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Should You Find a New Blogging Mentor?

Someone told me a little while ago that their mentor is pretty much unreachable. This is common in the blogging game. Although I no longer coach all that much I do respond to people who buy what I have to offer if they ask me questions. Call me a mentor if you want.

Unfortunately, some blogging mentors do not respond to people who buy their products or hire them for their services. This is a serious red flag because if your mentor doesn’t help you they are no longer your mentor. Understand? The real question is should you find a new blogging mentor? Think this one through. You may attach to one blogger and believe that they will be your mentor for your entire online career. This is a mistake. Sometimes you may resonate less with one mentor and more with another mentor. This has happened to me more than a few times during my blogging career.

During one stretch I focused a bit more on pillar style posts and ranking in search engines. SEO mentors made sense to me at that point. But getting clear on my direction pulled me away from these teachers towards folks who just published helpful content and worried not about ranking on Google. I resonated with their advice, put their knowledge into action and saw greater success while enjoying the blogging ride.

Only you know if it is time to find a new blog mentor. Does your mentor seem impossible to reach? It may be time for a new mentor because teachers listen to their students. Some blogging mentors only sell you stuff without giving you any free content at all. Why do they just sell premium content and skip sharing free content? This could be another red flag. I sell something, mainly one of my ebooks, at the end of each blog post, but I also share ample free information for you to use to your benefit.

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One incredibly important point remains though. Sometimes, people follow a blogger, call the blogger a mentor, and complain when this person does not answer their questions for free on social media, through emails or through blog comments. Pay up the play up folks. We have hundreds to thousands of people vying for our attention. Serious bloggers buy our products and services to get our attention. You need to invest in a top mentor to stand out from the crowd of freebie seekers. Never believe that just because you read someone’s posts and appreciate their Insight that you’re going to grab a chunk of their time for free. We are busy entrepreneurs. People who make a financial commitment to busy professionals get their attention before people who want everything for free because freeloaders give off a deep fear of spending money which does not resonate with serious bloggers. Invest a few bucks to prove to a blogger that you’re worth their time and to stand out from all the scared, poverty conscious folks who stand on the sidelines and fear losing money aka wasting money.

With that being said, keep an eye out for common warning signs that it’s time to find a new blogging mentor. I mentioned non-responsive mentors but also beware of a general loss of resonance with a blogger’s teaching. Maybe they changed their focus. Maybe you changed your focus. In either case, follow someone whose teachings vibe with you. If a mentor responds but seems evasive or dismissive of you, release them. I always try to send an e-book, blog post, one of my courses or some resource that helps people who have purchased my stuff. I cannot respond to all emails but if I do respond I am genuine, clear and never evasive or dodgy because the signals fear and fear-filled mentors are not the folks to follow online.


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3 thoughts on “Should You Find a New Blogging Mentor?”

  1. Hello Ryan & Mudassir,

    Mentors are an important part of personal and professional development. In my opinion, they are guides through times when people need someone that is able to point them in the right direction.

    Good mentors are enthusiastic people; enjoying the role they play in helping others achieve their goals.

    A mentor needs to be able to listen to what you are saying. They should be involved in the conversation, prompting you for clarity or more information. They shouldn’t be distracted when you are talking to them. Eventually, thanks for picking nice topic for us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

    1. Yes, Good mentors always listen to the people under them, motivates them, and leads us to success. Thanks for adding great thoughts, Amar!

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