Up Your emoji Game With Physical emojis, Millennials Are Loving It Already: Here’s The Startup Story Of PostMoji

Up Your emoji Game With Physical emojis, Millennials Are Loving It Already: Here’s The Startup Story Of PostMoji

February 1, 2018 0 By Team NettyFeed

Startup Name: PostMoji

Founder: Laksh Fomra

Founding year: 2017

Place: Mumbai

Sector: Gifts & Merchandise


Expressing the way of love, sadness, laugh overall emotions has evolved these years. But what has remained constant is the thought to express with our loved ones – through SMS, gifs, images, gestures, voice calls, emojis etc. Before days, expressions was more physical which we can see and feel. Now with technology persuading advancements, expressions are also becoming virtual – especially for youth.

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Mumbai-based Laksh Fomra (24), an internet-savvy millennial himself, has undertaken to fill this gap between the old and the new with PostMoji – a startup founded in the year 2017.

PostMoji calls itself the ‘millennial postcard’ organization. It creates 12*12 cut-outs of popular emojis, also with custom-design printed, with the thought of helping millennials to communicate in more interesting way.

You can place the orders for these physical emojis on PostMoji store, and the rest is all like online purchase procedures. Currently the price for each emojis are between Rs 299 to Rs 399.

Laksh Fomra, Founder, PostMoji

Founder of PostMoji, Laksh says, “As millennials, our way of expression has changed. But, as i grew day to day i realise something i miss, real touch. Hence, PostMoji, an idea that “Satisfies my half-millennial, half-classic soul.”

PostMoji’s catalogue is limited to six emojis – Laughter, Heart eyes, Poop face, Sorry Face, Celebration and Birthday cake smash. Seasonal or occasion based customization like Christmas or upcoming valentines day emoji takes this count up.

One of the Valentines emoji’s

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“The idea is to have set of emojis around favorite festivals and occasions,” says Laksh. He was the head of marketing at Haptik (AI startup) before setting up PostMoji. It is at Haptik, he says, that he discovered his “love for building niche products”.

“A man in Australia proposed marriage to his girlfriend in Delhi with the Heart Eyes Moji. I was the one dying to know what she said,” says Laksh.

The Heart Eyes Moji, reveals Laksh, is the bestselling “by a huge margin”. Millennials in long-distance relationships are loving it. Their expression of love has taken on a cool, new avatar.

the best selling heart eye emoji

see Partnerships and scaling up

PostMoji was bootstrapped company. Discussions going on with VC’s, says Laksh, and there are plans to expand the portfolio. He says, “We’ll raise our first funding in the next few months hopefully.”

The company has also partnered with Chennai based gift curator, name is undisclosed. Laksh says, “We could even approach coffee shops to give out mojis as merchandise.”

Laksh believes, “PostMoji is consumer-friendly product. People just need to remember the name and come back to it. Then, we will never be out of business.”