Should You Tell People Blogging Is Tough or Easy?

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I am having an easy time writing 5 guest posts daily. 10 years ago, writing 300 words was hard. Really hard. Why? Fear. My prior security guard job was easy because I never faced fear, being in my comfort zone. I literally looked at numbers on shipping containers and typed said numbers into a computer. Easy, comfortable, a pure breeze.

But blogging felt difficult as a new blogger because I faced many blogging fears developing long-buried skills. I had not written since high school, about 20 years prior. I recall frustrations trying to write a single blog post. But after these uncomfortable moments, blogging became easier in some regards and tougher in other regards.

Imagine a pendulum swinging to and fro. Some days, blogging seemed easy because the skills I developed yielded fruit. But other days, the fruit seemed to vanish. Profits stalled. Traffic dropped. Business dried up. Blogging became hard again.

Be Honest

Be genuine. Share how you feel blogging to be, but never ever ever generalize across the board. Some bloggers falsely share blogging is only hard, difficult and nearly impossible. Not true. These negative nellies post comments, publish posts and drive at least some traffic. If blogging was always hard or difficult, none of these actions would be possible. Said bloggers would just quit. Do not listen to negative people when you’re planning to start a blog.

Be straight with your readers. Blogging is easy here and there and sometimes super hard as a newbie. Other times, blogging is meh. I have fun blogging but sometimes I would rather watch Netflix or travel to Bali or spend a month in Fiji versus working 10 hours daily. I am human. I have fun blogging mostly and other times, strap it up, to generously serve you.

If I had $500 million would I be blogging? Nope. I may publish one post weekly but would move on to the next stage of my life. Technically I would still be blogging but would leave daily operations behind, save spending 20 minutes to write one post weekly. How is that for honesty, eh?

Blogging Gets Easier and Easier

Nudging through fears, blogging gets easier and easier as you practice your skills, create and connect generously and persist. Why? Skilled, connected bloggers drive traffic and get paid. Instead of waiting 6 months for your first eBook sale as a newbie, people buy your eBooks daily. You blog mainly for fun. All feels like a breeze. But you only reached this point because you faced, embraced, felt and released fears during difficult blogging times.

Nobody makes blogging easy until they pay the blogging difficulty tax. This is why the late great Steve Jobs implored you to fall in love with what you do, to wade through highly difficult moments. Easy and success rests on the other side of fears, difficulties and smart, generous, persistent work.

Blogging is easy and hard.

My Morning

Blogging feels quite easy now. Doing Kriya yoga for 25 minutes on waking and caring for pets, my morning proceeded smoothly. I recorded a podcast for my blog and began writing this guest post. I easily recorded a podcast and wrote this post because I patiently and persistently practiced creating content when nobody appeared to be listening and reading. In moments, these days felt hard. I became frustrated sometimes putting in work and seeing no results. But every pro blogger has to get through these fears and hardships to develop the skills, and to expand their presence, to the point where blogging becomes easier and easier.

Be genuine. Share all sides of the blogging journey to be seen as an authentic, trustworthy blogger.

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