Seven Digital Marketing Mistakes UAE Brands Make

Thanks to the brisk advancements in technology, digital marketing in U.A.E is systematically replacing conventional marketing stratagems. That being said, it is also noteworthy to mention that digital marketing in U.A.E is still in its formative stages hence it is commonplace to find campaigns rife with mistakes.

7 Digital Marketing Mistakes in the UAE

We aim to highlight seven of the fatal mistakes and their possible remedies in the digital marketing campaigns of brands in the U.A.E.

  1. Vague Campaign Goals

A cardinal sin in digital marketing in U.A.E is launching a campaign with no succinct goals. By goals, we mean the end game; what was the campaign aiming to archive? What is its primary objective, and are there auxiliary objectives? Is the campaign’s projected ROI (return on investment) conceivable? Plausible goals need to be defined and established before the commencement of the campaign. A marketing campaign which succinctly set goals and objectives enables a brand not only to draw insights from previous campaigns through analytic tracking but also plan for future campaigns.

  1. Avoiding Social Media

This is a notable drawback with digital marketing in U.A.E. Digital marketers are yet to grasp the importance of social media to their brand fully. The sentiment with most U.A.E brands is that social media platforms are forums for millennial to waste time in their youthful bliss. On the contrary, social media is a powerful marketing tool especially now with the influx of smartphones. If digital marketing in UAE takes advantage of these social media platforms, it is guaranteed of hyper-visibility among the users. Even if a brand has neither the time nor the patience to amass a substantial social media following, there still is the option of social media influencers. A typical vice affecting digital marketing in U.A.E is the buying of social media followers. Why not let the brand speak for itself?

  1. Dropping the Ball with the Target Audience

A common mistake with digital marketing in U.A.E is a poor grasp of the target audience. The salient target of a marketing campaign is to get the product to the right audience. This, in turn, ensures that the product sells hence the success of the campaign. A brand might be making stellar Avant-garde products, but if it does not market it to the right audience and at the right time, then the product will not sell. The adage ‘customer is king’ still rings true to digital marketing in U.A.E. The audience is the main reason there are digital marketing campaigns. Digital marketing in U.A.E is evidently crowded. Therefore, brands need to take an extra step to connect with their audiences, learn what excites them, and what makes them tick!

  1. The ‘Bandwagon Syndrome’

A deadly trend emerging in digital marketing in U.A.E is that of brands jumping on every new trend that seems to be picking up steam. It is apparent that in marketing, more so digital marketing in U.A.E, the playing field is hugely dynamic and changes quickly. Technological advancements and the need to reach the largest audience using minimal effort drives many brands to jump on new platforms and technology without proper prior research. While a lucky few have benefitted from this approach, it is prudent to gain a deeper understanding of these new trends before implementing them.

  1. Using Marketing Approaches That Are Not Customer-Centric

If digital marketing in U.A.E could be summed up into a single word, then the word would be ‘customer.’ The customer is at the center of each marketing campaign. Consumer behavior determines the success of a marketing campaign. The campaign needs to show the consumer that they will indeed receive value for their money. Digital marketing in U.A.E seems to take an impersonal approach to marketing. However, the use of insight technology and a more in-depth understanding of the customer might help with this hurdle.

  1. Failing to Calculate the ROI and Testing

The principal aim of a marketing campaign is to sell products. The approach digital marketing in U.A.E mostly takes is merely setting up a campaign and letting it run itself. They do not consider how much money they put into it, how much money is being brought in and is the campaign making economic sense? Campaign analytics require constant monitoring to ensure that the most is made out of the campaign.

  1. The Disconnect between Conventional Marketing and Digital Marketing

Digital marketing in U.A.E has somehow antagonized the marketing department forming 2 camps; traditional marketing and digital marketing. This seems to be extremely counterintuitive since they all have the same end. Disparate departments need to work symbiotically in the sales cycle to ensure the best outcome for a digital marketing in U.A.E campaign. For this to work, a well-thought-out cross channel strategy needs to be implemented to ensure the collaboration of said departments.

Way Forward

Digital marketing in U.A.E still has a long way to go but addressing the above problems is a huge step in its evolution. Consider working with digital marketing agencies that help optimize the online presence of your brand.

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