Interview with Soumik Ghosh, Founder of Tekkibytes

Hello there, today in our Bloggers Interview series, We are publishing an interview with Mr. Soumik Ghosh, Tech Blogger at Tekkibytes.

Hi Soumik, Can you tell our readers about yourself?

Well, First of all, Thank you for inviting me for an interview on your respected website. I am Soumik Ghosh from Kolkata India. I am basically a tech blogger and by profession, I am an Internet marketing guy. I have started my carrier as an SEO professional and right now have some big dreams about that in the coming days.

How the idea of ‘Tekkibytes’ took place? 

Well. Thank you asked this question. Blogging is something that I want to do from my early days and it is a dream come true when I started Tekkibytes.

I always feel that there should be a way to communicate with other people who have the same ideology. Blogging is the perfect medium for that.

One fine morning myself with my brother just wake up and decided together that it is the right time to start the journey. I still remember the moment when the first blog post has gone live. It was so much excitement. The date was  October 8th,2017 when was born.

What is the information that you share with your readers on Tekkibytes?

As a tech blogger, my ideology is to provide some information which will help my audience to understand technology easily. So it doesn’t matter if the news is big or small. If it helps my audience then I am ready to publish anything tech-related that will help my audience. In summary here in Tekkibytes you can find information ranging from mobile reviews, tech news, tech tips basically anything that my audience like.

For example, if you can look at my blog in one hand you can find information about Google Mobile-First indexing, on the other hand, you can also find How can you choose the best refrigerator for you. So it really varies.

What type of strategies do you think is better to increase traffic to the blog?

A very important question to answer. I believe that increasing traffic is not an overnight plan and you have to be really patient about to get traffic, especially in the initial days.

I firmly believe the three key things below when building a successful blog:

  1. Content Quality
  2. Consistency
  3. Usefulness.

In the early days, I suggest writing in-depth long content at least twice a week without any pause. If you can continue with this I believe you can make an authority of your blog and traffic will follow you automatically.

Can you share your insights that how your platform is different from other industry bloggers?

To be very honest, I am not someone who writes a scientific journal on my blog. So my vision is to present information without the complication. My aim is to present information in a way that my audience can digest it easily.

What is the revenue source/s of your platform?

As for revenue I firmly believe to use one model at a time. As my blog is for informational purpose, I think Google Ads Model(Google Adsense) is the best one to choose. I am also using Google Adsense right now. It is never wise to mix multiple revenue sources all in one place because it can divert your motive easily and you can never focus on one thing.

So stick to one thing at a time! If you are using Google ads stay with it. If you are using an affiliate marketing model then use it only. Don’t mix things too much.

What is the big picture of your platform? 

Answer: Now it is really a big question. Tekkibytes is still in its infancy and I am happy that friends and people like you are liking it which is very inspiring. So I want to concentrate step by step making Tekkibytes a better platform for more users and establish it as an easy to use platform knowledge to all of the people out there.

What do you think your big failure is and what did you learn from it?

Yes. I have failed many times and I am happy that I failed. There are times when after writing a good content I saw no one is reading it. It really hurts because it takes a great effort to write good quality content. But  I never gave up.

I write the same version of the content even longer and waited!

Ultimately, it works.

So you have to try hard and never fear of failure! The more you fail the more you are near to success!

What is your best motivation line that inspires you?

Of course “Failure is the pillar of Success”. It is so much inspiring!

How much time do you spend blogging, Daily/weekly basis?

To be honest. Each and every moment!

If you have the passion you should go for it! I write once a week normally but make my strategy every time about the next post and how can I improve more.

Would you encourage other passionate people to make their blog and any suggestions to bloggers?

My suggestion is for all those new bloggers is to first choose your niche and think which really motivates you.

Is it Tech?

Is it Cooking?

Because you will never reach that level if you do not love your topic.

So set your priority first.

After that build your authority!

Finally, after you can build your authority it is just a matter of time to make a name for yourself!

We wish, “All the best to Soumik for his future endeavors”

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