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Hello there, today in our Startup Interview series, We are publishing an interview with Ms. Keya Adhikary, CTO, SpanMyLife. Let’s start!

At a glance

  • Start-up:  SpanMyLife
  • Sector:  Enterprise Collaboration and Affordable/Transparent Healthcare
  • Launch Date: 1st March 2018
  • Location:  Bangalore
  • Funding:  Will start looking for funding from July 2018
  • The problem it solves:
An imbalance between Work and Personal Life

In today’s fast-paced workplace, most of us are urged to do more, faster, and with fewer resources. While doing the job of two or three people at work, we’re expected to be exemplary parents AND have a fulfilling personal life. By the same token, we all have a big gap in health monitoring and financial planning and management.

Transparent and Affordable Offers

We all have many needs in our day to day life. Healthcare and financial needs play a major role in our daily life. A big gap is present between what we exactly need on day to day to what business and professional offers. Close communication and interaction between buyers and sellers are missing somewhere.


There’re so many apps and websites to help us manage and organize our day to day aspect, but how many apps we will install and uninstall? Do we have a common enterprise kind platform that will help us to manage and organize our day to day priority aspect to a great extent? We have a much more manageable problem in our personal daily life. We at SpanMyLife have identified 279 such small-medium problems in people’s life which can be shorted out via some amount of positive habit and serious intent.

Could you briefly tell us about the Founders?

Our founder is an experienced person with a strong vision to build an ecosystem for people, professionals, and businesses. He spends around 13+ years in the IT industry in a different company like Oracle, IBM, JDA, etc. He is an NIT Durgapur alumnus and always follows his passion.

This is his 2nd start-up and he faced a forceful failure in 2006 when his family was not with him to continue his start-up and suggested to go for a job.

Founder belief: Balance your life with work. Don’t just speak about work-life balance where work took over life. A little planning and tracking to organize and manage your priority aspect of daily life can make you more mature, healthier and more financially strong.

Founder way of thinking: Networking does not only about friends and family. Networking can also help to closely connect people with business on a day to day basis where people can raise the required demand and business/professional can give many options to fulfill at an affordable price.

Founder Beliefs on Entrepreneurship: Whenever or where ever a person needs to get success or need to build a venture, he/she should first focus on the root. Because a healthy tree can give the best flower and fruits which attract birds and bees to come and collect.

Founder belief on Growth: Be scalable first before you start thinking to scale. Honestly, everybody should take a strong measure of affordability at day one for both business and technology.

How did you come up with the idea? 

June 2015, my brother in law registered a Pvt Ltd company eSpanningLife Technologies and started developing an e-commerce platform where people can bid for a quality product at an affordable price. He invited one young college pass out guy and started building MVP after his office hours. Within 2 months, some families and the financial problem started for us. He is not able to continue. I and my sister were able to feel his pain during 2015 end to 2017 beginning. The same pain which he went through in 2006 middle when he himself killed his start-up to fulfill family expectation and needs. In early 2017 he told me about the problem that people face day to day in their life. He told me about how a proper daily life management platform to collaborate personal and work life can help our society. One platform can resolve many problems surrounding us.

SpanMyLife is an idea of my brother in law and we as a team are executing it under his guidance. Believing an Idea and driving it always gives an inspiration. So many management problems are there in our day to day life and we are working to solve a few of them.

Brief about your start-up

SpanMyLife is a triangle form of the ecosystem to bring people, professional and businesses in close connection to fulfill people’s needs via affordable and transparent offerings from business and professional via our offerings system.

One of the most valuable possessions in life is Time because it is something that once spent, can never be recovered. This is why it’s extremely important to spend your time wisely. But how can you spend your time wisely without planning your priority activities properly? In this face-paced world, it’s quite easy to forget the things were supposed to accomplish. It can be very difficult to keep our sanity and our schedule in check. Most people find it difficult to plan for the future and they hardly remember most of the important priority things on time. They cannot create a proper financial or health plan while some people can’t even track their health problems.

Many people have lost the ability to care for their family and friend sowing to the huge amount of responsibilities hanging on their shoulders. They are surrounded by so many tasks that 24 hours doesn’t seem enough. This is why SpanMyLife has come into existence. SpanMyLife is a platform equipped with planners, trackers and effective tools which enable us to help people to manage and organize their day to day activities. Having fun is important and doing the right things at the right time will bring more fun and joy to your life. SpanMyLife is here to help you make your life stress-free, balanced and more fulfilled.

Transparent and affordable offerings related to people a day to day needs at right time and right price still have a big gap. Business and Professional putting their effort and money to understand people’s actual needs and people kind of needs to help them and get more business but real-time a day to day communication and demand-supply relation is missing somewhere.

Who is your Targeted audience?


A person

  • Who is too busy in this fast-paced world
  • Who has huge targets to achieve and always has less time to coup up with it
  • With lots of family responsibility and  added up with huge pressure at work to meet the goal


An organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money. Who needs to offer a product or service to people on day to day basis for their fulfillment.


A member of a profession or any person who earns their living from a specified professional activity and helps people in the fulfillment of their specific needs as a product or service.

Tell us about your amazing team members?

The journey of started 1 year back in early 2017 when I, Keya Adhikary, a tech-minded girl decided to drive to build SpanMyLife from Idea to a web platform.

Hiranmay Chatterjee joined us as a UI/UX specialist to make SpanMyLife look and feel as per market standard. We started working hard with the strong guidance of a few senior influencers.

The wheel started rolling and days are started going away. Soon after they started building this platform, they noticed and understood that they need a few more people in the team to build such a wide and rich platform. When we started looking for other team members and were struggling to find the right mindset, at the sudden day we got connected to Sudipto and Samiran from a friend’s referral. Both are Btech by education and technology-minded people. Sudipto has a great presentation attitude and Samiran is best to identify a flaw in the product. Both of them had their own life and career struggle. They listen and spend little time to understand the idea and finally decided to join our team.

We are 5 members team now and requesting passionate and entrepreneur-minded people to join our core team. We are inviting both Tech and Sales/Marketing people who can dive our initiative. Who can grow with us as time goes?

What is the big picture of your company? 

To build a brand of daily life management eco-system of people, professional and business. We want to help people to integrate their Personal Life with Professional Life in the most seamless manner.

SpanMyLife enables people to use their day-to-day life more effectively. Our mission is to help people organize their lives, fulfill needs and build a happy family.

What is your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge for us is to make people in India, habituated to organize their day to day life more efficiently and effectively. People in India are very reluctant to spend time on proper planning and execution of their own needs and fulfillment.

Trust is another factor for getting used to this kind of platform initially. Being a new platform and little software-oriented website giving us the challenge to adapt people with it. This challenge encourages us a lot.

The great market opportunities for our solution about enterprise collaborations and health/financial offerings are another factor that also motivates us to bring this solution into the market. The enterprise collaboration market size is estimated to grow from USD 26.68 billion in 2016 to USD 49.51 billion by 2021.  The Indian healthcare sector is growing at a 15 percent CAGR to reach US$ 158.2 billion by 2017. The total industry size is expected to touch around US$160 billion by 2017 and US$ 372 billion by 2022.

What were the Key Learnings from your journey?

Having fun and doing something serious on a day to day life is different and it will win people’s hearts when they understand the needs and get habituated with it. We have to make each user understand how it will help them to make their life stress free, balanced and more fulfilled.

Many research and study say that we Indians are less organized and do very fewer plans. Recently many studies show we as a parent cannot teach our kids financial planning. How we can teach our kids until we get our self-planning oriented.

We have taken initial feedback from friends/family. We focused more on friends/family for the first 3 weeks and got an 8k+ unique visitor. Our next focus full online marketing and physical marketing for the next few months to get most users habituated with our platform. From March we start focused marketing on premium service, professional and business. We are planning for good no’s of partnership with other company and their offerings in our platform to help SpanMyLife users.

Could you share some statistics so far?

We got a very good response from the user during the last 4 months after launch at the initial stage. Now the time came to move forward and go for the next stage of growth and scale. We will go to the market for looking into funding options from July 2018. We need funds for enhancing the platform, bringing a great app and doing deep marketing. Also, we need to increase our team to the next level to support growth and scale.

We will provide an intermediate solution of App to open our website from mobile. We have started working on custom App building and in an iterative mode, we will bring it to the user. Premium features and services will be getting added to our website from September 2018 for a paid user.

Any other information about your startup that you’d like to share with our readers?

One of the most valuable possessions in life is Time. Once spent, it can never be recovered. This is why it’s extremely important to manage time wisely. In today’s world, people get caught up in their daily activities and end up having lots of management problems.

We wish, “All the best to the Team-SpanMyLife”

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  1. Biplab Baran Mandal

    Span my life is really a good e-platform for individuals to cope up with regular activities in our day to day busy schedule of life.. Keep it up guys and add some more features to span individuals lifestyle.

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