. Don’t buy backlinks, don’t submit site URLs at unknown sites.


It is not intended to scare anyone; it’s all about sharing knowledge about SEO. Keep record on your traffic, keyword ranking, and backlinks. Also keep your passwords safe, alerts, provide good customer support.

Never ever think about performing negative SEO against your competitors. If does so, then it’s up to Karma, even if you keep belief in god or not – One day you will suffer. You don’t have to do that.

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