Recruitment Trends – Top Hiring Trends for Candidates to Keep in Mind

Recruitment Trends – Top Hiring Trends for Candidates to Keep in Mind

June 28, 2018 0 By Team NettyFeed

With the amount of isotretinoin generic no prescription job opportunities increasing and the number of skilled and talented individuals on the rise, we take a look at what companies are looking for and what is being assessed throughout the recruitment process.

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On an attribute-based approach, companies are looking towards individuals who possess certain qualities – the ability to plan ahead, meet deadlines, set priorities, organise their schedule accordingly, have good time management skills and have an open mind to problem solving. Therefore, one’s intelligence is also based on the capacity to practically and flexibly deal with day-to-day tasks and meet targets. The ability for one to work on their own initiative is also highly sought after – it goes without saying however, that such a quality is recognized once the candidate is hired, and would therefore determine the relationship with the employer by time. Employers also want to make sure that the person they are hiring shows a certain level of competence and perseverance to get the job done well. Additionally, such qualities also give one the advantage to progress within the organisation and gain trust and respect on the job. Furthermore, the ability to ask intelligent questions, make interesting suggestions and good recommendations and think out-of-the-box are also qualities which employers favour and appreciate.

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One’s integrity and personality are also highly valued – the ability to be true to oneself, be humble, recognise strengths and admit weaknesses is a quality which not every person possesses – employers value employees who own up to their mistakes and even more importantly work to pick themselves back up and improve. Demonstrating loyalty and maintaining a trustworthy image are also vital.

First impressions

First impressions play a major role during the recruitment process – employers notice even minute details of the candidate’s appearance, therefore it is essential for one to make sure they are suitably dressed and looking sharp on the day of an interview, having a well-groomed look and very importantly a composed and positive attitude. It goes without saying that employers look for candidates who are warm and friendly – character goes a long way, after all, employers are looking to hire people, not machines! Having an easy-going yet focused image is a game-changer, and employers want to ensure that the person they are hiring has a personality which is compatible with the rest of the team and complements the company culture. Furthermore, showing characteristics of being a team player and being able to cooperate and communicate effectively is clearly noticed by an employer – possessing good social skills and being able to work with people, showing a sense of understanding and being a good listener are traits which go a long way too.

When applying for a job, it is also important to keep in mind that it is highly likely your potential employer will be searching you on social media, therefore maintaining a presentable image is essential in terms of photos and statuses alike – the way one engages with others through social media also affects an employer’s image of that person, therefore giving off a positive and even unbiased image through social media platforms is important, making social media a tool to be taken advantage of to enhance your first-impressions.

Employers also favour individuals who embrace challenges and have a positive outlook towards overcoming obstacles and developing their skills. Finally, employers want to know if the person they are hiring will be able to commit themselves to the company and nurture the company’s growth through the long-term. Employers want to hire someone who believes in the company’s mission statement and upholds the morals and shares the values which the company possesses, highlighting the importance of the individual being willing and highly-motivated to constantly improve and succeed.

Qualifications vs Experience in Recruitment

The balancing scale of qualifications against experience in recruitment is perhaps the most delicate – many cases make the weighing of these two factors quite difficult, so below explains what most employers believe.


One cannot deny that possessing the right set of skills and the required knowledge on certain topics through a diploma or university degree makes for an individual who has showed a level of commitment and ambition through the run-up of achieving such a qualification. An employer would certainly be pleased to see that a candidate has attained a qualification in the field they wish to pursue, which creates a solid foundation for their career. Obtaining a degree allows one to develop themselves intellectually – the sectors of Finance, Technology and Legal are presenting candidates with intellectual roles which demand knowledge which is obtained through the completion of a course. However, although being qualified for the role is important, having a good background knowledge of the way an industry operates is also highly favoured. Therefore, once having the right qualifications, or better still, whilst reading for that qualification, one is encouraged to look for work experience relevant to their field of study. This could be acquired through paid or unpaid internships, giving one the opportunity to learn more about an industry and how a company within that industry functions.


Employers most certainly look towards a candidate’s work experience as credibility of industry knowledge, allowing that individual to be well-informed and skip any forms of training, meaning that once they’re hired they could hit the ground running at the workplace. Having work experience means that the individual possesses practical knowledge of his or her field, in contrast to theoretical knowledge which is gained when completing a course. Moreover, work experience gives a person more social confidence and contributes to their team-work abilities. It goes without saying that experience is what gives one more insight and increases their ability to learn from mistakes and solve problems more efficiently.

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A candidate’s work experience is never gone unnoticed, however their qualifications also show a level of commitment and fresh knowledge which is never disregarded by an employer either. The ideal candidate would therefore possess a combination of knowledge which is both theoretical and practical – encouraging the individual to study for a qualification relevant to their chosen field and use that as an asset to acquire work experience within that field – even starting out as entry-level and slowly progressing up the ladder shows future employers that the candidate is serious to develop their skills and succeed.

Diversity and Age

Nowadays, companies are looking to increase diversity in the workplace by recruiting people of different cultures and backgrounds who may contribute to a more colourful work environment. Besides having any suitable qualifications and work experience, as well as a positive and can-do attitude, employers also favour persons who can enhance the company’s international image. By recruiting people from various backgrounds and different levels of seniority, organisations benefit from increasing diversity in their workforce by gaining access to a wider range of viewpoints and perspectives, enhancing creativity, problem solving and productivity. Hiring people who have worked overseas may give the company the chance to bring more ideas to the table and learn new skills and concepts which were being put into practice in foreign industries of the same sector. This applies especially in the tech industry like web and software developer skills.

On another note, some individuals may feel that their age works against them, especially when competing with significantly younger individuals for the same role. In such a case, it is important for them to keep in mind that their age has given them greater life experience, meaning that they could possibly approach problems from a more composed and prepared stand-point when compared to younger persons. Older individuals are also encouraged to keep up-to-date with industry trends in order to give off a more informed and modern image – as much as past experience may work for one’s advantage, it is also important to show an employer the ability to keep in touch with current affairs of the industry.

The above factors and qualities all affect the employer’s decision when evaluating candidates for the required job, making it important for one to maintain a consistent appearance and communicate his or her thoughts effectively while displaying a character which is composed and enthusiastic to excel. Besides possessing any necessary qualifications and experience, the most important thing to keep in mind is to be yourself and not pretend to be somebody you are not – by being true to yourself and embracing your strengths and weaknesses you would be able to come across as a likeable and desired membered of the team.

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