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Integrated Sales & Marketing Trend is Evolving With Corefactors’s Product Teleduce

Having a great CRM platform for your startup is really the crucial element, especially when you begin your lead generation process. Most people get SalesForce or Pipedrive into their mind when they think of CRM, but there are actually other alternatives which are advanced compared to CRM that can work fine for you from the scratch and also cost you less.

One such alternative is ‘Teleduce’ which is an integrated sales and marketing tool. Let’s see what it is all about.

Welcome to another edition of Startup Interviews. Today we are publishing an interview with Sharmila from Corefactors.

Let’s get into it!

At a glance

  • Startup name: Corefactors
  • Sector: SAAS
  • Launch Date: Feb 2013
  • Location: Bengaluru
  • Funding: Seed
  • Team size: 20+

Hi Sharmila, Thanks for taking part in this. Can we start briefly by introducing our readers to Corefactors- Teleduce?

Corefactors product Teleduce is an integrated sales and marketing tool

In short, how your product ‘Teleduce’ works? What is the business model?

Teleduce will provide you seamless experience from Lead generation to lead conversion to customer retention to customer support. Business model – 3 different packages with per-user model

What is the background story for Corefactors? To put it simply, what was the inspiration behind building Teleduce?

Back in 2013, we started our journey by reselling the existing marketing solutions(Like SMS and Email). Over the span of 6 to 8 months, we would have served 50 to 60 clients. By that, we found many interesting customer problems in sales and marketing space. Running a marketing campaign in various channels, lead management, customer engagement, customer support, communication and more.

Initially, we as a technically strong team thought of integrating existing solutions available in the market to address critical those challenges. On the go, we realized integration alone is not a remedy for the problem that customer face.

Also, we have realized that businesses use not just a single platform but 5 to 6 platforms for entire revenue-generating business functions like running SMS & email campaign with one vendor, social media campaign with other vendors, excel sheets for maintaining leads, IVR number with another vendor, ticketing system with another one and more…

Even multiple platforms, data, and analytics are disintegrated.

Solutions such as integration and coordination with multiple vendors were expensive and time-consuming.

So we disconnected those multiple platforms and we gave birth to our product teleduce by 2015 with a vision to provide a seamless experience to solve Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, and Customer retention problems in a comprehensive way.

Teleduce evolved day by day from (2015 to 2018) by getting customer inputs.

Today in 2019, teleduce is providing a seamless experience from lead generation to lead conversion to customer retention to customer support. Currently, we are serving 450+ customers across India and Australia.

What target market is Teleduce pursuing and what are your killer features?

Right now we are concentrated on verticals Finance, Insurance, Real estate, Education and Healthcare. The killer feature will be CSM(Customer Success Manager). I would rather say the way complete flow structured from Lead generation till customer support is something customer like the most.

Considering the competition for your product in the market, how you’d like to differentiate yourself with the competitors?

Healthy competition is good. I feel it all about how you adapt yourself to the latest technology and keep solving the customer problem in a unique way.
Three things:

  1. Even though there are a lot of marketing companies across the globe still the content creation and data generation for running a marketing campaign is a myth. We are solving this problem with our content and list intelligence platform.
  2. There are lot of CRM’s available in the market. Teleduce is customizable according to user needs and economical too. On-premise support makes a huge difference.
  3. As we already mentioned coordinating with multiple vendors is expensive and time consuming for business. We are solving it with one single product.

How do you believe Integrated Sales & marketing CRM trend is evolving?

One of the key challenges for any business is generating traffic, leads, and revenue. Both the marketing and sales teams are responsible for the revenue. They need to work together to move leads across lead stages. With integrated systems & people, businesses will be able to sell faster & more.

Is IoT included in your tech?

IoT is not enabled as of now.

Tell us a bit about your team

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We are 20+ team members across Bangalore and Mumbai. We are passionate and we love to solve customer problems always…

How do you keep up the motivation to manage everything as a founder?

I surround myself with positive people and good books. It helps me to keep motivated always.

Where can we go to learn more about Teleduce?

Click here for FREE Trial 

Lastly, what are your goals for the future, and how do you plan to accomplish them?

Yes, We want to become India’s no 1 ISM and one among the world’s top 5 by 2022. Solve customer problems and never let them stay back.

We wish, “All the best to the Team Corefactors for its future endeavors”

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