Samosa Singh, Indian Food Startup Which Is Innovating The Taste of Aloo Samosa

The husband-wife, who modernised India’s most favorite snack, Aloo Samosa are now all set to expand their retail presence in major cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai etc.

It was in April 2016 that Nidhi and Shikhar singh sold their own flat to invest the amount into their  startup. It’s really gut-pulling moment by keeping trust on their idea. They both started their operations at their venture WoknStove Foodworks Private Limited, which sells tasty and innovative samosas under brand name Samosa Singh.

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The company needed to move to a large spaced kitchen to serve big and corporate orders, for which huge amount was needed. They have got choice of selling their flat or raise risk capital. They chosen the first one.

The story behind it

Nidhi and Shikhar met while studying biotechnology in Kurukshetra university, haryana. After it, Shikhar went to Hyderabad to pursue his masters in biotechnology. It was there that Shikhar realised that all big restaurants offers only pizza and burgers. For Samosa, people were running behind street vendors where the food was not hygienic.

So, that was the time Nidhi and Shikhar decided to start a venture of selling quality samosas. Later Shikhar and Nidhi got busy with their own jobs in their respective fields. But most of the times their home conversations ends up with starting Samosa venture.

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In October 2015, both decided to quit their jobs and draw up a business plan and their roles in it. In 2016, they opened the small outlet in Electronic city, Bengaluru. They both managed to perform home deliveries with few helpers. They kept Rs. 20 for a plate of Samosas(2 number) and 2 number of Chicken makhani Samosa Rs. 55.

A Kickstart

Nidhi’s Sales and Marketing background helps to reach out to corporates and they got meeting with big German engineering company, where they were asked whether they able to deliver 8000 Samosa’s a day. That’s the time they sold their flat and invested the amount to make larger kitchen.

After their R&D, they were able to find out the way to deliver such big number. This big order helped the brand in many ways that it is today.

Samosa Singh now operates in large automated kitchen that can easily deliver 10,000 Samosas a day. Its presence at places like PVR and INOX is giving its direct connect with consumers.


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