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Never Focus Only on Yourself as a Blogger

Never focus on yourself as a blogger because you cannot buy your own stuff and profit. Zero-sum gain. Nor can you help people by listening to them and their problems if you talk about yourself and think about yourself all day long. Add personal stories to your blog but do not make blogging all about you or you will fail. Why? Other human beings:

  • support you
  • endorse you
  • buy your stuff
  • hire you

to allow you to succeed. Imagine bragging about yourself all day long. Who cares? You only prove your basement low self-esteem. Forget about trying to buy your own stuff. Spend $100, make $100, net profit is 0 dollars. Other human beings need to buy your stuff for you to actually make money through your blog so you better listen to people, spot their pain points and create content and premium products and services tailored to their needs.

Observe my friends at To Travel Too:

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After buying and reading my eBook they generously shared their thoughts. I appreciate them. I patiently shared helpful content and built up a bond with Jane and Duncan over the years. The profits ALWAYS begin by thinking about other people and building genuine friendships with other bloggers by helping them out. No way can you generous, genuinely help bloggers and befriend bloggers if you focus inward, on yourself, on your needs, all day long. Think outward. Care for others. Be compassionate. Thinking about other people and solving their problems with your free and premium content forms the path to your greatest blogging success.

Befriending other bloggers by genuinely commenting on their blogs and by promoting them freely leads to increased blogging success. Think about ways to help people. Act on those strategies. Be as generous as humanly possible. Make it mostly about other bloggers, other readers, and other human beings. Of course, I enjoy financial gain a little bit but most of my energies flow toward service and how I can help people, not how I can get money or traffic, or how to squeeze profits out of people.

Check out the eBook that Jane and Duncan mentioned:

10 Tips to Be a Smarter and Richer Blogger

Every tip I included in the eBook came to me based on problems suffered by fellow bloggers. I observed oodles of struggle paired with ineffective, failed strategies. How could I help these folks? I listened to their problems and decided to write an eBook designed to help them blog more intelligently and profitably. Thinking outward about other bloggers was the only way I could write an eBook guaranteed to help other bloggers. I could not be lost in myself, my wants, my desires, my problems, and my issues, and write such an eBook, because people buy what helps THEM, not what helps ME. I mean, my loyal readers love supporting me financially – love you guys – but at the end of the day, we pull the trigger and buy something based on that product improving our lives.

Products only improve your life if the product creator is in your head, listening to you, tuning in to your problems, and creating solutions through content – both free and premium – to address your needs.

Get out of your head. Rent some space in the minds of your readers. Listen to their problems. Solve their problems through free and premium content to accelerate your blogging success.

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