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Should You Start a Blog to Make Money After Losing Your Job?


Here is why: unless you are Buddha, or some enlightened being, you will fear to lose your money after losing your job. Injecting this fear into your new blog GUARANTEES that you desperately, fearfully, want to make money through the new blog, to pay bills, to get food and to put a roof over your head.

100% of the time, fear-filled blogging leads to failure and little or no money.

But one exception does exist: if you have $30,000 or $50,000 or $100,000 in savings and live a modest, humble life, and you can live off of savings for 1-2 years, then consider starting a blog after losing your job. Why? You will make zero dollars blogging for 1-2 years so you need to live off of $100,000 in savings, pay bills, eat, and keep a roof over your head.

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11 Online Business Tips for Retiring to a Life of Island Hopping

Building a sustainable online business to travel the world requires your generous, persistent service – for free – for hours daily. Expect to help people for free, for years, before you earn enough income to begin circling the globe. You cannot succeed until you learn, and spend thousands of hours helping people for free to become skilled enough and to gain enough exposure to begin making money.

Can you add 24 hours to a day? Nope. This means you will spend months to years of your life until those 8 to 10 to 12 hour days of generous service adds up to hundreds, then, thousands of hours. Online icon Alonzo Pichardo says again and again; there are no short cuts. People envy that our podcast chats get 57,000 listens for a single podcast, but most bloggers do not envy the 20,000 hours plus we each worked, individually, to earn the right to get 57,000 listeners for a single podcast. See how that works? Big numbers indicate 10,000 plus hours of generous service.

Money Arrives After Thousands of Hours of Work

Money arrives in small amounts, after thousands of hours of work. Then, the money keeps increasing, gradually, as you keep helping people and trust in the process. Imagine putting in a 50-hour workweek of generously creating and connecting. Plus, you slowly and steadily open multiple streams of income. After 10 weeks, you worked 500 hours. This is 2 and a half months of effort, which is awesome, but you are still a blogging baby.

If you just lost your job, you cannot speed up the process and render 1000 hours of generous service in 1 day, because only 24 hours exist in 1 day. Plus, most sane humans generously work a maximum of 12 to 14 hours daily, because you need sleep, personal development time and a life outside of blogging. You cannot speed up the money-making process because you cannot squeeze 1000 hours of generous service into 12 hours, right? Does this make sense?

The money can and WILL arrive if you generously help people for thousands of hours. Fun and freedom are sugary sweet benefits, too. Imagine having fun blogging, enjoying helping people, and money flows to you around the clock? Sweet, right? The dues you need to pay are in the form of helping people for thousands of hours, for free, through creating and connecting. Open multiple streams of income so you have channels through which to receive money.

Success is yours, guys. Put in the generous service and time. Just get a new job though, because money ain’t coming for a while.

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