Social Snap Review 2020: Is It Worth Buying?

In this article, I am going to publish a honest review and a small tutorial about Social Snap – A WordPress plugin that lets you and readers share your blog’s content to social media, boosts engagement rate and thus traffic.

While you can write amazing content time to time but you need amazing plugin as well that lets you and readers take that content to as many people as can. Let’s talk in detailed about it.

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Before that, let me give you an amazing deal that you would not deny – FLAT 30% OFF on any Social Snap’s plan. Click Here To Get.

With already 125,000+ downloads, I could say that Social Snap is just ruling the WordPress with its Awesomeness!

The problem with most social share plugins is that they delay the loading of your blog or website due to obvious reasons. And they all claim that they load fast which is inaccurate term for sure.

I had been using social share for so long time. And obviously I couldn’t find out earlier that it was the culprit. My blog use to load very slow due to its scripts, calls and structured processes and when I checked the reviews lately, I confirmed myself that I shouldn’t be using this anymore. However, there are still some extra ways you can do the Addthis a better plugin such as by adding async codes, Why do I do that? Isn’t it extra work?

So I found Social Snap plugin based on my most blogging buddies recommendations which is absolutely FREE to get started.

Since the FREE one limits the features I had to upgrade it to ‘Plus’ pack recently and now I’m going to share my experience about it.

How to buy Social Snap?

  • Step 1: CLICK  on THIS Exclusive Link  to get Instant 30% Discount on any Social Snap’s plan.
  • Step 2: There are two modes of payment – 1) Credit Card 2) PayPal. Select one as you desire.
  • Step 3: Enter your email ID, Name, Billing Country, Postal code, and proceed to make the payment.
  • Step 4: Once you complete the payment, you will receive username and password to your email ID. Login to your account to copy the license.
  • Step 5: Now Install Social Snap plugin or download it from your Social Snap account, Enter the license key to activate Plus plan.

Who should use Social Snap?

WordPress bloggers & website owners.

Can we use the plugin on HTML sites?

No, it is designed only for WordPress users.

What it can do?

Easy content distribution with 1 click shareable buttons: Content share, media shares, tweets and a lot.

Will Social Snap slow down your blog?

No! Social Snap is light weight and built with ease. It’s structure avoids unnecessary loading and lets your site load in a flash time.

Is it FREE or Paid?

Social Snap is available in both FREE & paid versions. As you can guess, FREE is limited and paid version has got many exciting and useful features.

What is the validity of the license?

Lifetime. However, every year you will be reminded to renew your license to get support and updates. If you don’t renew it, no worries at all! You will still be able to use the plugin.

Why should I choose only Social Snap instead of other plugins like Social Warfare, Monarch, etc?

Well, I’m not so sure about Social Warfare. Even top bloggers have complained about it that it’s not working as expected. There are so many other plugins like Monarch but Social Snap caught my attention due to its easiness, pricing, stunning buttons and performance.

What kind of support you can expect from their team?

You can get any kind of support in integration through ticket, contact form and knowledge base. When I submitted a ticket, I got a response within 3 to 4 hours which is pretty good.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. You can get a refund within 30 days if you don’t find the plugin useful for yourself.

What are the features available with Social Snap?

1. Social Shares

Did you observe the social media buttons on my blog’s left side?

Yes, you can add stunning buttons for most of the social media networks. Such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Buffer, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Flip, and so on. There are various customization’s are available with every plan you go, such as:

  • Button Style – Rounded, Rectangle, Circle
  • Size – Small, regular & large
  • Position – Top left, center left, bottom lift, top right, center right, bottom right
  • Display on pages, posts, category pages, etc.
  • Networks – There are 30+ networks available with social snap. You can display particular networks to your users instead of all. Else you can enable ‘All Networks’ option which shows ‘+’ symbol that gives the choice to users select the network out of the range available.

  • Share counts – Display the share count.
  • View count – It displays the unique view count of the current page/post.
  • Inline buttons – These are the social media buttons that can be displayed on the page/post content as shown below:

As you can see there are features like position, alignment, share label, button shape, etc.

  • On Media – As the word suggests, it let your user share the media like Images, Video, Infographic to share on social media or directly to the Pinterest.
  • Share Hub – It is the small share button that opens up all the networks when someone click as we can see in the below image.

This can be position to the left or right side bottoms of the page/post be default. I have positioned the same to the right side as you can see.

  • Sticky bar – As the name suggests, these buttons will appear sticky on the page/post while you scroll top to bottom or bottom to top. You can set these buttons as same as Inline or stretched. You can enable/disable this option as per the convenience.

2. Social followers

You can configure this feature to allow your readers to follow your brand on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc – Something like this…

You can choose the button size, layout, color scheme, and other incredible options.

3. Click to Tweet

This is one of the best things I absolutely loved with Social Snap. You need to put your Twitter username and enable it. Then go back to your editor, click Social Snap that appears on the top of the editor to see ‘Click to Tweet’ option.

Tweet Content – Here you can enter the content that will be posted in their Twitter timeline when they Tweet. Basically you can customize the rich text/media content that you want to appear when someone tweets.

Quote Content – Text that will be shown on your page/post, inside the Click to Tweet. Here is it looks

Let’s say I have entered this text – “Social Snap allows you to create beautiful Click to Tweet boxes in several different styles. #awesome” Here is how it appears on the page:

The exciting thing is that you can make the above box appear in six different styles.

4. Social meta

If enabled, there are various features that you can make use of such as:

  • Default share Image – You can upload an image of yours or brand so that when someone share the post on social media the default picture appears instead of the current meta’s. This feature works when you don’t add specific featured images.
  • Twitter card layout – It is designed to give the reader of a preview of the content before clicking through to your website. You can set this option in two ways:
        • Summary with large featured/default image
        • Just summary without any image

5. Social Identity

You can mention your Facebook page URL, Twitter Username and Pinterest in the section settings so when someone shares the content, your username appears in their Tweet and you will be notified.

6. Advanced Options

  • Analytics Tracking – You can connect social share buttons with Google Analytics to understand user behavior on your blog/website. To use this feature, you must connect G.A with Social Snap account.
  • Share Count Recovery – You can recover your social share count even after changing the Permalink or altered the connection protocol (http to https).
  • Link Shortening – Automatically shorten all links to share buttons using You need to connect your bitly account with Social Snap.
  • Plugin migration – You can import settings from other social plugins like MashShare and SocialPug.
  • Plugin data – 
      • Remove “Powered by SocialSnap” link
      • Hide plugin news & announcements
      • Remove Social Snap related data on plugin deletion
  • GDPR Compliance – You can disable user cookies, user data here. Make sure you comply with the GDPR rules before you set “ON.”

ADD ON’s (These are available only with Social Snap PRO & Agency)

Social Login

This feature let your readers to login using their favorite social accounts.

Boost Old Content

You can bring more engagement to your old articles and pages by setting this feature to ON. It means the content will be shared to your social media automatically as per the time Interval you set.

Social Auto-Poster

It automatically share your new posts to Twitter & LinkedIn networks.

I recommend posting the content manually which enables you to enter hashtags, and modify the description.

And they say “Content Locker” update is going to happen soon. It means your readers can access the content only after they share it on their social media.

Well, that’s all about the features of Social Snap plugin.

Note – You can optimize the social media buttons for mobile and desktop readers separately in the settings.

How much does Social Snap costs me?

Well, there are four plans that are available now:

  1. FREE
  2. Plus ( Price – $27.30 ): No Add ons, 1 site can be integrated
  3. Pro (Price – $69.30 ) – Add ons included, 3 sites
  4. Agency ( Price – $209.30) – Add ons included, 15 sites can be integrated

social snap pricing

All the plans valid for 1 year FREE updates and support. Post that you must renew the plan to continue receiving updates and support.

Using Social Snap, you can:

  • Track user behavior – After connecting Social Snap with Google analytics account you can track how readers are interacting with your content.
  • Filter stats – You can easily filter shares of each network, follow, Click to Tweet, Inline, etc on daily/weekly/monthly so that you can analyze what works best for you.
  • Reach more audience – Literally, there are 30+ social media networks you can provide to the readers and every reader would be likely to share the content on his/her favorite one’s. You provide the great content and get the extra traffic through shares. It’s always win-win situation.


Honestly, I don’t see any major cons for the Social Snap. It’s a great product withing that pricing range. Simplicity of the Integration process, customization, stunning buttons, Inbuilt Click to Tweet, etc features caught my great attention.

The fine thing is that Social Snap plugin comes with 30-day money back guarantee policy. Without any questions your money will be refunded. Isn’t it risk FREE?

Overall, it’s the best social share plugin you get within that budget and feature list.

Give Social Snap a try.

Are you using any other plugin? Planning to use Social Snap now? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Already installed Social Snap? Exploring ways to monetize your blog? Here’s an ultimate guide to get you started:

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6 thoughts on “Social Snap Review 2020: Is It Worth Buying?”

  1. Hey Mudassir

    Nice post.

    I am also using the Social Snap free version from the beginning.

    Yes, it is a great plugin with amazing features.


  2. Great review Mudassir,
    I hear about how awesome Social Snap is and now you confirm my suspicions:)
    I especially like it because it offers a locked content functionality, which is something I want to get for my blog.
    More shares and all…

  3. Hey MUDASSIR ,

    Excellent post with great review. I truly like an idea of using social snap. As this plugin offers several helpful features and allows the users for doing easy content sharing, media sharing and tweets too. Whereas social snap also allows the people to track the users behavior, reach more audiences.Using this social snap will be great for bloggers as well as several website owners. Its simple integration process, customization and an in-built click to tweet features are the main attractions.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

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