5 Powerful And Proven Methods To Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

If you have been struggling to increase traffic to your site, increase email signup’s, get more leads, increase conversion rate, then you must focus on reducing your bounce rate.

Many of the Internet Marketers research ways to decrease their website bounce rate. Many of them haven’t found it in right way. First, let’s check out what is bounce rate.

Visitor who visit your landing page and bounce off, without visiting any other page.”

According to many experienced professionals, When you observe high bounce rate, it’s a signal that your website and content strategy needs serious redesign.

It means you don’t have any exciting, well organized landing page.

1. Improve Your Content Readability

First reason your visitor leave your site is lack of readability. User experience starts with amazing content which creates the value. Large or chunk of paragraphs don’t create any interest to read, so avoid such.

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Break the post like the way if you would speak. Use headings, sub headings, bullet points if it is lengthy information. It makes easier and comfort to read.

Here are few ways to make your content more readable.

  • Use Sub Headings in bold if needed
  • Keep bullet points to share benefits or important notes
  • Use images, videos, screenshots where appropriate
  • Create questions in your user’s mind and answer them
  • End your article with conclusion

2. Avoid Sign up Pop Ups, Frequent Ad’s

Most of Internet user’s, 60% of them hates annoying popups and Ads on any site they visit. These annoys your user and leads to higher bounce rate. It may decide your users to leave.



Popups work and this is the best way to increase your email subscribers. But you should keep it very minimum.

Some are well designed with simple words and design which will convert your user’s to long term readers, which is the first part of increasing conversions.

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3. Keep Your Blog Updated with Relevant Content


According to Hubspot, Blog or website that update their site with fresh content will generate 120% more leads and conversion more than those who don’t update.

You need to differentiate between powerful and right content marketing strategies. Powerful Content may create “Wow” reaction to your user’s, but may not help to grab their interest forever.

But right content will wow them as well as gives them interest to take action on the information. By regularly adding fresh content, you are creating trust and value.

This increase your repeated customers because you have created trust with them. All they do is refer new one.

4. Attractive Meta Description and Title

Most of the bloggers as well as companies don’t optimize their Page/blog post’s Title and Description.  As a result they end up with Low CTR (Click Through Rate).

When user types a keyword in Google, any word that matches the search term will appear in bold, which means Google is asking you to consider that result and open the link.

The length of any Description should be up to 160 characters. If it is more than that then it may lead to higher bounce rate too.

How do you write attractive Meta Description?

You can use Yoast SEO Plugin if you are using wordpress. It is easy to install and activate. For every post that you publish, you can provide unique meta description and title.

Since this is targeted to users, make sure they keyword they search is present in your description and title. However, this doesn’t mean you should stuff all keywords in it. You should write it in natural way.

5. Speed up Your Page Load Time

Site speed is very important factor to consider if you really want to reduce bounce rate and increase your search traffic. Because visitors expects any web page to load in 3 to 5 seconds. After that, they no longer wait for site to load- They may leave simply.


Your site will fall down in rankings, if you have high loading time. Make sure speed should be less than 5 seconds.

So, analyse what’s your site speed. Find out here using Pingdoom tool – https://tools.pingdom.com


So How do you increase your website loading speed and lower your bounce rate?

Web Hosting



In this article, we have shown you several ways to reduce your bounce rate and increase your conversion rate. But, without high quality and interesting all these tactics goes into vain.

To avoid such situation, Here you can find some best content marketing techniques which creates value to your audience, which you may find helpful.


Let us know any tips and suggestions in comments section.

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  1. Very impressive and useful post on a great topic like website bounce rate reducing. All these points you have discussed are really useful for decreasing website bounce rate. Yes, overuse of pop up call to action, excessive ad placing are also bound people to leave any website if they do so. Also, Post excerpt, clear page navigation, 404 error checking and fixing all these are also important for decreasing bounce rate. Thanks a lot for sharing valuable thoughts and give me chance to comment o your post.

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