Rayna Tours – Redefining Travel and Hospitality across the Globe

Rayna Tours – Redefining Travel and Hospitality across the Globe

December 12, 2017 0 By Team NettyFeed

Sometimes, what it’s ignored may be the most important thing to consider when you travel to a new place. Most travelers make flight bookings and hotel reservations in advance and often overlook the expediency of booking the tours and activities beforehand. But, it’s only after arriving at the place they take notice that they’re actually here to venture beyond the hotel walls and see the destination in detail.

It was out of this small idea Rayna Tours and Travels was born in 2006.

The founder of Rayna Tours, Manoj Tulsani, felt that there isn’t anything gratifying in the traveling experience than with the assurance of being flown to a destination worry-free, feeling contented that there is always a professional help on-hand for all your travel needs. So, he partnered with his like-minded friend, Kamlesh Ramchandani, to form this Dubai-based company with the express motive of bringing this innovative thought to life.

The story begins

Interestingly, both didn’t have any prior experience or background in the service industry when they set out to work together and turn this idea to a reality. Apparently, Rayna Tours saw a humble beginning as a small travel outlet within Dubai’s Flora Grand Hotel. Despite some major business impediments and financial struggles initially, they managed to win the trust of customers through their unremitting efforts.

In a span of just two years, Rayna Tours established itself as a full-fledged destination management solution provider, thanks to the implementation of a flurry of powerful and ground-breaking strategies which focused on their offerings’ quality and affordability in equal measure. They planned everything from the customers’ perspective, ensuring what they introduce is both distinct and irreplaceable in the industry.

Manoj Tulsani and Deepak Hiranandhani accepting Top Wholesaler Award from Yas Island

Going online, venturing to B2B, and seamless expansion and diversification

Fast-forward three to five years: the company developed an exceptionally user-friendly online reservation system where clients can customize, combine and book tours or make worldwide hotel reservation. Later, it created an extensive B2B platform, www.raynab2b.com, attracting thousands of travel agents, tour operators, outlets, and suppliers to its ever-expanding network. There is also Rayna’s exclusive travel app which offers the best travel deals on the go.Rayna Tours official LogoRayna Tours has traveled a long way and is a popular choice with businesses and direct customers alike. Besides close to 75 outlets across the UAE, this Dubai-headquartered company is on a global expansion spree. In 2016 and 2017 alone, it opened its offices in five new locations, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, and South Africa. That’s not all, the Rayna Group has successfully diversified its activities to real estate, construction, and transport industries.

The success saga continues

Starting from nothing and now seamlessly staying ahead of the curve, Rayna Tours has become an integral part of Dubai’s travel industry. With many prestigious awards to its credit such as the Top Wholesaler Award from Yas Island, it continues its peerless ability and mastery of crafting innovative travel programs, promising something new and interesting every time.

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Few of the celebrities who enjoyed the holiday tour with Rayna

Bollywood Singer Neha Kakkar Enjoying Desert

Sunny Leone with her husband Daniel Enjoying Desert tour with Rayna

Nawazuddin Siddiqui with Rayna Tours

Music Director Sonu Nigam

Bollywood Hero Rajkumar Rao – Rayna Tours

Rajkumar- Rayna Tours

Isn’t it thrills you amazing and adventurous? What are you waiting for? Connect with Team Rayna and travel the world…!!!

May be the best moment of your life will be on your next big adventure.

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