This Simple Strategy Surely Helps You to Achieve 10x Results

Like all of us, you have a dream in your life that you’re struggling with.

You dream to live in better lifestyle, make huge money, find more clients for your business, switching jobs, cars, travel – and this list goes on.

What do you do? You set a target. Your target is always reasonable – workout 5 days a week, write some blogs, call some clients for business and find few customers.

Since childhood You’ve been told, “the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step,” and keeping this sentence in your subconscious you try to make progress step by step, but somewhere along the line, you fall short.

What if your goals are too small and reasonable?

Enter the 10x rule.

The 10x Rule Explained

Grant Cardone, entrepreneur, and author wrote the book The 10x Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure.

Here’s how it works – Take your goal and multiply it by 10. Make sure you also multiply your effort by 10x.

Isn’t it simple? Yes it is, thinking is always simple. But getting things done is hard.

Some of the core ideas behind the 10x rule are:

Tiny goals are uninspiring  – Small goals are easy to set and achieve. They are also easy to quit. You also don’t feel challenged while reaching them. You have to set yourself from common things to achieve uncommon goals.

Stretch your thinking and actions – Setting 10x goals and multiplying your effort 10x requires a transformation, which is all you want in the first place. The higher you apply your potential, the less likely you are to quit when things get hard.

“When the tide goes out you’ll see who’s swimming naked.”

The 10x rule is not an exercise in high thinking. It’s a boundary against the tightrope of average results.

There’s nothing wrong with average thinking, average planning and average long as everything goes as you thinks. But soon as situations go harder than you think, it will become hard for you to set higher goals then and causes you massive pain.

10x goals = 10x effort

You can’t just set 10x goals and make them happen with reasonable efforts. You have to give a 10x effort as well.

John tells the story of running one of his first businesses. He expected to do well. He estimated 12 months of time to pay off his debts. Story turns different, even after 12 months of time he remains same with his income level.

He reached a frustration point and began to understand the reasons, such as market has already the same product with low rates, timing was bad, Clients are not ready to trust him and this list goes on.

Rather than quit, however, he increased his activity.

Instead of making 25 calls per day, he started doing 40.

Instead of sending 25 emails per day, he started sending 50.

Few complained about his spamming. He ignored who complained. But many began to admire his work and he grew. He had the same idea, in the same market, the same customer type, and his business rises. The only thing that changed was his effort.

People don’t necessarily have time or energy to go to 10x. How do we deal this for a step up?

Stop being a little bitch

Let’s just be honest for a moment.

Most of us grown as marshmallow soft. Slowly but surely, but we are learning to become dependent, helpless and inside hopeless.

No one care about you at all.

Look, i get it. Your life is tougher. No one’s saying it is not. At the end of the day it is your life that you live and you have got two choices, act or don’t act.

The level of effort you put to become successful turns you into a better version of yourself.

Maybe going 10x isn’t the key to everything you want in life, but underestimating your capabilities is the key to not getting it.

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