Online Rants: Yes or No?

I am a human being with a mind. Sure I do Kriya yoga daily. But I am not Yogananda. I meditate daily. But I am not the Buddha. I do yin yoga daily. But I am not a master yogi. Sometimes, I feel annoyed or frustrated about some situation. Rare; but I experience a range of emotions like all human beings. How should you navigate these emotions? How should you deal with these feelings? Do you rant? Or not?

Here’s my take: sit with the emotions, count slowly to 10, then, proceed from a clearer-thinking space. About every time, you do not rant or complain online after sitting, being and breathing, and counting, because you realize how complaining is for weak-minded, scared, pained people with little or no emotional intelligence. Complaining looks bad because complaining indicates you have no self control. BUT….what if you feel like you’re bursting at the seams and need to clear the air with a blanket rant? In rare cases, feel free to complain but never ever ever be:

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  • nasty
  • hurtful
  • rage-filled
  • personal
  • crass
  • classless

as you complain. Never complain with rage and pain and suffering in your mind because you will say something horrible you regret saying and that something will repel a group of your friends and followers who trusted you prior, but who sense your fear weakness, and want no part of it. Most friends forgive you but some do not; is it worth it to lose dear friends because you practiced zero emotional self-control? Imagine feeling annoyed at spammers. Posting an update like:

“Goodness, spammers are driving me mad, I am sick of these guys.”

….is, technically, a complaint, but no emotional charge bleeds from the complaint. No harm. No foul. No nastiness. None of your buddies has a problem. But if you post similar complaints daily, more friends stop following you because complaining regularly reflects your weakness, fear, pain and lack of emotional intelligence. No genuine leader lacks emotional intelligence. Now, imagine if you complained about spammers but used curse words, ranting nastily? Bad idea. Most folks tolerate a mild rant with no issues. But a decent chunk of people will stop following someone complaining from a nasty, vengeful, pained energy of fear, fight and genuine disgust from the world.

Count to 10. Take a DEEP breath. Relax. Before typing a complaint, reading the complaint and hitting the “publish” button, you have 1, 2, 5 or 10 minutes – or longer – to decide not to publish the rant. Do people really need to know how angry you are at the world? No. Do people need to hear your complaint to brighten up their lives? Of course not. Feel free to publish a mild, chill rant every 3-4 months but 99% of the time, keep it positive and uplifting. Rant in private. Feel your feelings, feel your fears, clear your fears then move forward from a loving, trusting, relaxed energy. Literally, nobody wins by reading your complaints but we all win by feasting on your loving, inspired updates.

Saving your rants, complaining offline, in a quiet room, and releasing complaining-type emotions allows you to vibe, to think and to feel an energy of love, abundance and service once again. Stop judging people. Love folks. Stop complaining. Appreciate the moment. Everybody and everything simply reveals you to your self.


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