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Hello there, today in our Startup Interview series, We are publishing an interview of Jyoti Gupta, Founder, Rank Me Online. Let’s get into it!

Jyoti, Founder

At a glance

  • Startup: Rank Me Online
  • Sector:  Information Technology and Analytics
  • Launch Date: 22nd November 2017
  • Location: Delhi, Bangalore
  • Funding: Bootstrapped
  • The problem solves:  Providing actionable insights from customer opinions and interactions to brands
  • Website: www.rankmeonline.com

Could you briefly tell us about the Founders?

Rankmeonline is founded by a team of 3 highly passionate individuals – Jyoti Gupta, Neeraj Bagdia and Deepti Singh Chauhan. Jyoti Gupta is a computer engineering graduate from Delhi college of engineering(DCE/DTU). With her industry experience of more than 6 years, she has worked with companies like Amazon, Limeroad and Curefit.  While having a great analytical mind, what separates Jyoti from the rest are her great leadership skills. With an extremely relentless and never give up attitude, she makes the best bet for leading the company.

Neeraj Bagdia is a computer engineering graduate from International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Hyderabad. He has a work experience of over 8 years in companies like Yahoo, Amazon, and Limeroad. He has published 4 patents in advertising technology domain while working in Yahoo. Neeraj is computer science enthusiast who believes in knowledge and learning to be the first principles of any great product. He has vast experience in leading software engineering teams in the past and functioning cross domain and cross teams.

Deepti Singh Chauhan is MBA postgraduate from IIFT Delhi and a computer engineer graduate from Delhi College of Engineering. She has vast experience working with Samsung and Cognizant. She has played an instrumental role in organizing Annual Business Summit and Maiden Literary event at IIFT Delhi.

How did you come up with the idea? 

The idea for rankmeonline is not a sudden one but a concept which developed over the years. While working for internet companies, the founders ( Jyoti Gupta, Neeraj Bagdia ) discovered the importance of having consumer level insights in building great products and delivering quality service. While consumer level data was widely present online, there were not many solutions present to make businesses use that data to their advantage. The need for having clear metrics which can define consumer happiness index in real time was what inspired to build rankmeonline as a consumer analytics platform designed specifically for brands.

Brief about your startup

Rankmeonline is an analytics platform designed for helping brands mine consumer inputs from any source available. It mines the opinion using machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies continuously listen to all the mentions of the brand on a global level and brings only the actionable data from the web. The first and foremost part for making any sense of data is to get every and enough data. With a custom web listening platform, rankmeonline listens to each and every mention of not just the brand subscribed, but also for all its competitors and market leaders. It uses its own solution to make sense of that data which can be from any blogs, articles, reviews, social media, news websites and provide only the thought that matters.

The platform provides deeper insights like product/feature attribution. With a review like ( ” Coffee is good but the service was slow ” – Rankmeonline picks that “coffee is marked as Positive, Service is marked as “Negative”). Though using this only example will be an understatement to how far we have gone in mining the customer opinion, it can give a sense of how information can be made much more relevant and forthcoming to any business.

The platform does a great deal of help in providing neat and efficient direction to the marketing segment of the business. It provides campaign attribution and analysis on a qualitative scale. It also provides an insight into micro influencers that any business can use to spread word of mouth effectively while being cost effective.

Who is your Targeted audience?

The first complete product is set to launch in July 2018 with consumer-centric companies\s having an online-offline model. We are looking to target consumer brands and branding agencies which can use this platform to drive better results with the businesses.

What type of strategies do you think is valuable to take the company to the next level?

For Rankmeonline, the major insight required is to understand what is happening in the technology sector and use it for building the product. While machine learning was assumed to be a research project before, techies are getting comfortable with it and are developing great analytical models as we speak.

Tell us about your amazing team members?

We are a group of highly focussed individuals collectively working to deliver the best experiences while using Rankmeonline. Our sales expert – Kanishk Gupta is an MBA postgrad from BIT-Mesra, Earlier served as sales head for AReputation and Zeki KPO and then founded Energetic Stars KPO. He has vast experience in doing tech sales and leading teams to success. We have Shruti Sachdeva who does everything from managing social media, delivering great blog posts, running successful campaigns and handling client relations. We also have Himanshu Jain – MBA from BIT Mesra running sales, strategy and creating beautiful marketing content.

We are also looking to hire full-time developers in the technology team in full-stack, analytics and backend capacity. 

What is the big picture of your company? 

The vision of the company is to “democratize access to brand analytics so organizations of all sizes can unlock all the insights in their digital business.” We are building this platform to serve all businesses small, medium and large such that each business can be benefited from the power of analytics. Our future plans are to be able to serve each and every business sector successfully and at the same time expand its services geographically to reach a wider audience.

What is your best motivation line that inspires you?

“With Great power comes great responsibility ” – this line has been on my mind from my childhood and shapes many actions of my life. Reaching a position of power, or having power is of no use unless you really know how to use it. Many people don’t know how to use it, many are unaware and some may misuse it. It all boils down to knowing what is out there and how to use it to advantage in a constructive way. Whenever I face a dilemma, I use this approach and it then gives me my answer.

What were the key Learning’s from your journey that you would like to share with our audience?

One of the things that took me time to understand was to never go for sales with a half done product. While one can never be sure of what will sell and what will not, it doesn’t make a point to try and sell something which is not yet complete. Human beings as a dominant species have a habit of checkpointing and demanding immediate results. While in many cases it is good, it is a bane if you try to sell something just with a view of checkpointing if this kind of product has enough value. Value is something that needs to be created. Any idea, in general, is not a WOW idea unless it is implemented in a WOW fashion. While selling such product, you are not yourself very confident, you cannot show it in real time and also puts a bad word to the other person as you are approaching him/her with just an imaginative product.

The other key learning is to keep on trying to identify the right audience for the product. Many products through very well constructed fail because they never really reached the right target audience. The idea is not to delve deep and research as much as possible, startup entrepreneurs need to focus on complete churning and trying to launch to all prospective markets one by one with a curated product. They need to be determined and highly convinced about their own product. Many times we build products to solve someone else’s problem. The final conclusion on whether to start selling or not should rely on the entrepreneur itself. Given the exact circumstances, will you use it? If the answer is definitely yes, then it should succeed.

Could you share details about the statistics so far?

We have more than 250 clients using our web listening services. Around 1900+ facebook page likes utilizing the informational and educational content will put on the platform.

We wish, “All the best to the Team-RankMeOnline”

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