Now, Anybody Can Rhyme with the new “Rhymly” App!

Hello there, today in our Startup Interview series, We are publishing an interview with Mr. Arpan Khosla, Co-Founder & CEO of Rhymly.

At a glance
  • Startup: Rhymly- Anybody Can Rhyme
  • Sector: Content Tech, Consumer Internet, Entertainment
  • Launch Date: 24/12/2017
  • Location: New Delhi
  • Funding: Bootstrapped
  • The problem it solves:  No one-stop app that covers the entire process of short content rhyming & word meanings, writing, storing, sharing & discovering on a single platform.
Could you briefly tell us about the Founders?

Arpan Khosla(CEO) : Professional POMEDIAN ( Poet + Comedian ) & Engineer from NSIT. Ex-Ass. Manager, Bharti Airtel

Vishal Kalra(CTO): Software Developer, Nearbuy & Engineer from NSIT.

Aakansha Aggarwal (Design Head): Architect, Ashok B. Lal architects & alumni of USAP, IPU.

How did you come up with the idea? You can share your inspirations

I have been a Poet & creative writer for more than 10 years & the only thing I have learned is that if you wish to earn money from writing then you need to concentrate on deadline based creativity. My biggest motivation was the fact that a lot of writers suffer from writer’s block, had incomplete artistic pieces & was cramming the rhymes of their pieces in their brains all the time as most of the poems, songs & raps depend on rhymes. Also, most of the other startups in the same domain help writers share their talent, but we apart from the sharing part, wanted writers to create a better quality of content, save a lot of time on it & concentrate on creativity & leave the vocabulary part to a personal digital assistant resource like “Rhymly”

Brief us about your startup

Rhymly is a one-stop-shop content tech platform that helps budding creative writers search rhymes & meanings of Hindi words, create original couplets while rhyming on the fly, discover & share talented writers & also get themselves featured on the app every day.

Who are your Targeted audience?

B2C – Poets, Shayars, Songwriters, Rappers, Youtube Parody artists & Anyone willing to have break stress & rhyme in his free time.

So, basically, it’s for all budding, seasoned & even non-writers.

B2B – Ad agencies, Radio Stations, Content marketing firms, Theatre & Film production companies, etc.

What type of strategies do you think is valuable to take company to the next level?

Partnerships with similar domain big players, branded content & featuring the most top-notch content on the app which can be read & enjoyed by people from all age groups & walks of life.

Web Hosting
Tell us about your amazing team members?

Vishal Kalra – CTO

An NSIT undergraduate, Vishal is a technology enthusiast, a travel freak, foodie & the CTO at Rhymly. He believes in finding uncommon digital solutions for problems faced by common people. Although he isn’t much of a writer, yet all his coding work is done in the wee hours of the night.

Aakansha Aggarwal – Head of Design

Aakansha prides herself on beautiful and intuitive user interfaces she designs. She believes in experimenting & tries to work in multi-disciplinary fields. She handles the Graphic, Web & App design at Rhymly.

What is the big picture of your company? 

The big picture is to make an AI-based platform that helps people write according to their own style. We will be expanding to other languages like Urdu, Punjabi, English, etc. & other Indian regional languages in the future.

We will also be holding Open App poetry contests on the app & offline & also having features like Text Editor, Social Profiles, Collaborative Rhyming & Audio/Video sharing on the app.

What is your best motivation line that inspires you?

“ Heights of Racism: Expecting life to be FAIR! “

App Screenshots

What were the key Learning’s from your journey that you would like to share with our audience?

That patience is the key & idea is the keyhole. To unlock the door of success, you need to have an executable dream & never Quitting attitude.

Could you share details about source of funding, revenue, client acquisition model and statistics so far?

We are bootstrapped & actively looking for funding at this moment. We have 10k unique users combining both our website & app.

Any other information about your startup that you’d like to share with our readers?

We believe in the power of Rhyming. If you also do, then START RHYMING NOW!

We wish, “All the best to the Team RHYMLY  for its future endeavors”

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